Recently Sold Horses


Congratulations, Carolyn -- her 4th Cloud 9 Walkers horse in about 7 years.

Home Grown! We bred and raised him.


"Lash Larue" a/k/a "Cody" -- Half brother to "Takoda" (sorrel/white spotted gelding advertised below). We raised him and he's wonderful. Side passes, forehand turns, pivots, wonderful smooth gaits, slow lopes on correct leads.

This is Cody and Cody -- quite a pair! Cody (the grandson) is 14 years old and wanted a summer project, so we picked our most gentle, mellow unbroke colt in the pasture and brought him up. Cody spent hours and hours in the round pen putting a solid foundation on this colt (with Grandpa Huey's supervision) and turned out quite a nice pleasure horse. In addition, Cody wanted to learn to shoe a horse, so he used this colt to shoe his first horse, and by the way, the shoes were the first this colt ever wore, as well! Click on his picture to see more info. $3850





"Vaquero" -- He's that broke, broke horse that everyone is looking for. Big boned, seasoned black and white spotted gelding that is great to have on the farm. A real work horse -- saddle him up, point him and go -- crosses anything, goes anywhere, rides for probably anyone and also pulls a buggy. His gait is flowing and smooth and he's the perfect age at 9 years old. He is a great match to the horse above "Teddy"! Click on his picture to see more info. $6500


Congratulations to Tommy and Ann in Brenham, Texas -- Vaquero joins two other horses they bought from us ("Jackie" and "Mikey") and he will be an all around ranch horse for their guests and family.





Congratulations to the Platon family from Virginia! We look forward to watching your partnership with this magnificent mare!

"Pia" -- Absolutely gorgeous coming 4-yr-old Tennessee Walking Horse buckskin mare with some of our favorite bloodlines (Spotted Alen Again's sire "Shadows Spotted Alen" and the World Grand Champion "Delight Bumin' Around", "Personal Power", "Pride of Midnight", "Sir Winston"), but these are not the reaons we love her so. In the spring, her coat blooms with dapples all over it, and with her black mane and tail, four white stockings capped by black 'garters', she is an extremely flashy horse. Because she has such a beautiful headset with proud arched neck, tucked nose, she could be mistaken for a stallion with her looks, but she is very gentle, loving and affectionate, causes no problems with other horses, not 'mare-ish' at all, loads in the trailer right next to other horses uneventfully, stalls next to others with no problems, pastures easily -- just a joy to have around.

Her gaits are the reason to own a fine mare like this. She performs a true head-shaking big striding SMOOTH flat walk and running walk, textbook Tennessee Walker, and then her canter is the definition of rolling carousel canter, slow and easy, loose rein. She has a beautiful high stepping natural front end both barefoot and on plain keg (lite plates like Quarter Horses wear) shoes -- she made our whole Kentucky trail ride trip this past October with only front shoes and barefoot behind, and no problems -- good hard, healthy hooves. Then, if you want a really fun 'different' ride -- you can ask her to raise her head, squeeze her up and she will perform a flying rack with fun, fun, fun speed! She's several horses in one.

Because we were going to show her in October (but had to cancel at the last moment because of the drought causing us to abandon all plans in the pursuit of hay!), we put extra special time and training into her getting ready for this show. She pivots like a dream, forehand turns, side passes, opens and closes gates, crosses any obstacle you ask her, and all of this is done pretty much on loose rein. Very light touch is needed -- she is the epitome of a true pleasure horse.

Click on her picture to see more of her story. $6500

"Chisum" -- That rare amber champagne color that everyone is looking for, and he also carries the tobiano gene, making him capable of producing spotted foals! What a beauty he is with his four long white stockings, stripled mane and tail, and what a flashy horse he will be when he's old enough to ride. This gorgeous Tennessee Walking Horse yearling stud colt (born 6/24/2010) is extremely gentle, quiet and sweet-natured. He gets his color from his sire, our "Go Boy's Champagne Pride" and his mother "Gypsy", a gorgeous, stocky bay Tennessee Walking Horse mare. He will be beautifully gaited and canters effortlessly, athletically across the pasture now. Click on his picture to see more info and video.Rare Amber Champagne with four long white stockings, gorgeous long thick mane and tail (courtesy BOTH his parents!), wide forehead (indicating intelligence), sleepy, sweet dreamy eyes . . . champagnes have a sheen sprinkled all over their bodies that looks like glitter in the sun. Chisum is going to be a knockout with his extremely thick long mane and tail which should be to his knees by the time he's 5 years old! Chisum has a very sweet, calm personality like his brother "Takoda" and "Lash Larue" and his sister "Jolie" -- we've raised so many colts by his sire and all have been extremely mellow and quiet, beginner type horses. He's had the best upbringing that a colt can have, is wonderfully respectful and has a solid round pen foundation, and he is being started under saddle now, since he's a little over two years old. Stay tuned for pictures and videos of him on our camping trips. You can buy him now and leave him in training with us and he would be ready to go for most anyone to ride by the first of February, 2013 $4500




Congratulations, Barry and family!


One of the most 'angelic' horses I've ever met -- he's just a sweet servant, ready to do what you ask and doesn't even think of misbehaving. He makes you feel SAFE in the saddle.

Caper's War Eagle" -- Strikingly handsome eye-popping black and white spotted tobiano 15.3H (and still growing) 3-1/2-yr-old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding, gentle as a lamb, with very much a puppy dog disposition. He is sired by "Alen's Caper", which is a direct son of the great "Shadows Spotted Alen" and out of a "Delight Bumin' Around" mare (who was known for producing great broodmares), and his dam is "Prides Generator" and "Spotted Alen Again", producer of many World Champions and World Grand Champions.

This horse has had an extensive round pen foundation training and then slowly brought along, gently and easily. He has never known any abuse, neglect and was never allowed to develop any bad behavorial habits. His gait is like floating across the ground -- extremely smooth like glass. He's a big boy and still growing -- we believe he will not only be 16H at maturity, but spread out with a stock horse type chest and hindquarters. $8500

Congratulations, Barry and family!







"Bunny" -- 10-yr-old drop-dead gorgeous stocky 15.2H buckskin Tennessee Walking Horse mare with all-natural BAREFOOT true head-shaking Tennessee Walk, four beat and smooth, proud, with easy, natural, athletic smooth canter.  She has proven herself as a broodmare and has been trained on the trails -- she backs, flexes, yields front and hindquarters, side passes, canters, always the best of care her entire life.  This beautiful mare has a big wide chest, huge hindquarters, sloping shoulder -- both handsome and beautiful at the same time.  Not for timid rider -- she does absolutely nothing dangerous, but she is sensitive and wonderfully responsive, and I have found that most timid and beginner riders prefer a horse that is more sluggish to respond.  Click on her picture to see more! $8500 

Bunny foaled a gorgeous jet black stud colt "Jaguar" by George Foreman's speed racking stallion on 4/26/11).

















Congratulations, Julie in Georgia!

"Trigger" -- *SOLD* Absolutely gorgeous coming 5-yr-old golden palomino Tennessee Walking Horse/Kentucky Mountain Horse 15.3H gelding with four long white stockings, blazed face and long thick white mane and tail. Trigger performs an extremely smooth four-beat racking gait BAREFOOT -- no gimmicks needed! He has worn shoes before but we prefer to go barefoot unless we're planning to travel to a rocky area. This gentle horse can probably be ridden by most riders from confident beginner and up and make his rider feel safe and have fun. He also slow canters and has been trail ridden in the mountains of Tennessee and Kentucky, as well as on several camping trips in Texas. Click on his picture to see more info and videos. $4500



Congratulations, Donna in New Mexico!

"Ernie" -- GORGEOUS buttermilk buckskin 4-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with our favorite kind of gait -- square, four beatin' with absolutely NO PACE!! Barefoot and wonderful, currently in our natural horsemanship training program with camping and trail riding experience. Although he performs a beautiful fast, thrilling rack, he walks slowly on command, will do a nice head-shaking Tennessee flat walk, and then there's the bonus of his athletic, rolling, easy canter (all natural). He also neck reins, side passes, forehand turns, pivots, picket lines, bathes . . . Current on vaccinations (VEWT, Flu/Rhino, Rabies, West Nile on 6/17/11) and deworming, negative coggins. Stay tuned for more on this beauty. Click on his picture to go to his page to watch his progress. $6500

Congratulations, Donna in New Mexico!



Congratulations, Barry and family!

