"Jesse James"

Extraordinary Classic Champagne/White Spotted Tobiano Tennessee Walking Horse Colt







All of the above pictures were taken 7/7/08.



"Jesse James" -- This colt will be big-boned and tall, probably 15.3 or 16H as most of his brothers and sisters have matured to that height.  They are always gentle-natured, people-oriented, smooth-gaited, pleasantly spirited.  This colt, born 5/14/08, is two days old in this picture.  He is a classic champagne tobiano with a solid champagne tail and mixed mane, star on his forehead.  $2000


You can see his full brother ("Cody") and sister ("Jazzy") on the Baby page and a video of his sister below:




These pictures were taken on 5/16/08.


More pictures soon!


Sire:  Go Boy's Champagne Pride 
Classic Champagne Tobiano
Go Boy's Gold Insignia 
Gold Champagne Tobiano (Homozygous)
Paint's Moon Man  Paint The Town 
Insigna's Sweetheart 
Emily's Rose  Mack K's Lucky 
Princess Lady B. 
Pride's Fancy Nancy 
Pride's Solid Gold W  Pride of Midnight H F 
Go Boy's Dolly II 
Johnny's Lady B  Johnny Cash 
Art-Jen Lady B. 
Dam:  Painted Lady Bum 
Black Tobiano
Mountain Painted Son 
Black Tobiano
Talk of the Mountain  Ebony's Mountain Man 
Gleaming White Star 
Rising Son's Last Gal  Copy's Rising Son (by GLL Carbon Copy)
Go Boy's Bonnie B (by Merry Go Boy)
Mac's Lady Bum  Leggs Diamond Bama Bum B by Delight Bummin Around
Spirit of Dixie 
Sue Patten  Dan Patten 
Sue Daniel Stroll 



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