Coppery Sorrel, Stocky Smooth 15.1H

10-yr-old Gorgeous Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Mare




Harmony with her wind-blown hair look!







Mare power!!!

Dawn is up ahead on Misti, ponying her Diamond Dak filly, Delilah. Cheyenne is riding Harmony while ponying Salsa, I am riding Angel while ponying Isabella while Reygan follows us on Lassie.






Jarrod borrowed Harmony for his second ride on our beautiful summer day in Chireno, Texas on 7/1/17.






Harmony is cooling off after a nice ride through the sandy trails in Chireno, Texas.






Click on arrow ABOVE to see Cheyenne gaiting, cantering and ponying with Harmony.







"Harmony" -- 10-yr-old 15.1H coppery sorrel Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse mare with exotic blaze, four white stockings and blonde mane and tail. She is a nicely spirited mare, probably gentle for most people (advanced beginner and up) to ride. Harmony is barefoot and smooth as silk with a super nice, natural, athletic slow canter, a little cowboy lope. She is great on the trails for probably most riders and I love to use her to pony the yearlings while we're working them. She backs and is currently working well on her sidepassing lessons. $4500












I love this beautiful, exotic face!












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