"Kahlua" -- 15.2H 4-yr-old registered SSHBEA Buckskin/White HOMOZYGOUS Tobiano Spotted Saddle Horse Mare -- Excellent show prospect!! This mare's previous owner raised her and sent her to Texas to find continue her training and find a new home. We turned her out for over a year to run with the cattle and broodmares, babies, just because we were working on 3-yr-olds that needed to be started. This buckskin tobi beauty has been raised right, has good ground manners and has a good round pen foundation as well as trail experience, including "Highway 101" (with zooming cars and 18-wheelers beside the road). Her gaits are awesome – a true flat walk and running walk as well as nice rack with excellent timing and headshake, and even though she hasn't been trained on her leads yet in the arena, she has a natural canter on the trails. This absolutely gorgeous and very talented mare was bred for the show ring, but trail worthy, too! Her sire is multi-world grand champion Alen’s Belfast Bandit and her dam is out of two world grand champions, Alen’s Lethal Weapon & Bonnie’s Honey J (one of the few mares to ever win the SSHBEA WGC). Add to all of that the fact that she is HOMOZYGOUS tobiano and homozygous black, and you’ve got an incredible broodmare prospect as well! Before she was ever ridden, she accrued many, many miles being ponied on the trails. She has an incredibly sweet personality and loves attention. I think she could be a great trail partner and best friend for someone. Kahlua is learning to be independent and ride by herself, getting lots of solo miles, but on a trail ride with other horses, probably any beginner would feel comfortable on her. NICE, BEAUTIFUL MARE! $6500 Click on her picture to see more.

Congratulations, Barry and family!


Congratulations, Leah in Colorado!


"Lucas" -- Exceptionally classy 15.1H seasoned, well-trained 8-yr-old blue roan Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with incredibly smooth four-beat gaits and a canter to die for. No kidding -- this is one FINISHED horse. We prefer not to sell this horse to any timid riders or young children -- we'd have no trouble putting our grandson on this horse, but wouldn't put our timid granddaughter on him. No buck, no rear, a GOOD horse, and a true horseman's horse, but too sensitive and too many 'bells and whistles' for timid riders. This good gelding is a joy to ride, will go anywhere you ask him, step over logs, walk through boggy mud, cross streams, climb mountains, descend carefully, ties out, picket lines overnight, no trouble in the pasture with other horses, loads/unloads, squeezes into tight places on the trailer, stalls in the day time, runs free at night. Lucas has a true four beat gait and a true slooooowwww rocking chair canter, effortlessly, and on the correct lead most of the time (all of the time when he's on a regular riding schedule). Lucas is a grandson of the World Grand Champion "Pusher" and great grandson of the World Grand Champion "Triple Threat" on top, and out of a Sun's Delight D/Sir Winston mare. He can go barefoot or shod -- rider's choice. We ride him in a snaffle with shanks and he arches his neck naturally. This is not a horse for everybody, but the true horseman will have a hard time finding one this well trained and this well gaited, and this GOOD! $7000 Click on his picture to see more.


Congratulations, Leah in Colorado!



"Poca Buena" -- 14.3H beautiful exotic sorrel/white spotted 3-1/2 year old Tennessee Walking Horse mare (registered TWHBEA), nice smooth four beat gait and an incredible easy, athletic rocking canter from a fairy tale. Poca Buena has been raised in a good home, best of care, perfect health, never any sickness or problems, never neglected, never spoiled -- started when she was 3 years old with us and has graduated from our 6-month natural horsemanship program. We just got back from an extended camping trip where she was picket lined for a few days/nights, ridden on the trails through the forest with many water crossings and several days in the lake. Poca Buena is mellow, doesn't mind being in the back of ride, agreeable to lead the ride, behaves nicely when she rides by herself (no other horses), and not inclined to be spooky at all. She's a true pleasure to ride, nice light mouth, flexes, rides off leg pressure nicely, canter cue is easy for anyone to give, will ride on loose rein. $6500 Click on her picture to see more.





"Sweet Tater" -- *SOLD* Beautiful, powerful, sweet-natured stocky 15.3H 6-yr-old dappled grey registered TWHBEA Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with a great training foundation, lots of trail miles, a great start in life. Always the best of life and the best of care -- he has never known any kind of neglect or abuse. We got an email from a dear friend who needed to downsize and we purchased Sweet Tater about 4 years ago, brought him home, turned him out for awhile and let him run with the broodmares, cattle, etc. We brought him up when he was a full 3 years old and started his round pen training, saddle training (as outlined and documented below). Upon 'graduation', we sold him to a very sweet and loving owner who has to sell him due to career changes. During her 3 years with him, she has hauled and camped with him several times at each of the following places: Parrie Haynes ranch; McKinney Roughs Nature Park; Walnut Creek Ranch; Brazos Bend Park; 7IL Ranch; Pundt Park; Jack Brooks Park; Sam Rayburn Park; Bush Intercontinental Airport (trails next to the runways), and the beach.

Sweet Tater backs on a loose rein, side passes, pivots, forehand turns, slow, rocking canters on the correct leads upon command, gaits a perfect four beat smooth gait and does it all TOTALLY BAREFOOT with nice, black, healthy hard-as-steel hooves. He is current on his vaccinations (VEWT, Flu/Rhino, Rabies, Strangles, West Nile on 5/6/12) and has a current negative coggins (dated 9/20/11). No gimmicks to his gait -- trim him just like a Quarter Horse, nice short hooves. He has been fed MG All Grain Dry Mix and also MG 12/8 pellet feed most of his life (1 scoop twice daily).

Sweet Tater is a lifetime kind of horse and belongs in the category of "Horses That Do Not Ordinarily Come Up For Sale" . . . although most beginners would feel comfortable on Tater right this moment, if they drove up to ride him, we do recommend that he not be a pasture ornament. This sweetheart Tennessee Walking Horse gelding has the heart and stamina to ride the mountains and be sure footed about it, easy to handle but is at his absolute best when he is ridden on a fairly frequent basis (at least a couple times per week). The more he is ridden, the closer to perfection he gets, thanks to his early slow, consistent, steady and firm foundation. He has had a recent 30-day tune up and that's all it took for me to feel pretty good about putting most anyone on him. NICE, NICE HORSE! Click on his picture at LEFT to see more info. $6750



Congratulations, James (a firefighter!) in Cat Spring, Texas!


"Gus McCrae" -- *SOLD* Athletic, gentle bronze buckskin tobiano spotted Tennessee Walking Horse 3-yr-old 14.2H gelding, half brother to our stallion "Alen's Painted Desert" and also half brother to our beautiful "Katie". Bred and born in Indiana, we picked Gus up when he was a weanling, brought him to Texas and raised him. He grew up in the pasture with cattle, dogs running around, other horses, broodmares, foals, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, pigs, etc. NO PACE in this guy -- excellent four-beat rhythm going on here on BARE HOOVES. Regular trims but never been shod. If we take him to Colorado this summer, we will shoe him for protection on the rocks, but here in south Texas we usually don't need shoes. This horse has been raised right, trained right, handled right, never abused or neglected, doesn't know the concept of rebellion or barn sourness, never bucked or reared, brought along so slowly in his rock solid round pen foundation that his expectations were set early and he's just a good guy. At this point in his training, he is green broke so you will not be interested in this horse unless you enjoy a relatively safe, gentle project. We'd love to continue his training ourselves for the next 3 or 4 months and make him a work of art for the trails! Click on his picture to see more info. $4500


"Zip" -- Extremely flashy 50/50 black and white Spotted Saddle Horse gelding with a beautiful presence about him. He's almost 14.3H and 3-1/2 years old, sets up naturally in the bridle, cute little racking gait and easy lope. Zip will walk slowly like a Quarter Horse, rack softly in a nice slow gait, rack quickly and then do a soft little canter. He's very 'zippity' and fun on the trails, and when I ride him, I feel like I'm riding a cute little moto-scooter or dirt bike the way he athletically takes the turns with barely any change at all in his transitions. When you ask him to halt, he will stop and then stand quietly, waiting for your next command. He is one of the most beautiful spotted horses I've ever met and the pictures don't do him justice -- his mane is crimped and wavy and will be stunning when he's about 5 years old. Click on his picture for more info. $5500




"Katie" (Caper's Rain Dance) -- No mareish issues -- barely know when she's in heat, gets along well in the pasture/trailer/barn with other horses, very quiet and extremely mellow. Katie is a half sister to "Gus" above, and "Alen's Painted Desert" below (same sire) -- extremely gentle, quiet, mellow 3-1/2-yr-old buckskin tobiano Tennessee Walking Horse mare we purchased as a yearling and raised, trained ourselves. Imprinted at birth, always the best of care, never known any abuse or neglect, she is easy to catch (pocket pest!) and very sweet natured. Her color is beautiful and flashy with dark bronze cast to her buckskin coat, jet black and tail, and four long white stockings capped by black 'garters'. Of course her ears are tipped black as well. She flows along in her gaits and performs a slow true carousel rocking canter (as you can see in her videos). Katie is fine with dogs, 4-wheelers, busy highways, cattle, water crossings, hauls like a pro, bathes, side passes, forehand turns, pivots, canters on correct leads, ready for competitive trail competition! She is a registered Tennessee Walking Horse and has a lifetime to offer a family. Click on her picture to see more scoop! $6500









"Takoda" -- Mellow fellow! Another home grown jewel -- half brother to Chisum and Lash Larue, this 3-year-old 14.3H extremely flashy sorrel and white tobiano Tennessee Walking Horse gelding just made his first camping trip and trail ride, and did a fabulous job, thanks to his rock solid round pen foundation training. He stepped over logs, crossed deep creeks, splashed in the lake with waves rolling in, climbed hills, gaited beautifully and cantered slow and easy like a rocking chair. He's going to be that family type horse that you love to have sitting in the your pasture when company comes over or that you take occasionally when the husband joins you. Easygoing and mellow. Right now, probably most anyone can ride him and feel safe -- he is solid four-beat gaited smooth, slow athletic rocking canter, will cross any obstacle or body of water (see his videos!) $4950 Click on his picture to follow his progress.


