"Downtown Julie Brown" (also known as "Roxy")

Gorgeous Chocolate Silver Dapple 15H

Racking Horse Mare





Cheyenne (riding Whodoo) and Liz (riding Downtown Julie Brown) practicing ribbon race along the trail during our camping trip the week of 12/30/16.
















Last class of the show clinic for this weekend, on a beautiful spring evening as the sun was starting to set. 

From the far left, Reygan on Ms. Bling, Riley on Whodoo, Hailey on Classy, Cheyenne on Downtown Julie Brown, and I rode Hashtag, but sadly, Judge Huey said that I got last place for dismounting to take pictures. 

I'll gladly pay that price! ❤️











Jarrod rides Roxy on 11/23/16.










I'm riding Roxy in Lake Sam Rayburn during our camping trip Thanksgiving week of 2016.







Early morning ride on Downtown Julie Brown the morning of 11/26/16.








Hailey trains Downtown Julie Brown to step up on a stump during our camping trip the week of 12/28/16.






Foxy Roxy is a ton of fun to ride. She is barefoot, and I rode her this morning (11/19/16) with the GPS running, and clocked her at 16.1 mph with no effort at all. Just wait until I get her in shape! Cheyenne is playing around the cows with her now, working on desensitizing her to them.











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