16H Gorgeous Sorrel Roan 5-yr-old Exceptionally Gentle Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding

Sweetheart -- Pretty Much Anyone Can Ride!!



Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see cute lil Liz riding Cash on our trail ride at Pundt Park on 7/1/11.


Liz rides Cash and Paulina rides Hannah at sundown in Sam Rayburn Lake on 6/8/11.




Click on embedded arrow to see our Angelina Forest/Lake Rayburn camping trip the week of 6/8/11.







Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see our Angelina Forest/Lake Rayburn camping trip

the week of 6/8/11 (part 2).



Liz (12 years old) rides Cash in the Angelina Forest on 6/8/11.










Betty (68 years old and my inspiration!) rides Cash in the Angelina Forest on 6/9/11.





Betty rides Cash in Lake Sam Rayburn on 6/9/11.



 Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Cash's beautiful cantering, and our special little trick to mount/dismount when you're on the trail.












I asked Jake to climb aboard Cash and he was a bit intimidated . . . . I begged, pleaded, cajoled, whined . . . "No!" was the answer. Then, I told him that he could drive my Mule if he would take a short ride. His face lit up, his handsome young entreprenurial dad's ambitious genes kicked in and Jake immediately agreed to "The Deal". Could there possibly be anything cuter than this little boy's big ol' smile?















Shoney rides Cash in a dress on 6/1/11. I like her spirit! (And her style!)



Ah, youth!! Now THAT'S a beautiful picture . . . two beautiful pony tails!




Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Cash in action on 5/16/11.






"Cash" -- This is a very, very gentle and people-oriented 5-yr-old 16H sorrel roan (beautiful red coat with silvery hairs sprinkled all over) with reddish/flaxen mane/tail, and deserves the best of homes because he really takes care of his rider. This Tennessee Walking Horse gelding is extremely talented -- the kind that best represents the breed with his all natural head-shaking true Tennessee striding walk, smooth as silk.  Nothing moves in the saddle as he covers ground with all forward motion, driving from the hind and pulling from the front, effortlessly, and has a nice, easy, athletic natural canter.  We have ridden and camped with him in Texas, Tennessee and Mississippi and he acclimates easily everywhere he goes, gets along great in the pasture or picket line with other horses. I have spent lots of wet saddle blanket time on this big boy, and he responds beautifully to cues to move forward, halt, back on a loose rein, yield front (pivot), yield hindquartesr (forehand turn), and sidepass. Cash is ready right now to be a lot of fun in Competitive Riding competitions. He shows Pride of Midnight, Pride's Hallelujah, Ebony Masterpiece, Merry Go Boy on his papers.  This horse is easy to catch in the pasture and enjoys attention, loves to be groomed, bathed.  (This horse was sold a couple of weeks ago but we kept possession of him until the check cleared, and the check was returned insufficient so he is up for sale again.) $4500






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