Congratulations, Tommy and Ann!

Takoda joins our other jewels "Jackie O", "Scout" a/k/a "Mikey", and "Vaquero" on this 700-acre cattle ranch. Lucky horses!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mare!


"Mathilda" -- Nice, nice mare! Every morning I jump on this mare bareback and go ride the fences to make sure no predator came in during the night after our goats and sheep. She has the kind of conformation that makes bareback riding so comfortable, and I like to keep my skills sharp. I canter her to the back pasture and push cattle from one area to another with her. She's jet black, 15H, stocky with big bone structure, wide chest, big round rump, thick long flowing forelock, mane, tail, beautiful huge star between her eyes, strip -- just a pretty mare! Mathilda is a registered Tennessee Walking Horse mare with the beautiful Pride's Jubilee Star on top, Marshall Dillon, and Paint's Rooster on bottom. She has had one foal in between carrying novice riders on trail rides. Currently keg shod (plain little plates like Quarter Horses wear) but next farrier date, we're going to take her barefoot. She has nice trail experience, but classy and competitive enough for the show ring, too! Click on her picture to see more info. $3500




"Athena" -- Beautiful, classy, regal BLUE ROAN 2-1/2 year old Tennessee Walking Horse mare -- She's a long, tall drink o' water, standing at a full 15.2H and may grow another inch or two. She travels with a floating racking gait, naturally beautifully arched swan neck, just a really classy animal. Her color is very unique -- not many around like her, and her two white socks on her hind legs really add chrome to an already flashy horse. At this time, we consider her a very gentle, green horse -- we will be taking her on many upcoming trail rides for the wet saddle blanket time that she needs. Click on her picture to see more info and video. $3500







"Starburst" -- Absolutely stunningly beautiful 4-yr-old bay/white Spotted Saddle Horse gelding, smooth gaited, nice slow canter, trail savvy, gentle and quiet yet spirited enough to be a very fun ride. His tail is just gorgeous -- long, thick and white with big black streak in it, and he's very flashy with his big blaze, four long white stockings with black 'garters' around all of them. Starburst is one of the horses that we feel confident enough to put our friends on when they need an extra horse. Click on his picture to see more info. $4850




"Teddy" -- Handsome 15.2H 5-yr-old black and white Spotted Saddle Horse gelding with smooth BAREFOOT gaits, nice and flowing along the ground, extremely gentle and mellow, easygoing. This is a laid back sleepy-eyed type horse but will get up and go if you ask him to. His mane and tail are just gorgeous -- long, silky, thick and flowing when he moves and his feet are striped black and white, healthy and hard so he rides barefoot just fine, but doesn't have a problem with shoes, either -- we just prefer barefoot when we are not traveling to an extremely rocky area. We have rocks around our place that we ride them across and toughen their soles. Teddy is great on the trails already -- will cross any obstacle and we're currently training him to flex and learn lateral moves (forehand turn, pivot, side pass). He backs, loads, bathes, etc. Nice all around familiy horse. He is a great match to the horse below "Vaquero"! $5500




"Woodrow Call" -- Absolutely anyone would feel safe on this horse. This is a very, very gentle and people-oriented 3-1/2-yr-old 14.3H (will probably mature to 15H) buckskin/white tobiano spotted saddle horse (registered with NSSHA) with fantastic square four-beat gait, slow canter when needed, will cross any obstacle, water obstacles no problem, dogs/4-wheelers/cattle/traffic no problem. Click on his picture to see more of him.

Congratulations, Missy, who joined us in Colorado to ride in June, 2011!



"Calypso" -- Just sit in the saddle for 10 seconds and see if you don't feel like you've just come home. The sweet, willing 5-yr-old 14.2H tri-color Paso Fino gelding instantly makes you feel safe -- he is sound and sturdy under the saddle, willing to do anything you ask him and go anywhere. His gaits are smooth, smooth and as a bonus, he slips into the best little rocking chair canter effortlessly. Calypso is big and strong enough for most men, yet a wonderful safe confidence builder for women and the grandkids, as well! He has been raised with the best of care, never been abused or neglected, and not started under saddle until he was three years old, and then he was trained the right way (with natural horsemanship methods). He moves off leg pressure and stops on command, instantly. He rides in bosal, bitless bridle, snaffle or shanks but I'd venture to say shanks are not needed. I ride him in a snaffle with shanks on double reins but never pick up the shank reins. Calypso is eager to get on the trailer, easy to unload as well, bathes, clips, a dream for the farrier, learning to yield front, hind, side pass, and he backs easily. This is a jewel of a horse, and he is much less expensive than a trip to the emergency room or a funeral -- we call this kind of horse "grandkid insurance". Click on his picture to go to his page and see more scoop! $6500







"Annie Oakley" -- Exotic gorgeous 15H 7-yr-old black and white Spotted Saddle Horse mare with stocky build, wide chest, nice rump, long neck with black and white striped mane, medicine hat, and her blue eye is outlined with black like mascara. This mare is superbly gaited BAREFOOT, nice four-beat saddle gait, pleasantly spirited and fun for advanced beginner and up. She is registered NSSHA only. $3500 Click on her picture to see more info and videos.



"Cash" -- Very, very gentle and people-oriented 5-yr-old 16H sorrel roan (beautiful red coat with silvery hairs sprinkled all over) with reddish/flaxen mane/tail, this Tennessee Walking Horse gelding is extremely talented -- the kind that best represents the breed with his all natural head-shaking true Tennessee striding walk, smooth as silk.  Nothing moves in the saddle as he covers ground with all forward motion, driving from the hind and pulling from the front, effortlessly, and has a nice, easy, athletic natural canter.  We have ridden and camped with him in Texas, Tennessee and Mississippi and he acclimates easily everywhere he goes, gets along great in the pasture or picket line with other horses.  He shows Pride of Midnight, Pride's Hallelujah, Ebony Masterpiece, Merry Go Boy on his papers.  This horse is easy to catch in the pasture and enjoys attention, loves to be groomed, bathed.  Click on his picture to see more info. $4500


Wonderful old bloodlines!

"Mariska" -- Sweetheart, gentle as a lamb 3-yr-old golden bronze buckskin Tennessee Walking Horse mare with thick black mane and tail, black-tipped ears, black muzzle, and long black stockings.  She was started under saddle after a solid round pen training program, ridden alone for awhile, then hauled on camping trips and trail rides.  She would make a great competitive ride prospect -- already trained to back nicely, forehand turn, pivot, side pass and started on obstacles. Sweet, sweet, gentle disposition, best of care and handled with love and top quality care her entire life.  Her sire goes back to old timey breeding (Delight's Jetstar and Montana Traveler) while her dam is Spotted Alen Again, Delight of Pride, Sun's Delight D. Owner has had her in training with us from the beginning, but has been confronted with drastic job changes and must sell. Click on her picture to see more info. $6500



Direct daughter of Spotted Alen Again!


"Hershey Girl" -- Gorgeous buckskin tobiano (certified by University of California, Davis to be buckskin) spotted Tennessee Walking Horse mare for sale.  She performs a true head-shaking Tennessee walk as well as a rack and a nice canter.  Hershey has one of the most beautiful heads you'll ever see on a horse -- really refined with big expressive eyes.  She is barefoot in all these pictures, and whether she stays barefoot or is keg shod or lite shod, she is a smooth walking machine!  She is a direct daughter of Spotted Alen again out of a direct daughter of Prides Generator -- excellent bloodlines.  Proven broodmare, her record speaks for itself and she has been doing that job for years, but pulled out of the pasture here and went straight back to work uneventfully.  BEWARE -- to ride her is to own her.  Sweet, people loving, easy to catch, dream horse.  Click on her picture to see more info, pictures and video.  $3950



Congratulations, Leah in Tennessee!




Click on Cameo's picture to go to her page to see new videos/pictures of her back-to-back camping trips from the weeks of 3/15/10 and 3/27/10.

(And she was in heat during the 3/27/10 trip but you can't tell it!)



"Cameo" -- Beautiful big, stout 9-yr-old 15.2H (official on the measuring stick) stocky dark gold palomino Tennessee Walking Horse mare with beautiful face . . . dark gold all year long with white mane and tail, strip down her face, stocky like old time Walking Horses, like her great grandpappy "Merry Go Boy".  Cameo has great bloodlines, boasting Triple Threat, Merry Go Boy, Rodger's Perfection, Mack K's Handshaker, and Bud England. 

Smooth racking gait with some nice speed, also, and as a bonus, she has a really nice, rolling, athletic canter which I affectionately called her "cowboy canter", and I find her to be a fun, fun ride because of this gait and forward motion.  Absolutely no laziness about her.  Great mother, has had three foals -- cremello stud colt, cremello filly, and golden palomino stud colt.  She's ready to go instantly when you ask, but will walk slow, also (after she's warmed up).  Because of this nature, we'd like to see her go to advance beginner or intermediate rider, and we do believe that she makes a good, safe confidence builder for anyone who is not just bottom level timid.  Click on her picture to see more info.  $3950


Congratulations, Sara in California!







