4-1/2-yr-old Classy, Smooth and Flashy Coppery Sorrel Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding with Blonde Mane and Tail












Jan rides Banjo on the trails in the Angelina Forest on 2/18/10.



Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Banjo's recent trip to the 'city' and the trails near Lake Houston.


Becky rides Banjo through the neighborhood on 1/28/10.












Passing the big, black, scary "Anaconda" (drainage pipe).












More scary obstacles -- light company working on overhead power lines, and scary drainage culverts.


Krystal rides Banjo and Becky rides Noon on 1/28/10.














Riding at dusk on 1/26/10.


A beautiful horse on a beautiful winter day.














Bud rides Banjo on 12/21/09.


Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Banjo learning to push cattle, cross a bridge, etc.



"Banjo" -- A fun horse to have around, nice personality, smooth gaited, really flashy with his coppery sorrel color contrasted by his blonde mane and tail.  The gorgeous 4-1/2 year old 15H Tennessee Walking Horse gelding has a cute personality, a nice, slow, easy canter, and a great four-beat gait.  He rides with dogs, through the cattle, over the bridge, over the logs, no issue with mud or water, and he lives right on a major highway so traffic is an everyday thing for him.  Stay tuned for more pictures from upcoming camping trips with him.  $4500


Pretty little head, almost a slightly dished face like an Arabian.



Yep, I love dem head shots!


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