"Go Boy's Texas Hold 'Em"

Bay/White Spotted Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding

This is the journal of Texas Go Boy's Hold Em's (known around the house as "Cisco") training.  He lives in Shreveport, Louisiana with his owner, Wanda, who is doing an amateur doing a professional job.  I'm so happy for my colts to go to a great natural barefoot or keg home!  These pictures were taken 6/26/06:









Cisco is lunging beautifully, both ways, turning to the inside, going over
the tarp on the ground, JUMPING over a white plastic 55 gallon drum lying on
its side.  I can put the tarp on the lunge line and send him around while
the tarp flies in the air on the lunge line.  Sometimes it is flying as high
as he is as he lunges and he doesn't mind at all.  I can place the WHOLE
tarp over his entire body, cover his head and lead him problem. 







He backs with the parelli yo yo game for me, then with only the finger as
well.  Cisco yields his hind quarters beautifully, yields on the forehand, and
flexes to touch his side both ways.  He carries his bareback pad around
while lunging without a fuss, stirrups slapping his tummy and all.  Of
course no weight yet and will be none until he is two and x-rayed.  He is
lowering his had for me very well for his halter.  He doesn't move for fly he just walks up and stands for it.  His feet are well handled,
picked, and no fuss!  He loves his cool spray down after a good workout or
PLAY as I like to call it.  (If I call it work I won't do it LOL).  



Cisco is
fine with a plastic bag tied to the whip and waved around on both sides,
over his head, and rubbed all over his body.  I really believe in good solid
groundwork before sadde time, and then all just seems to work out.  I will
practice more and more "games" with him for fun.  He is sooo very smart and
loves to play.  You can see him "smile" when he gets it.  He goes in and out
the inside dog kennel building if I leave the door open, and I will have to
make him go out.  Looks so funny down there inside the cyclone with the
dogs!  He is a hoot.  Makes me laugh.  Such a joy. 

. . . . . . Wanda



This is what "Cisco" looked like when she purchased him:

Beautiful face!  (Wide forehead indicates intelligence.)   This colt is gentle, sweet and affectionate.  He will follow you in from the pasture or you can lead him in by his nose.  His gait is 4-beat fantastic and he shows an athletic, rocking chair canter already in the pasture.








The pictures above were taken on 6/23/05.










"Go Boy's Texas Hold 'Em" -- Beautiful bay/white (tri-colored) tobiano spotted Tennessee Walking Horse yearling gelding out of "Evil Knieval's Favorite" (a gorgeous lit-up bay roan) and by "Go Boy's Champagne Pride" (pictured on home page).  He was born 11/8/04 and has four long white stockings, a dark almost mahogany bay rump with sparkling white tail.  The very end of his tail has a black spot in it, so this horse will be as flashy as a waving flag.  New pictures taken 6/23/05!   His bloodlines are the best (sporting my favorite World Grand Champion "Pride's Final Edition") he was allowed to nurse his dam until he was 6 months old, giving him a great headstart on life, and he has a puppy dog personality, in-your-pocket annoyingly gentle! Click on picture to go to Spiderman's page and see more info and pictures.  $2000


Here is proof of that tobiano gene hiding again!!  These two "solid" horses produced a tobiano!  Click on picture BELOW to see Spiderman's pedigree

The whole family!  Pop, Mom and Jr.!  (Mom is laying her ears back because she is protecting her baby from the mares and cattle on the outside of the gate she is standing in front of.) 









Baby is learning about the world -- in the picture to LEFT, this is his first encounter with the big ol' scary water tank.  It has an automatic float on it which makes hissing noises when it refills, and scares him worse than the 18-wheeler and tanker whizzing by him in the background at 70 mpg !  (The pasture is right on a busy highway.)   In the picture to RIGHT, Spiderman is meeting curious Blondie for the first time, and Mom is not too happy about it!  You can see a cow in the background, another obstacle for Mom to worry about!

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