"Just a Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love"

also known as

"Action Jackson"

Coming 4-yr-old Gaited Mammoth Jack 

(Born 6-13-02 and grandson of Firecracker on his dam's side.)


(Click on picture below to hear a completely ridiculous song!)

Recently, I fell off my rocker . . .  lost my gourd  . . .  gone are my marbles  . . .  could this be the crazy after effects of sending my baby boy off to college?  A dangerous side effect of empty nest syndrome?  Maybe I need some serious therapy . . .  

I went out and bought myself a big ol' ugly, beautiful, repulsive, gorgeous, U-G-L-Y mammoth gaited jack.

My dear, good friend (with friends like these . . . ) called me and advised me that her cousin was retiring and selling the jack that he raised from a weanling.  She warned me that this was one ugly creature, but I objected, reminding her that I LOVE donkeys and mules,  and none of them could ever be ugly to me.  

Boy, was I wrong.

"Jackson" was so ugly that I actually caught my breath the first time I laid eyes on him.  








Jackson gaiting on the left, and again on the right (with the Boxer Brothers following).


This big black jack is so ugly that you just can't help but love him from the moment you meet him.  Huge head, elephant eyes, ugly malformed body (courtesy his donkey heritage), crazy tail, no mane, sweet personality, gentle as a kitten, puts his head and those HUGE ears down so you can pet him, gaited so soft he will make you cry.  He was raised by a true gentleman who put a lot of care into his training, and I sincerely hated to see them part.  He raised him from a baby and taught him some Clinton Anderson moves -- when he walks, the jack walks with him.  When he backs up, the jack backs up, also, all the time with a sweet, innocent look on his face (the jack's face!).  









(Bud practicing his "donkey whispering".)

This Hunka Burnin' Love is 4 years old, and believe it or not, he not only rides and gaits better than some gaited horses, smooth as silk, but neckreins, backs, sidepasses, steps right up into the trailer, has been on trailrides.  When he brays, it sounds just like a big foghorn, like the warning from a steamship in the ocean.  Kidding you NOT!  It is LOUD!  And so far, I love it.  (So far . . . until I start losing sleep.)  

This creature doesn't look like God created him, because he's so funny looking and ridiculous, but he's not the least bit ashamed of himself, and carries himself with pride.  You just simply cannot get in the saddle and ride him without laughing out loud when you glide along and feel the wind from his humongous helicopter ears in your face!  Oh, he makes me smile.

Maybe I should name him "Prozac"!


Click on this picture ABOVE to see Jackson's smooth gait.

Recently, Jackson escaped from his paddock and being a 4-yr-old stud, I thought surely he would cause a wreck, since he was able to meet up with Gunsmoke, my champagne stallion.  However, all was peaceful, even though there was a mare out with him, also.  I drove up in the front pasture on my 4-wheeler, turned off the motor, and wondered how in the world I would catch him, especially since he was not wearing a halter.  

I whistled to him, and he picked his head up from grazing, stared at me, let out a long bray, then came to me at a slow but enthusiastic lope, did a sliding stop at my feet and lowered his massive head to my chest, ears flopped back, obviously hoping to be scratched.  I slipped his halter on, hooked him to the 4-wheeler and led him back to the barn with no trouble at all.  I just don't think I've ever met a sweeter creature!


Jackson, the gaited jack on the left, watching a mule ride by.


Awwwwwwww . . . . little Jackson's baby picture, when he was 5 months old and his ears were bigger than his head!  lol

Reluctantly, because of our 'setback', we have parted with our sweet, precious Jackson the gaited Jack.  He joins Cisco and Stetson the gaited mule on 9/20/06 at their new home in British Columbia, Canada.  Congratulations to the Powells!


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