"Roscoe" -- Handsome, lit-up stocky 10-yr-old gentle dappled buckskin single-footing gelding with thick mane/tail and long thick forelock, four white stockings topped off by four black stockings.  He has a blazed face, wide chest and big rump like a Quarter Horse, and his coloring is like nothing you have ever seen -- golden, bronze, dapples all set off by his black-ringed chrome.  He's barefoot and absolutely so smooth that his feet barely whisper as they move across the ground. 

This is as close to BOMBPROOF as you get (a term that you will rarely find me using) . . . excellent family horse that just makes you feel SAFE.  He doesn't care if the other horses on the trail get faster than he does.  Roscoe is registered with the Single-Footing Association and in addition to his soft, smooth gait that is almost unbelieveable, he performs a slow, athletic rocking canter.

Roscoe has been bred, born and raised in Texas and lived with the same family all of his life.  Horses like him do not come available on the market very often, but his owner (an elderly lady) passed away and her family has decided to find him a new home.

This horse is a babysitter.  Click on his picture to see more info.

Coming soon . . . not available for sale at this time

Roscoe, one day old!

If we didn't have his 'baby book' (click on his picture and scroll to bottom of his page), we'd suspect that he's part Labrador and part Teddy Bear, because he's so sweet, gentle, affectionate and cute.  Sometimes I imagine that I see him wag his tail! 








"Ginny" -- She's drop dead gorgeous!  Beautiful refined Arabian head yet a big, stocky body much like a Quarter Horse.  Nice wide chest, big rump, nice sloping shoulder, flaxen mane/tail, star, snip, beautiful pointed ears.  She's just a hair under 15H and performs a nice head-shaking Tennessee walk, an easy rack, and nice canter.  Her bloodlines are tops -- Pride's Dark Spirit on the top, and Generator/Masterpiece on the bottom.  Ginny is 12 years old and probably gentle for anyone to ride -- safe yet not boring.  Click on her picture to see more info.







Click on Gingersnap's picture to go to his page to see new videos of him camping trips from the weeks of 3/15/10 and 3/27/10.




"Gingersnap" -- Really smooth, true four-beat gaited 14.3H (we expect him to mature to 15H) 2-1/2 year old registered classic champagne Tennessee Walking Horse gelding for sale with unique, WOW coloring.  More athletic than most gaited horses, built round and beautiful like a Quarter Horse with nice, sturdy, big bone structure, beautiful face, striped mane and tail, trained barefoot but has been shod.  Nice, hard healthy hooves, sensible disposition.  He goes back to Paint's Moon Man on top, Pride of Midnight and A Command Performance on bottom.  Gingersnap is 3 years old and has been the beneficiary of a totally natural horsemanship education with a snaffle bit, which he will be able to wear his entire life.  (See the program outlined on his page.)  This cute 14.3H gelding has been started right and then already hauled to several camping trips and trail rides with other horses, ridden in the front, back and middle.  He pivots, forehand turns, side passes, canters on left and right leads on command, backs, loads, clips, bathes, feet are good and hard, healthy.  He has a snappy way of moving that is classy and smooth and his canter is absolutely a treasure.

Gingersnap is being pastured at night with other horses, including mares and foals, and cattle, is accustomed to dogs, turkeys, chickens, tractors, 4-wheelers (or quads, for those of you from the north!), heavy highway traffic including ambulances flying by and logging trucks, and he has been tied extensively on picket lines, hitching posts, trailers, etc.  This horse is young and already excellent, will actually get better as the years go by.  A horse for a lifetime.  $4950  Click on his picture at RIGHT for more information . . .

Congratulations, Brenda and your grandbabies!







Click on Lad's picture to go to his page to see new videos of his camping trip from the week of 3/27/10.

"Lad" -- Extremely nice, gentle, all-around family horse.  Really beautifully-marked 14.2H 5-yr-old sorrel/white tobiano Spotted Saddle Horse gelding with really smooth gaits, an incredibly smooth and athletic canter, and doing it all BAREFOOT!  He's had the 'official' barefoot trim for the last year and has been trail ridden, on many overnight or week-long camping trips, and a few parades along the way.  Lad has a gorgeous mane and tail and his color is just very striking.  He's so cute you want to pinch him on his cheeks!  He is not registered any way, but is eligible for spotted and/or racking registrations if his new owner desires.  Doesn't care if he rides at the front or the back.  To ride him is to own him!  Click on his picture to see more info and videos.  $3500




Congratulations, Pauletta!




"Cherokee Pride" -- Extremely classy, beautiful sorrel/white tobiano Tennessee Walking horse gelding (not registered TWHBEA), 6 years old and 15H with four long white stockings up past his knees all the way around, striped white mane and tail, blazed face.  Nice spirit for an advanced beginner and up -- no timid riders please, as he responds more quickly than a timid rider would be comfortable with.  Super nice, easy, slow, athletic canter, sure-footed in the mountains, doesn't care if the other horses go off and leave him -- happy in the front, middle or back of the ride.  Has been hauled all over trails in Connecticut, Pennsylvannia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Texas.  Click on his picture to see more info.  $3500

Congratulations to Lori in California!






Click on Sundae's picture to go to his page to see new videos of his camping trip from the week of 3/15/10.



BAREFOOT and solid smooth Cadillac!


"Strawberry Sundae" -- Handsome 15H strawberry roan 5-yr-old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with big blazed face, silvery/red mane and tail.  This horse has been ridden by the whole family and friends, hauled all over Connecticut around traffic and lots of dogs, noisy heavy equipment, and Kentucky trail riding.  Excellent bloodlines and as a bonus, he pulls a cart!!  Yes, is trained to drive, too.  Strawberry Sundae  is gentle and sweet, easy to catch in the pasture, probably gentle for anyone to ride.  This is a really good horse for a rider to build confidence on, and his gait is a smooth four-beat excellent, with a nice, natural, athletic little canter.  He performs both a head-shaking ear flopping true Tennessee Walk, as well as an exhilarating smooth rack with fun speed.  Then, then, then . . . the canter is to die for -- not really trained into him, but actually he was born with it.  All natural, slow, rocking chair canter and he'll do it for hours if you ask.  Alpha in the pasture, but not at the top -- others have kicked his butt!  Not a trouble maker, pastures fine with other geldings, broodmares, foals, cattle.  If you're looking for gentle but not lazy, automatic with no shoeing tricks or special buttons to have to push to get into perfect gait, all natural athletic ability with canter, a family horse that probably the whole family can ride, he's your guy.  Click on his picture to see more info.  $4500



Congratulations to Chris and June in Ohio!





"Jose" -- A direct son of the hottest stallion in the industry, "Jose Jose" and out of my favorite living World Grand Champion (because of all the natural moving progeny of his that I've ridden) "Gen's Armed and Dangerous" (who sold for $2.1M a few years ago).  Jose is barefoot and performing a beautiful four-beat head-shaking Tennessee Walk.  He is 4-1/2 years old, 15H, has been trail ridden in Texas and Tennessee, and probably gentle enough for anyone to ride -- pleasantly spirited, sensible, sane.  You are seeing him here in his winter coat and he is even darker and glossier in the spring.  Jose's color is a deep, rich liver chestnut and he will produce 100% golden palomino foals when crossed with cremello mares.  Jose is a perfect size at 15H -- not too short, easy to mount.  You can lead him with a halter -- no stud chain needed, and he stalls or trailers next to other stallions, mares and geldings quietly.  Click on his picture to see more info. 


Congratulations to Mark in Louisiana!















"Banjo" -- A fun horse to have around, nice personality, smooth gaited, really flashy with his coppery sorrel color contrasted by his blonde mane and tail.  He's probably gentle for anyone to ride.  The gorgeous 4-1/2 year old 15H Tennessee Walking Horse gelding has a cute personality, a nice, slow, easy canter, and a great four-beat gait.  He rides with dogs, through the cattle, over the bridge, over the logs, no issue with mud or water, and he lives right on a major highway so traffic is an everyday thing for him.  Stay tuned for more pictures from upcoming camping trips with him.  Click on his picture to see more info.  $4500


Congratulations to Gaye in California, who also bought Valentino!
















"Jazz Man" -- ALL-NATURAL KEG SHOD TRUE WALKING HORSE!  This is one of the nicest true walking gait Tennessee Walking Horses that I've ever met, and he is a true pleasure to ride, probably gentle enough for advanced beginners.  He's beautiful, jet black with flowing mane and tail, shakes his head with every stride, has a head full of sense and a very pleasant, people-loving personality.  He stands between 15H and 15.1H now, 4 years old and will probably mature to at least 15.2H, nicely built.  I have ridden him in the mountains in Tennessee, on the trails in Mississippi, and through the forest and lake in Texas -- he's one of my all-time favorites!  The first time out on the trail for this guy we got in a bind and used him to pull another horse out of a creek by dallying a rope to the saddle horn, then rode him double back to camp while ponying the other horse with him.  Very impressive fellow, he is!  He backs nicely, is learning his leads at the canter, he side passes, yields front and hindquarters, neck reins, yields to leg pressure, has a very cute, people-oriented personality, gets along well with other horses in the pasture/stall/trailer, loads easily/unloads easily, bathes, clips, shoes, rides with light hand and not heavy mouth or dead-sided, tolerates dogs, goats, turkeys, chickens, cattle, walks through water, steps over logs, lives on the side of a major busy highway and is accustomed to loud traffic . . . can you tell that I like him?  This is a beautiful, lifetime horse.  Click on his picture to go to his page for cute videos and more pictures.  $5500

Congratulations to Rune and his family, on this, their 3rd horse purchased from us!

