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Home Grown! We raised him.


"Nocona" -- Big boned gentle teddy bear, black and white spotted Tennessee Walking Horse gelding by a son of our stallion "Go Boy's Champagne Pride" and out of a Pride of Midnight/Delight Bumin' Around mare. Since we've been raising colts by our stallion for 10 years, we are certain that Nocona's gaits and disposition will be the type that families want to keep forever. He is for sale now to be raised your way, or stay tuned if he stays here as we will be starting him under saddle the fall of 2012. Click on his picture to see more info. $2000








"Emma Lou" -- Gorgeous black and white spotted Tennessee Walking Horse yearling filly with great bloodlines.  Her sire goes back to Delight Bumin' Around, Sir Winston S, and her dam is a direct daughter of Spotted Alen Again out of a direct daughter of Gen's Major General, going back to the Pusher as well.  Click on her picture to see more info.  $1850















"Suzi" -- Gorgeous color pattern -- this beautiful black and white spotted Tennessee Walking Horse filly has a long swan neck that she carries naturally arched, big beautiful blaze down her face, long silky mane and tail, round rump, sloping shoulder, top quality!  Her sire goes back to Delight Bumin' Around, Sir Winston S, and her dam is a direct daughter of the multi World Grand Champion "Alen's Belfast Bandit" (Spotted Alen Again/Ebony Masterpiece) and out of a direct daughter of Spotted Alen Again herself.  (Click on her picture to view her pedigree and more pictures.)  $2000




Congratulations to David in Houston, who also bought "Neon" last year, pictured below.











He will be one super flashy dude, with long, perfectly matched stockings of white tipped by black rings at the top and a white tail with a streak of black.  This colt was born exceptionally gentle and has been really easy to halter train.   Click on his picture at RIGHT to see more info.  $2000








Big wide chest, nice big rump, four black hooves, healthy, glossy, nice Tennessee Walking Horse filly started the right way with natural horsemanship training. Ties, leads, handles feet, bathes, clips, loads/unloads, round pen training. Sired by golden palomino stallion and out of buckskin mare, awesome smooth all-natural parents.  Click on picture at RIGHT to see more pictures and info on her parents.  $2000


Congratulations to Kimberle in Massachusetts!







Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Neon and Winchester frolicking.




Danny and Peddler at liberty on 5/20/06, running past some of the Hurricane Rita damage.


"Renegade" -- HOMOZYGOUS -- The University of California lab results are in!  This colt will produce foals with tobiano gene, meaning that this is the highest likelihood for breeding spotted horses!  Breed him to anything, solid sorrel, grey, black, white, other spotted horses and you are guaranteed to get a foal with this tobiano gene (which produces the spotted horses).  

Renegade is a uniquely-marked black and white tobiano spotted Tennessee Walking Horse stud colt by the beautiful champagne "Go Boy's Champagne Pride" and out of a wonderful black and white tobiano mare "Cherokee Delight" with hard-to-find foundation bloodlines.  He was born 5/2/05 and is weaned, vaccinated, halter broke, affectionate, playful (loves his stall ball!) and ready to go.  He is currently located in Tustin, California and can be seen there, or you can request a video.  Click on the first two thumbnails below left to see more pictures of Renegade, and click on the two pictures to the far right to see Renegade's dam, "Cherokee's Delight".  $3500 for a homozygous gentle black and white stud colt with old Midnight Sun and spotted bloodlines.


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"Peddlin' Golden Pride" (a/k/a "Peddler") -- These pictures were taken on 5/20/06 and show what a masculine, beautiful Tennessee Walking Horse stud colt that he is turning out to be.  (That's Danny on the right.)  Peddler has a nice refined head, creamy golden color and a BIG, loose stride.  He is a full brother to the awesome, gentle, big-striding "Peddlin' the Gold", and he is by a cremello stallion and out of a bay mare (from palomino bloodlines).  His dam has an incredible pedigree -- her sire is a palomino grandson of Ebony Masterpiece and Triple Threat, and his dam is solid palomino background from Chance's Gold Dust, John A's Chance, and Deserts Gold Sun.  Peddler's dam is a direct daughter of one of my favorite World Champions, Pride's Peddler, which has produced a lot of nice, natural horses with the true head-shaking walk.  Pride's Peddler of course, goes back to Pride of Midnight and Sun's Delight D, and Peddler's dam's dam is a direct daughter of Sun's Delight D.  This colt is show quality, has a sensible personality, would make a great gelding or a classy stallion prospect -- his testicles have already dropped but he has not yet learned any 'stallion' behavior -- he's very mellow and sweet.  Peddler was born 4/18/05 and we have taught him to lead, stand tied, load in a trailer, handle his feet, and be bathed.  Click on thumbnail below left to see Peddler's big stride, and other pictures to see Peddler's dam.  Click on picture to LEFT to see Peddler's pedigree.  Click on "Peddlin' the Gold", to see his sister, a 2004 filly which is already winning in the show ring!   NOT FOR SALE AT THIS TIME

Peddler072805b.jpg (43999 bytes)



Picture at LEFT taken on 4/21/06 while he was being trimmed in the cross ties.

