"Alen's Skye Walker", a/k/a "Luke"

Gorgeous Unusual Dappled Grey Tobiano Weanling Tennessee Walking Horse Stud Colt


Dark pictures because we took them at sunrise on a beautiful Mississippi morning on 11/5/11.



Luke's last morning in Mississippi.


First time ever to load on a trailer, and what a trip! Texas bound!


"Alen's Skye Walker" a/k/a "Luke" -- Gorgeous (rare) unusual grey tobiano Tennessee Walking Horse stud colt, so named because he was born the day of the release of Star Wars 3D edition ("May the '4th' be with you!") . . . he will make a beautiful stallion prospect, capable of producing both solid greys as well as grey tobianos, black and whites, blacks, etc. He is a DIRECT SON of the famous multi-world grand champion producing "Spotted Alen Again" and out of a wonderful foundation dappled grey mare going back to Prides John Grey/Shades of Carbon/Mack K's Handshaker/Midnight Sun. His gait is perfection and he's athletic with a nice little slow rolling canter in the pasture. Sensible, imprinted at birth, the best of gentle care his entire life. Good things ahead for this beautiful boy! He is a half brother to our beloved "Joy" (click on her name to go to her page). Click on his picture to stay tuned to his progress. $2750

This was the last picture I got before they hopped in so easily with very little encouragement from us from behind. I love this bloodline!



Luke and his foal hood buddy and brother, Toby drink out of their automatic waterer.






Luke, like most greys, was born black and is slowly turning grey. What a beautiful pair!



So darned hard to get those newborn legs to working!



"Whew! That was a lot of work!"



Luke's Dam:




Luke's Sire:

Spotted Alen has attained an unprecedented record of producing winning show horses. Alen's offspring up to 1999 have won 84 World Championships, 62 Reserve World Championships, and 411 divisional World Champion wins. Alen's year 2000 totals include 2 World Grand Championships, 6 Reserve World Grand Championships, 7 World Champions and 6 Reserve World Champions. In the past 5 years 2 of the World Grand Champion Spotted Saddle Horses were sired by Spotted Alen. In 1995 it was Alen's Lethal Weapon and in 2000 it was Pride of Alen Again.

Spotted Alen Again is registered with four different registries: The Spotted Saddle Horse Breeder's and Exhibitor's Association, the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association, the Racking Horse Breeders Association, and the National Spotted Saddle Horse Association.

Show Record with SSHBEA

1987: Reserve 2Yr Old Stallion

1988: 3Yr Old Stallion & 3Yr Old World Champion

1989: 4Yr Old Stallion & Res World Grand Champion & Supreme Champion

1990: 5Yr & Over Res Champion




  |--- REED'S SHADOW MAN |--- GO BOY'S SHADOW 540615   * BL
  |--- SHADOWS SPOTTED ALEN ---| 6510512   AR ---|--- BONNIE BOYD 463624   RN
  | 816738   BA-TO |
  |--- MIDNIGHT CURLEE "P" |--- ELROD'S GOLD SUN 560576   CH
  SPOTTED ALEN AGAIN 651757   YL ---|--- SUE LASSITER 462238   SO
  857584   CH-TO
  | | |--- SUNS ELDORADO |--- MIDNIGHT SUN 410751   * BL
  | |--- LADY ELDORADO B. ---| 560160   BL ---|--- QUEEN MARY H. 560159   SO
  | 687752   SO |
  ALEN'S SKYE WALKER 662881   RN ---|--- ALLEN'S SUE BATES 471151   RN
  21100433 BL-GR-TO
  | |--- ANOTHER GREY JOHN ---| 785926   GR ---|--- SMITHS MIDNIGHT LADY 631695   GR
  | | 847253   GR |
  | | |--- SHADES PAIGE GIRL |--- SHADES OF CARBON G. L. 701901   * BL
  ANOTHER SHAKE UP 791383   CH ---|--- PAIGE'S BLACK GIRL 673029   BL
  20402254   GR
  |--- IKE'S LADY SHAKER ---| 744022   BL ---|--- KITTYS KANDY KISSES 550884   BL
  851064   BL |
  |--- MY IKE LADY |--- MIDNIGHT IKE 551044   BL
  804985   BA ---|--- EBONY'S TWIGGY 730548   BA
  *-World Grand Champion




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