Rune says, "Cool to think he and General are related...(Pride Generator).  Jazz has an impressive lineage...Think he is going to be a great pleasure to deal with...




"Jazz" (Reg. TWHBEA "Painted Lady Bum") -- GREAT family horse -- I've owned her for almost all of her life.  I bought her when she was 6 months old, sold her to a diva (hahahah how do you like that description, Joanne???) customer (just kidding -- Joanne is very easy to get along with, sweet, wonderful, takes excellent care of her horses -- just ask her husband Bill, who wishes he was a horse!  lol -- LOVE YOU JOANNE & BILL!!!) who fell in love with her when she was 9 months old, and they raised/spoiled her until she was 2-1/2 years old.  At that point, they brought her back to me to start her ground and saddle training, and one night we were sitting at a rodeo where my daughter was competing for rodeo queen, and they mentioned that they might sell her.  I didn't even ask the price -- I immediately told them to mark her "sold" and I bought her back. 

For the next couple of years, I finished her training and took her trail riding, camping and to parades, then turned her out for 5 years to just be a broodmare.  This past Easter, friends from Connecticut flew in to spend a few days riding with me, and I needed an extra horse, so I pulled Jazz in from the pasture and loaded her up.  After not being ridden for 5 years, she was perfect -- stood still to be mounted, stepped off in a wonderful smooth rack, crossed all creeks and logs, etc. 

I started breeding her in 2001 and she has had a foal every year, and in fact, should be in foal to my classic champagne stallion (Go Boy's Champagne Pride) for a 2009 foal (we pasture breed). 

Jazz is a large mare, 15.3H, with big bone structure, never colicked or had any health issues at all.  I said I would never sell her, but my kids have graduated and moved on and without their help, I am not raising as many babies any more.  She neck reins, backs, works off leg pressure, sidepasses, pivots, forehand turns, loads, bathes, clips, will wear shoes but has hard, healthy hooves and goes well barefoot.  Click on her picture to see more info.  $8500

Congratulations to Marilyn in Victoria, Texas!  She was really hard for me to let go of, but she has a wonderful new home with Marilyn.




Congratulations to Adera, who has renamed this beautiful guy "McDreamy" (for those of you who are 'Grey's Anatomy' fans).

Click here:  to see what Adera has to say about him!



"Pistolero" -- For sale again -- but beware!  His mane is extremely long and beautiful, and if it's not pampered at least every two days, it tangles.  His current owner cannot find the time to take care of it, and she hates to cut it off.  Current pictures coming out this week -- we are in Kentucky with him camping and riding at Big South Fork.

He's a classy, incredibly fun 14.3H dappled palomino Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with a full, long, thick mane, tail and forelock.  All these pictures reflect his winter colors -- he is shedding out slowly to be darker golden with big dapples on his rump (new pictures soon).  He comes from Prides Generator and Sun's Delight D bloodlines and is an energetic, incredibly willing pleasure to ride.  This nice horse is not for a beginner -- not because of any problem that he has, but because he responds quickly to his rider's cues.  When you say whoa, he stops immediately . . . when you pick up the reins, he steps off . . . when you rein him to the left, be sure you're in the saddle straight, because he will turn very, very nicely.  He responds to leg pressure and neck reins.  Pistolero performs a rack most of the time -- slow, regular, and speed.  Then, as a bonus, he has a great slow easy canter.  An advance beginner (confident) would have fun on him, and he is really suited well for intermediate and up.  Right now, he is my personal riding horse and I don't need a string of horses to ride the mountains -- he has the strength and the stamina to last all day with a completely willing heart.  We are now at the trails in Tennessee and Kentucky in Great South Fork in (10/3/09) if you'd like to come join us and meet him.  $5750


Congratulations, Mary in Washington State!


(We bred her to Go Boy's Champagne Pride on 7/15/09 in hopes of reproducing this kind of horse -- this gait is exactly what all gaited horse lovers are seeking.)  She was vet confirmed safe in foal on 11/25/09 for an estimated due date of 6/22/10.


"Cera" -- Exceptional 7-yr-old 15H stocky dark golden buckskin (no white!) with long thick mane/tail/forelock, high black stockings, true head-shaking Tennessee walking or will freeze up and rack with nice speed.  As a bonus, she canters athletically, easy and slow, sure-footed on the trails, and has rock-hard, iron black feet.  I know because I rode her barefoot on the rocky mountain trails and she didn't even chip a foot.  Since we rode so long, I did go ahead and put keg shoes on her, which she is wearing now.

Cera has an awesome glide ride, shaking her head and moving on out and she is fun to ride.  Because of her quick responses, I would rather she didn't go to a timid beginner rider.  Click on her picture for more pics and video.  $4950









"Target" -- FUN, FUN horse!  Dependable and one of my 'go to' horses, when I need a gentle guy for the beginners who show up.  As the saying goes, he's "built like a Mac truck!" . . . this handsome black and white spotted Tennessee Walking Horse is 6 years old, 15.2H (yes, we measured and it's official!) and his blocky build and large bone structure make him seem like a massive mini draft horse!  Target is gentle and has a really mellow nature, smooth gaits with a magnificent athletic, natural canter and he has been raised with the best of care, trained with natural horsemanship method.  He has spent the last few years carrying the kids on trail rides and Saturday night playdays.  He's not going to jump out from under you when you ask him to go, yet he will move off willingly.  He has four white legs, yet his hooves are hard as steel and in top shape from regular 6-week barefoot trims all of his life.  Target has a big wide chest and rump like a Quarter Horse, a nice sloping shoulder, sturdy legs, easy going disposition and would probably make a wonderful mounted patrol horse.  He flexes, backs, yields to leg pressure, neck reins, and currently in training to pivot and side pass.  He is registered SSHBEA only and is current on vaccinations, negative coggins, deworming and ready to go to his new home.  Click on his picture to see more info and his video.  $4750





Check out his new video of him moving cattle on 11/17/09.



Mellow fellow and easy for beginners to ride!

"Cash" -- A walking dream!  This 3-1/2-yr-old sorrel 15.1H Tennessee Walking Horse gelding glides along with a natural, lite shod true head-shaking Tennessee Walking gait like we're supposed to be breeding for!  His light reddish blonde mane and tail set him off, along with his big star between his eyes.  He's very gentle and sweet, and actually is a roan -- he sports white hairs lightly covering his coat.  He is Ebony Masterpiece and Pride's Hallelujah on the top, with Merry Go Boy on the bottom, and is probably suitable for advanced beginners and up.  He is currently in "college" and learning to neck rein, side pass, flex, etc. 

Very, very gentle and people-oriented -- Nothing moves in the saddle as he covers ground with all forward motion, driving from the hind and pulling from the front, effortlessly.  We have ridden and camped with him in Tennessee and Mississippi and he acclimates easily everywhere he goes, gets along great in the pasture or picket line with other horses.   This horse is easy to catch in the pasture and enjoys attention, loves to be groomed, bathed.  $3750  Click on his picture for more info.



















"Gypsy":   Fairy-tale beautiful 10-yr-old (the perfect age!!) bay Tennessee Walking Horse mare with fairy tale TAIL!  She's 15.2H tall, huge hindquarters with a crease down her back like a Quarter Horse, a big wide chest, solid, hard, healthy black hooves, goes barefoot on even the roughest trails, and she rides like a Cadillac, gentle for anyone to ride.  She raised two girls from pre-teen through teenage years and now they've moved on to college.  During this time, they showed her in pleasure classes, playdays, took her on trail rides, and did lots of Christmas parades with her.  She performs an exhilarating smooth rack when she's fresh, and after she's been under saddle and warmed up for awhile, she strides nicely and shakes her head, does the running walk.  Gypsy has been bred (7/13/09) to Go Boy's Champagne Pride and is vet confirmed safe in foal (on 11/25/09) for an estimated due date of 6/20/2010.  Click on either picture above to see more info.  $4500




"Valentino" -- Truly beautiful 50/50 black and white Spotted Mountain Horse 15H 4-yr-old gentle gelding with Pride of Midnight and Ultra Threat bloodlines.  This is an incredibly fun horse to ride, really versatile in his gaits.  He glides along as smooth as glass in a four-beat head-shaking walking gait, slips effortlessly into an easy, rocking chair canter, and then also has a thrilling fast rack which has potential for speed.  He can be a beginner-type mellow horse and then when asked, can be lots of fun for an experienced rider who wants a lot of heart in their horse.  Click on his picture to see more info.