Picture at RIGHT taken 4/25/06, freshly shampooed!!









"Golden Sunny Delight"(registered name) or "Hank", as we call him around the barn -- Golden palomino Tennessee Walking Horse gelding born 3/24/05 out of "Louisiana Midnight Delite" and by "Go Boy's Champagne Pride", the champagne stallion Tennessee Walking Horse stallion pictured at the top of this web page.  Easy, calm, gentle temperaments on both sides if you are wanting the ultimate golden pleasure gelding.  Excellent bloodlines, including Ebony Masterpiece and Sun's Delight D.  Click on picture to above LEFT to see Hank's pedigree, and click on picture to above RIGHT to see information on his dam, which is also for sale.  $2250 



Congratulations to the Messersmiths, who also bought one of my favorite mares, a JFK black roan daughter "Shelby".




ABOVE:  Hank's grandsire "I'm No Stranger", sire of Hank's dam.



LEFT:  Danny, now "Cajun", in Spring of 2006;

CENTER:  Tracey and her baby, "Cajun", Summer of 2007; (Click on this picture to see new pics)

RIGHT:  Three days old in May, 2005.


"He's Armed With Champagne" (a/k/a "Danny") -- Very, very classy, stout, healthy amber  champagne/white tobiano Tennessee Walking Horse out of a direct daughter of Gen's Armed & Dangerousand and by "Go Boy's Champagne Pride", pictured above.  He is a long-striding colt with a flowing 4-beat gait -- check out the back end of this colt in these pictures!  He has four high white stockings and topaz eyes, like his sire.  This is definitely a show prospect and even a stallion prospect, with awesome bloodlines, awesome gait, fantastic chrome and color.  This colt is a definite show prospect -- he moves like a show horse with a huge back end and really lifts his front feet in front of him.  It's all smooth and fluid, very impressive.  (I showed for ten years and quit while I was winning, so I recognize natural talent when I see it.)  He was born 5/2/05 and we have taught him to lead, stand tied, load in a trailer, handle his feet, lead behind a 4-wheeler, be ponied from horseback  and be bathed.  Click on picture LEFT to see his pedigree and click on picture at RIGHT to see a short video of this colt's long and loose stride.  Click on thumbnails below to see more pictures -- first two were taken in July of 2005, and last three were taken 5/21/06.  $3000

Congratulations to Tracy in Georgia!


Danny072805a.jpg (42243 bytes)Danny052006b.jpg (59322 bytes)Danny052106a.jpg (54083 bytes)Danny052106b.jpg (56735 bytes)



Click on the picture ABOVE to see Sugar Cream's pedigree. 


"Sugar Cream" -- Yes, that's her registered name and we love it!  Born 5/9/2004, she is a stunningly beautiful golden palomino/white tobiano Tennessee Walking Horse filly with a long, arched swan neck, beautiful refined head, small ears, long mane and tail already and as gentle as a kitten.  She has a very cute, pleasant personality and a smooth flowing gait in the pasture.  I sold her half brother ("now called "Hollywood", located on the "new homes" link) and he was smooth and a traffic stopper with his dark golden color and long white mane and tail.  (Click on thumbnail below to see a larger view of his picture.)  If she matures into half the beauty her brother is, she will be a traffic stopper, too!  She is sunbleached in these pictures, but she should be a dark golden when stalled out of the sun.   Currently, she is pastured with mares, babies and cattle so it will be awhile before we see her true colors.  We will not be starting her under saddle until sometime after her 2nd birthday, depending her her level of maturity.  $4500

StreakofGold.jpg (26020 bytes)

Congratulations to Mike from Missouri!  Look for her in the show ring.




"Go Boy's Texas Hold 'Em" -- Beautiful bay/white (tri-colored) tobiano spotted Tennessee Walking Horse yearling gelding out of "Evil Knieval's Favorite" (a gorgeous lit-up bay roan) and by "Go Boy's Champagne Pride" (pictured on home page).  He was born 11/8/04 and has four long white stockings, a dark almost mahogany bay rump with sparkling white tail.  The very end of his tail has a black spot in it, so this horse will be as flashy as a waving flag.  New pictures taken 6/23/05!   His bloodlines are the best (sporting my favorite World Grand Champion "Pride's Final Edition") he was allowed to nurse his dam until he was 6 months old, giving him a great headstart on life, and he has a puppy dog personality, in-your-pocket annoyingly gentle! 

