Head-Shaking, Gliding, Smooth Sorrel/Flaxen Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding

**BAREFOOT** and perfect four-beat gait!

Extremely Gentle and Easy to Handle, Great Family Horse!

Now thassa purdy picture!  Pauletta rides Cash at Jones Forest near Conroe, Texas on 2/20/10.














Bud rides Target and Pauletta rides Cash at Jones Forest on 2/20/10.  Cash has a beautiful blonde-streaked tail, doesn't he?


Jan rides Cash across a creek in the Angelina Forest on 2/18/10.



























Krystal rides Cash through the city neighborhoods during Christmas time 2009.
















LEFT:  Playing around on 'obstacles' on 11/25/09.




Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Cash moving cattle on 11/17/09.















Krystal rides Cash on 11/17/09.


Grazing with Lad on the morning of 9/15/09.


Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Cash's awesome gait and his versatility.


Bud rides Cash in the pasture on 9/14/09.




"Cash" -- Very, very gentle and people-oriented 3-1/2-yr-old 15.1H sorrel roan (beautiful coat up close!) with flaxen mane/tail, this Tennessee Walking Horse gelding is extremely talented -- the kind that best represents the breed with his all natural head-shaking true Tennessee striding walk, smooth as silk.  Nothing moves in the saddle as he covers ground with all forward motion, driving from the hind and pulling from the front, effortlessly.  We have ridden and camped with him in Tennessee and Mississippi and he acclimates easily everywhere he goes, gets along great in the pasture or picket line with other horses.  He shows Pride of Midnight, Pride's Hallelujah, Ebony Masterpiece, Merry Go Boy on his papers.  This horse is easy to catch in the pasture and enjoys attention, loves to be groomed, bathed.  $3750

















Awesome beautiful color.


Bud rides Cash through the neighborhood in Mississippi on 9/7/09.















Huey rides Cash at Stone River in Tennessee with Bailey following on 9/3/09.

















Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see video of Cash on the Natchez Trace Trail in Mississippi on 9/07/09.



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