"Minnie Mouse" -- Totally BAREFOOT and smooth!  4-yr-old nice, natural four-beat gaited 14.3H black sabino spotted Tennessee Walking Horse mare, triple registered (TWHBEA, SSHBEA, NSSHA) and she is the 2009 Country Pleasure Reserve World Grand Champion.  She performs a nice head-shaking Tennessee Walking when she's on the trail and relaxed, and with an easy cue, she moves up into a beautiful animated racking gait, all smooth as silk and thrilling to ride.  Her video (on her page) was taken exactly 30 days since the last time she was ridden, and she behaved as if she had been ridden everyday.  Minnie Mouse is a delight to ride and a flashy girl with her stockings, big blazed face, sabino splotches, long thick mane and tail flying in the wind, and her naturally arched neck, headset and overall presence.  She will most likely mature to 15H and will spread out quite a bit, developing nice big hindquarters and a nice chest.

Minnie Mouse is a direct daughter of Kodachrome (Pusher/Pride'sGenerator/Ebony Masterpiece) out of a Go Boy's Royal Heir and Mack K's Handshaker mare.  Unless we sell her first, we plan to breed her to our homozyous tobiano black and white stallion "War Eagle" when he comes of age.  Crosses between tobianos and sabinos usually produce really loud color patterns and the gaits on both horses are exceptional.  Click on her picture to see more info, including a recent video.  $4500











"Sir Charles" -- Extremely classy, all natural beauty . . . 15.2H of gold with white mane and tail, dished face like an Arabian, naturally beautiful arched neck, travels with ears forward . . . just a picture of aristocratic class!  He's a 6-yr-old palomino Tennessee Walking Horse with Big Yellow Chief, The Last Gold Chance, Prides Generator and Pride's Choice Cut in his background.

His gait is flowing and smooth, and his canter is right out of a fairy tale.  He rises and falls into it slowly and fluidly with mane flying and tail streaming behind.  Sir Charles has been trail ridden, responds nicely to leg pressure, learning to neck rein, side pass, pivot, forehand turn.

Click on Sir Charles' picture at left to go to his page and see his awesome video and more pictures.











"Coltrane" -- (named after the blues singer) -- he is a grandson of Jazz Man on top and out of a direct daughter of Sweepstakes, crossed with Pride's Ultra Threat.  He is 100 times more beautiful than these pictures can show, and he performs a true head-shaking, wonderful smooth striding Tennessee Walk.  He is glossy jet black with a long, naturally arched swan neck with a naturally wavy mane, and his pretty head is set off by a striking white strip down his face.  He is 4-1/2 years old and has been trail ridden in the mountains in Tennessee, on the trails in Mississippi and several trails through Texas.  At this time, I'd like to see him go to a horse savvy confident beginner and up -- no timid riders, please.  He does nothing dangerous at all -- just spunky and fun, and I think he'd be more responsive than a timid rider would be comfortable with.  I do believe that eventually, anyone will be able to ride him, and if you walk up to him, you will love his personality -- he loves people.  He is a chunk of coal, about to become a diamond!  $3950 until he's polished more!  Click on his picture and visit often for updates.





Congratulations to the fun Manley family in California!







"Joe Bob" -- Black 7-yr-old 15H Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with three white stockings and blazed face.  Gentle and easy to handle, about 15H, solid 4-beat gaits, easy canter, good on trails, fun to ride in the mountains as he picks his way around steep trails.  We camped with him in Kentucky at Big South Fork in October, 2009.  He is not registered but eligible for Racking if his new owners desire.  Click on his picture to see more info and video.  $2950


Congratulations to the fun Manley family in California!







"Hank" -- Really smooth, true four-beat gaited dark chocolatey black 5-yr-old 15H Rocky Mountain gelding with miles and miles of riding experience.  He's just a really fun, awesome smooth horse that advanced beginners and up will find thrilling and pleasureable to ride.  He has four hard, black healthy hooves that are like flint, because I just returned from riding him myself in the rocky trails of Big South Fork in Kentucky BAREFOOT and he held up GREAT.  Again, a magnificent gait, nice easy canter, will go anywhere, cross any obstacle.  This horse has been ridden by the whole family and friends, hauled and ridden around traffic and lots of dogs, noisy heavy equipment, and Kentucky trail riding.  This handsome horse is probably gentle enough for most anyone to ride, yet spirited enough for anyone to enjoy, also.  He is not registered but is eligible for racking registry and some mountain registries, if desired.  Has been hauled all over trails in Connecticut, Pennsylvannia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Texas.  Click on his picture to see more info and videos.  $3950





Congratulations to the fun Manley family in California!






"Thunder Mountain" -- This 9-yr-old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding is an unusual, beautiful color called 'mahogany bay'.  With his four white stockings, capped by black edges, long white tail with black streak waving through it, he is a very flashy fellow.  He is safe and experienced on the trails, probably most anyone would have fun riding him, but I recommend advanced beginners and up because he would be too responsive for a timid rider who wants to have to kick their horse 2 or 3 times before he finally moves forward.  This horse moves when you ask, stops when you ask, moves off of your leg when you ask -- he is eager to please and fun to ride.  He performs a racking gait and a nice canter as well.  We have ridden him on the steep trails at Normandy Lake in Tennessee, the nice, amateur trails at Stone River in Tennessee, and the beautiful shady trails at Natchez Trace in Mississippi.  Thunder Mountain is by a direct son of Spotted Alen Again, who was out of a direct daughter of Ebony's Mountain Man.  No shabby bloodlines for this big spotted boy!  Click on his picture to go to his page for more info.  $3950



Congratulations to the fun Manley family in California!





"Rain" -- Exceptionally tall, dark and handsome 16H liver chestnut 11-yr-old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with frosted blonde mane and tail, proud and elegant presence about him, smooth gaits with arched neck.  This horse has been ridden by the whole family and friends, hauled all over Connecticut around traffic and lots of dogs, noisy heavy equipment, and Kentucky trail riding.  This nice horse is probably gentle enough for most anyone to ride, yet spirited enough for anyone to enjoy, also.  Lots of miles, good trail horse, excellent health, four hard black hooves, current on vaccinations, all health work in order.  $3750


Congratulations to Bryan -- can't wait to see those little girls riding him, too!
















"Honey" -- Very pretty, sweet-natured, gentle exceptional 4-1/2 year old 14.1H - 14.2H Tennessee Walking Horse mare, not registered but could be registered with the spotted and/or racking registries, if desired.  She performs a beautiful natural four-beat smooth-as-silk gait, even barefoot, and slips effortlessly into the most wonderful, easy, athletic canter, very sure-footed in the mountains.  Honey doesn't care if all the other horses get ahead on the trail, which makes her a great horse for beginners to learn on, yet if you ask her, she gives you 100%, making her fun for anyone to ride.   This is what the industry should be breeding for.  Click on her picture to see more pics and video.  $2650




Bud rides Rhett on 9/15/09 at home in the pasture.


"Rhett Butler" -- Stunningly beautiful true blue roan 5-1/2 year old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding, built nice and round and wide like Quarter Horse, stands 15.2H, jet black stockings, long flowing black tail, thick black mane, black-tipped hears, dark face -- one of the most handsome blue roans you will ever meet in any breed!  Rhett performs a true head-shaking beautiful deep nodding Tennessee Walk and has four hard healthy black hooves, walking barefoot.  He will freeze up and rack if asked, even has a thrilling speed to his rack which could be developed more, but his walk is so fine that I spend most of my time there.  In addition, he performs a nice, athletic canter.  His head set is all natural, and right now, we are training him to neck rein, side pass, pivot, forehand turn, etc.  When he is polished, he will be for sale at $8500.  You'll be buying a well-trained, trail-seasoned athletic smooth all-natural gentle and willing pleasure mount with color like nobody else has.  In addition, he'll be extremely easy to ride, open gates with, cross over into showing if his new owner desires, pleasure classes as well as versatility.  (My favorite is the trail obstacle class, which is what I will be working hard on.)

I'd say he's going to San Antonio, Texas with his new owners, but Connie and Don travel the nation with their horses, even Alaska!!  What a great life Rhett will have.




"Gentleman Jim" -- Beautiful jet black extremely quiet, gentle and mellow Tennessee Walking Horse stallion that is probably more gentle than most old geldings!  Probably anyone would feel safe riding him, even though he's only 3-1/2 years old -- just a really quiet, nice guy.  His coat is soft like velvet and his mane/tail are really thick, wavy -- when he gets to be 5 or 6 years old, he will look like a Breyer model with that thick wavy mane and tail like a Fresian.  He has a nice bone structure, currently keg shod, will go barefoot nicely and that is the plan for him now that winter is here.  You'll probably never meet another stallion this quiet again, and his bloodlines are tops. 

Jim's sire is a direct son of Prides Generator, out of a direct daughter of Ebony Masterpiece, with Triple Threat as his paternal great grandsire.  His dam is a granddaughter of The Pusher out of a direct daughter of Go Boy's Caretaker (where he gets that magnificent gait, sane personality and beautiful conformation).  I've had Go Boy's Caretaker horses before and loved them and their natural gaits.