Click on Go Boy's Texas Hold 'Em's picture to see new pictures and his progress in training at his new home!




Above picture taken April 7, 2005.









"Gen's Golden Cameo" -- This must be Roy Roger's dream filly!  (Pictures above RIGHT and to the immediate LEFT were taken 5/28/06.)  She is a palomino with big blaze and four stockings like Trigger.  In these pictures, she is sun bleached, but her legs, as seen up close, are darker golden, which indicates the color she will shed out to in Spring, 2005.   (Picture to LEFT was taken 4/26/04, and picture to RIGHT was taken 10/1/04.)  (Click on picture to LEFT to see short video of Cameo frolicking -- it's very hard to get a good video of a baby gaiting!  Cameo was born 4/19/04 and comes from Pride's Generator bloodlines on her dam's side.  Her sire is a cremello from the Hall Allen, Carbon Copy, Midnight Mack K and Sun's Delight D bloodlines.  She performs a solid 4-beat running walk naturally and already knows how to stand tied, have her feet handled and lead.  

Cameo sheds off in the Spring to be a golden palomino, but it is a creamy kind of color, very smooth and exotic.  She is gentle and very people-oriented -- she will come up to you out of the pasture, let you walk into her stall when she is lying down, she is comfortable to roll on the lead rope at your feet when her back itches, and if you turn her loose in your front yard, she will "help" you wash your car!  

Congratulations to Dr. and Mrs. Bates!


Cameo052806c.jpg (32146 bytes)Cameo052806d.jpg (32698 bytes)



"Go Boy's Masquerade" -- Classic Champagne (looks a lot like buckskin) stud colt born 10/1/03.  The sneaky little fellow is a spotted horse on one side and a solid horse on the other!  This exceptional colt is going to be a spitting image of his sire, "Go Boy's Champagne Pride" (pictured above) -- see how dark he is in these pictures?  He is only a couple of days old, but when he sheds out, he will be the exact same color as his sire -- classic champagne with four stockings. His eyes are a beautiful topaz color, and they look like they're lined with eye liner.  When he strikes out across the pasture, his back is level and you can visually see how smooth his gait is.  His dam is a daughter of the National Supreme Versatility Champion "Bess Free Spirit", featured on this website, and she is 16H.  Her 4-yr-old son "Olympic Victory" has won classes all over Tennessee in the spotted ranks, and all her foals inherit her beautiful head, silky smooth gaits and size.  Click on thumbnails below far left to see Mask a few days old, and far right to see his half brothers (from previous years "Pride's Executive Decision" and "Olympic Victory") as yearlings.   $2500

Congratulations Denise in New Mexico!


"Sunrise" -- DARK GOLD COLOR GUARANTEED!  Strong palomino genetics here, and what a beautiful face!  Picture to LEFT is how this beautiful horse turned out at a recent Texas Walking Horse show.  (Check out those hooked ears, wide forehead indicating intelligence, and long neck.  Born April 26, 2002, this beautiful, muscular, athletic colt is by a cremello stallion which is a direct son of Bud England, which was out of a direct daughter of the palomino Favorite's Bold Gold (by Pride's Favorite).  Sunrise's dam, "Amy" has exceptionally good bloodlines, and is a direct daughter of Pride's Sunrise.  Amy's dam is a direct daughter of Midnight Mack K.  This colt has lots of Midnight Sun in his background and he has an almost identical body style of that first World Grand Champion!  He will be a big, stocky pleasure horse.  Although he has his winter coat already, this colt will definitely be dark gold (as evidenced by his dark golden legs and face).  Sunrise has a beautiful head with hooked ears, wide forehead  with a beautiful star (an upside-down teardrop), and a nice long neck.  He gaits fluidly across the pasture and already has a nice, slow, athletic lope.  He's bloodtyped, registered and ready for new home.  Started under saddle May 20, 2004 and has excellent back end and smooth flowing gaits.  $2500

At two years of age, Sunrise's mane hangs down to his shoulder, and his gait is flowing and awesome.  Congratulations to Gerry and Dawn in Oklahoma are going to make a good one out of him!  Click on Sunrise's picture to see him winning in the show ring.





"Ms. Vegas" -- Dark golden dappled palomino yearling Tennessee Walking Horse filly with snow white mane, tail.  She is Sun's Delight D bred and going to be a big, beautiful mare with gorgeous conformation.  She has two long white stockings in the back and two white socks in the front, and a big blaze on her face.  She looks just like Trigger and has a stout enough conformation to carry either Roy Rogers or Dale Evans, or both!  Vegas is a gorgeous, colorful representative of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breed.  $4500






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