You cannot tell this horse is a stallion without looking underneath -- he picket lines next to mares and geldings without any problems, loads, stalls, and we will probably geld him soon, but he sure is a nice one for a family operation who wants to raise a colt or two.  Click on his picture to see more and a video.  $2750






"Tonka Toy" -- I love this name for this cute little 14.2h horse which is only 2-1/2 years old but extremely gentle and sweet.  Probably anyone would  feel safe on him, and we are definitely giving him an education as he starts to go on our camping trips with us.  He would be a great horse for a confident rider who wants to bring him along -- no buck or rear, he knows how to go forward, he turns (direct rein), he steps over logs, he crosses creeks, he even pushes cattle for us, but at his age, of course I deem him 'green'.  If his color, sweet, calm personality and size are something that you have been looking for, you should come meet him and ride him before you pass him by because of his age.  We'd be happy to put him on our 6-month training program if you want, and at the end of that, he'd be just about as seasoned as any 6 or 7-yr-old horse that you could find.  I hate to admit this, but he's so personable and friendly that it borders on annoying, and I have another little nickname for him -- "Lil Hemorrhoid", because he will actually leave the pasture and the other horses to come see what you're doing, follow you around and pester you.  But his registered name is my favorite:  "Love Motion #9".  (Now I'll bet you'll have that song in your head all day long, won't you?)  His pedigree is nothing but royalty -- Motown Magic/Pride's Gold Coin on top, and Gen's Armed & Dangerous/Gen's Major General on bottom.  Click on his picture to see more info.  $2500



Congratulations to Karen in New Hampshire!









"Reagan" -- Beautiful blue roan sabino 15.1H Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with gorgeous black eyes, long thick mane and tail, two hind stockings and a white spot on both front knees which make him really flashy when he's moving, lots of chrome!  He's a direct son of JFK and probably gentle for anyone to ride, feel safe on.  At this point, he direct reins (plow reins) but we will begin his neck reining training soon, teach him to flex, yield front and hind (forehand turn, pivot), open and close gates, etc.  He already backs beautifully, loads/unloads in trailer, bathes, clips, easy on the farrier, gets along great with other horses, doesn't mind the stall and does well in the pasture.  A nice family horse.  $3950  Click on his picture at left to go to his page for more pictures and video.






Reagan and Eli are headed to California in November!



"Eli" -- This is a fun, classy, beautiful ride!  He's a 3-1/2 year-old black Tennessee Walking Horse gelding that has the talent to stride up under himself in a way that would catch (and keep) a judge's attention in the show ring, yet it's smooth and efficient enough for the trail.  We rode him on our camping trip in Kentucky in May, where he learned to live on a picket line for two weeks.  He carries himself with class, a naturally arched neck and has a very willing nature.  He will cross any obstacle, has been ridden down the side of busy highways, hauled across the nation, and used to push cattle from one pasture to another.  He is Pusher/Generator on top, and Delight Bumin' Around/Sun's Delight D on bottom -- a royal background, for sure!  This is a forward motion type horse that is thrilling to ride and I'd love to see him go to an intermediate rider or at the very least, advanced beginner with confidence.  He's a sweet guy, loves people but a little too much motor for a timid rider.  Eli is about 15H and might grow another inch, but I don't expect much more than that; however, I do expect him to spread wider and have a nice chest and big round rump.  Click on his picture to see more info.   $4950





LEFT:  "Chance" -- Big boned handsome 15.1H stocky palomino Tennessee Walking Horse 4-yr-old gelding probably easy for anyone to ride, extremely gentle and mellow, laid back.  Nice easy natural athletic canter.



Chance makes his home in Washington State










"Sunbeam" -- This is a beautiful, gentle, extremely mellow people-loving Tennessee Walking Horse gelding that would probably make anyone who wants to sit in a saddle feel safe.  His mane and tail are incredibly thick, seem to be growing rapidly longer and longer, and I'm thinking that by the time he is 5 years old, his beautiful mane will be past his shoulder.  He has a big blazed face, two hind stockings that make him look like he could have been Roy Rogers' Trigger's son.  He's dog gentle, easy to catch in a big pasture, hard to get rid of, in fact!  Sunbeam will rack and walk, but his easy, rolling, athletic canter is really remarkable -- all natural and so pleasurable to sit.  He has already been camping, ridden in the lake, through the pond, beside the highway, with the dogs, through the cows . . . he's young, but he has been hauled around and becoming more and more educated and seasoned as the weeks go by.  $4500

Click on his picture to see more info and videos.






Congratulations to Kathy, who has a half brother in training with us!









LEFT:  Cotton-Eyed Joe -- beautiful 3-1/2 year old 15H Spotted Saddle Horse gelding with that hard-to-find gorgeous tri-color (bay tobiano), striking unusual markings.  Registered NSSHA only.

Congratulations to Becky, the artist!










"Mountain" -- Stunningly beautiful 16.1H 7-yr-old black and white Tennessee Walking Horse gelding (registered SSHBEA, not TWHBEA) with perfect conformation, nice straight legs, perfectly matched stockings, long, streaming mane and tail, naturally arched neck.

Cindy bought Mountain when he was three years old and he has continued to mature and fill out and now stands at 16.1H, while Cindy is only 5'3".  She has a much shorter horse that she finds herself riding more often, so she wants to find Mountain a GREAT home. 

Mountain has been ridden through a suburban neighborhood for the past four years, hauled on camping trips to the lake and the forests, ridden through traffic, in many parades, and has been trained with natural horsemanship methods (Clinton Anderson's teachings).  He will park out on command, back, yield front and hind, side pass, canter on correct leads, perform an all-natural TRUE head-shaking Tennessee Walk or a floating rack -- a nice, nice trained horse with lots of size and big bone structure, beautiful conformation.  Click on his picture at left to go to his page to see more pictures and video.  $7000







Congratulations to Diana!










"Charlie Brown" -- Extremely gentle and quiet 15H chestnut/chocolate Rocky Mountain (not registered) 5-yr-old trail gelding with mixed flaxen mane/tail, smoky dark stockings.  This nice gelding carried Bonnie all through the rugged trails in the Daniel Boone Forest and Big South Fork in Kentucky in early May.  She hadn't ridden horses since she was a child, has a bad knee and didn't think she could ride again, but I think her smile tells the story!  Charlie was very sure-footed on even the most steep and rocky trails, he crossed all creeks and rivers without hesitation, and didn't mind staying way behind the ride when Bonnie chose not to keep up with the fast riders.  He also behaved like a gentleman when she dismounted from time to time and then remounted.  Click on his picture to see more pics and video.  $3950





Congratulations, Amy, and good luck on your trail competition!







"Mingo" -- Really gentle, exceptionally smooth-gaited 3-1/2 year old black and white 15.1H sweetheart Spotted Saddle Horse gelding (registered NSSHA only) with an incredibly smooth four-beat gliding gait completely barefoot, nice easy canter.  We have used him some of the winter and this spring on camping trips, trail rides and he will go anywhere, will lead the group and will quietly follow in the back without fretting about being behind.  He carries saddlebags, ponies from another horse, ponies behind a 4-wheeler, stands tied for hours, has his entire life ahead of him.  This young gelding would probably be a good family horse and confidence builder.  Click on his picture to see more pics and video.  $3950





Congratulations to Scott (and I suspect, his granddaughter, Jordan)!







Making his daddy proud!


"Danny" -- you may remember him when he was posted on our weanling page and now he is 4 years old, under saddle and gaiting beautifully.  He is sired by our stallion "Go Boy's Champagne Pride" and out of a big, beautiful direct daughter of the 1994 World Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horse "Gen's Armed & Dangerous.  This beautiful 15.3H classic champagne/white spotted gelding has a beautiful long neck, nice masculine jaw, long thick mane, long, thick, silky white tail with a black stripe in it that flows out behind him, four long white stockings and a head full of sense!  He shakes his head and walks, will speed up and rack, and has a natural, easy athletic canter.

Eventually, Danny will be for sale, but right now we are going to enjoy camping him and loaning him to timid riders.  In these pictures, he is on an extending camping trip in Kentucky -- click on his picture to go to his page and check back from time to time to see his progress.






Congratulations to Gerry, and hey -- congratulations to Danny, too, for he is now living in Steamboat Springs, Colorado!








"Shiloh" -- Beautiful classy tri-color Tennessee Walking horse gelding with black tail that has a white stripe in it, and black and white mane.  This classy horse has a lot of presence and holds himself naturally arched and collected.  His gait is magnificent, an all-forward motion 4-beat headshaking walk, and then a floating-type smooth rack.  He really covers a lot of ground with his unusually large back end, atypical of most Spotted Saddle Horses.  No pace, no trot -- just incredible animated smooth gait!  Neck reins, side passes, pivots, forehand turns, will cross any obstacle, doesn't mind cattle, dogs, traffic, does not need spurs, will lead or follow -- nice horse!  This horse has been my personal riding horse for the past year, but now that he's so 'automatic' and doesn't present much of a challenge for me, I must move him on.  I am always busy training other horses and my 'personal' riding horse usually gets tossed out to pasture for months at a time.  This has been the case with Shiloh, and each time I bring him back to the riding string (after 3 months of not being touched), he picks up right where he left off.  He stays broke, and his gait is just a really classy pleasure to ride -- feels aristocratic and proud, like he ought to be in a parade, with his floating forward motion.  $4750








On an extremely rocky trail in Tennessee on 2/08/09.  What an incredible mane and tail on this horse!


"Pistolero" -- He's a classy, incredibly fun 14.3H 6-yr-old dappled palomino Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with a full, long, thick mane, tail and forelock.  All these pictures reflect his winter colors -- he is shedding out slowly to be darker golden with big dapples on his rump (new pictures soon).  He comes from Prides Generator and Sun's Delight D bloodlines and is an energetic, incredibly willing pleasure to ride.  This nice horse is not for a beginner -- not because of any problem that he has, but because he responds quickly to his rider's cues.  When you say whoa, he stops immediately . . . when you pick up the reins, he steps off . . . when you rein him to the left, be sure you're in the saddle straight, because he will turn very, very nicely.  He responds to leg pressure and neck reins.  Pistolero performs a rack most of the time -- slow, regular, and speed.  Then, as a bonus, he has a great slow easy canter.  An advance beginner (confident) would have fun on him, and he is really suited well for intermediate and up.  Right now, he is my personal riding horse and I don't need a string of horses to ride the mountains -- he has the strength and the stamina to last all day with a completely willing heart.  We will be headed to the trails in Tennessee and Kentucky in Great South Fork in April if he is not sold by then. 

Another good choice by Lynn in Connecticut!








"Patty Cake" -- Really pretty, sweet-natured gentle 8-yr-old 14.2H black and white tobiano spotted Tennessee Walking Horse mare by a direct son of Rock A Billy Bob and out of a Ebony's Mountain Man mare.  She is really sweet and gentle, smooth, currently lite shod.  Click on her picture at right to see more info and video.  $2950









Now taking care of two beautiful little Texas girls, whose mother was raised in the KY town that I trail ride in -- what a small world!






"Motown" -- REALLY great family-type horse!  This 8-yr-old registered Tennessee Walking Horse gelding looks rather ordinary just standing in a stall, but once under saddle, he transforms into a regal, classy moving horse who sits up in the bridle, naturally arches his neck, holds his tail up and moves beautifully.  He looks like he ought to be in the dressage arena!  Motown gets his name from his famous World Champion sire "Motown Magic", and his dam is Midnight Mack K/Sir Winston bloodlines.  This gentle, fun gelding has been used for many trail rides and parades with riders from small kids to adults, and he has had guns shot around him.  He is not a dead head and there is nothing lazy about him -- he would probably make most riders feel safe and give them a good time.  Horses with his experience usually don't come up for sale, but his owner simply wanted a buckskin instead of a black.  Click on his picture to go to his page to see more pictures and video.  $2950






Congratulations to McKenzie!















Click on arrow ABOVE RIGHT to see Chisel's fantastic slow canter.


Possibly the smoothest horse you will ever ride, and doing it all BAREFOOT!

"Chisel" -- True head-shaking four-beat all-natural barefoot Tennessee Walk!    Gentle Tennessee Walking Horse 16H 5-yr-old gelding has one of the smoothest gaits that I've ever sat on -- he feels as if you are floating while he is gaiting along, and his canter is just an air ride -- incredible!  Chisel is a gentle giant -- the kind you can probably put the whole family on and never see a hair on their heads move.  He is sired by The Stonecutter (Pusher/Pride's Royal Master) and out of a Prides John Grey/Threat's Supreme mare.  This is one nice, nice big dappled grey horse with good, sensible head.  He has hooves of steel -- will hold a shoe forever, but we're riding him barefoot and he's all natural -- gaiting like a dream with no shoes!  Click on picture above to see more pictures, videos and info.  $3950


Headed to Florida!








"Jinglebob" -- Gentle, gentle, gentle for anyone to ride -- a real confidence builder and smooth as silk with a wonderful, easy, athletic slow lope as a bonus.  This 14.2H beautiful spotted bay tobiano gelding is so easy-going that the whole family can enjoy him -- he's built stout with a nice creased rump, good wide chest, and he can easily carry a large man or a small child.  Jinglebob is the kind of horse that everyone is looking for -- easy to catch in the pasture, loads last on the trailer and sets everyone else in the right position, calm, loves attention, affectionate . . . kind eyes, beautiful glossy bay color and the white spot in his mane looks like a flag when he's moving -- very flashy.  He is not registered TWHBEA but he is registerd with the National Spotted Saddle Horse Association.  This is the horse you throw out to pasture all winter, then bring up and loan him to your customers or visiting family who never ride.  He is very tolerant and doesn't mind being at the back or the front of the ride.    $4500






Congratulations to Sharon and friends in Utah!







"Sweet Tater" -- 3-yr-old 15H Rose Grey with Black Points Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding in training.


Click on his picture to see his progress.







Congratulations, Betty, who fell in love with him, but won't take him home until he gets his 'diploma'!







"L.J." -- In May, LJ will be 8 years old and he stands about 15H -- maybe a hair under, but definitely not over.  This black Tennessee Walking Horse gelding carries himself like the royalty that he is -- naturally arched neck, high tail carriage, and the lift on his front end (with lite performance shoes -- not heavy stuff!) is very showy.  While doing all this quite naturally, he just floats down the trail like you are slipping along on glass. 

A direct son of "A Jazz Man" and out of a direct daughter of "The Pushover" (which was out of a direct daughter of "Ebony Masterpiece"), this gelding is showing 7 World Grand Champions on his papers.  He is fun on the trail, and would cause a judge to stare in the show ring.

Grandpa Jim has owned Tennessee Walking Horses for years -- they are very much a part of his family history.  He is selling LJ because this gelding has a little too much motor for his grandson.  LJ will be fun for anyone wanting a thrilling, lively ride.  Those looking for a dead head or lazy/mellow horse should pass him by.  This is the kind of horse that I personally love to ride -- sensible and sane but loves to go and incredibly smooth.  Click on his picture for more info.  $3750



Congratulations, Geri in Virginia, who, with her friend Pat (who bought my beloved "Dakota" pictured below on this page) were REAL troopers and flew over to ride in the cold rain!






Smooth and Fun -- Easy for probably anyone to ride!


"Sienna" -- Classy, beautiful 15.3H coppery, golden sorrel with white mane and tail.  Looks like he ought to be in Hollywood.  Sienna is as gentle and sweet as he is beautiful.  Probably anyone can ride him and feel comfortable.  He has been on many trail rides, including the Shawnee National Forest, along highways, and steep, rocky trails on Tennessee mountains.  He is young, but has the mind and training of an older horse -- he neck reins, side passes, backs, parks out, stands still when mounting/dismounting, he's easy to catch, loveable and affectionate, clips easily, bathes easily, loads easily, gets along well with other horses in the pasture or trailer, and best of all -- he's ALL NATURAL!  Currently wearing keg shoes, but can go barefoot, too.  Click on his picture to see more.  $5500




Congratulations, Kari!  If you get to working too many hours and don't have time to ride him, he's got a whole fan club waiting on him!









Coming soon:



Simply stunning.


Click on his picture for more info.








Congratulations, Everett, Lisa, Trey and Buck!




Congratulations to Ron and Donna in Louisiana for buying this really well-trained, fine jewel of a mare!


"Ginger" -- Well, these pictures don't really do her justice -- this is a beautiful sharp and classy mare with big blaze down her face and contrasting blonde/mixed mane and tail.  She is BAREFOOT, walking on four solid hard healthy hooves and really doesn't need shoes for most riding situations.  Ginger has been trail ridden, used in parades and shown in pleasure classes, never abused, never padded and always had the best of care her entire life.  She was bred, born and raised in Texas with the same family, and the only reason she is for sale is that her young owners are leaving for college.  Ginger basically raised her 'girls', and is now looking for a new good home.

I brought Ginger's beautiful sire to Houston several years ago and while here, he sired some beautiful, intelligent and willing foals.  He was a direct son of Pride's Boss Man BH (Pride of Midnight) and his dam was an Ebony Masterpiece granddaughter.  Ginger's dam goes back to Battle Colors and Prides Fashion, and all that Pride blood is what makes her so refined and beautiful.

Her gait is automatic -- anyone who can sit in the saddle can experience the glide ride on her.  There are no tricks, no aids needed, no shoeing, no special hoof instructions -- just all natural soft, whisper gait (you can hardly feel her feet touch the ground).  She is extremely fun to ride because she's all forward motion -- this is not a mellow or lazy horse.  This Tennessee Walking Horse mare has a very willing spirit and is accustomed to lots of brushing, loving and going.  Click on her picture to see more info and video.  $3950







New Video









"Daisy" -- Big boned, stocky (with wide chest) 8-yr-old Tennessee Walking Horse mare probably gentle for anyone in the nation to ride.  A real confidence builder, as well as an excellent mother to her foals.

She is Personal Power, Sun's Delight D and Go Boy's Shadow on her sire's side, and her dame is Pride of Midnight and Ebony Masterpiece -- a beautiful package with excellent credentials, wouldn't you say? 

The best part:  Daisy, the Sweetheart, is BAREFOOT (hard, healthy perfect hooves) and performing a beautiful head-shaking true Tennessee Walk.  As of 12/24/08, she is camping in the Angelina Forest and we'll be posting more pictures and video soon.  No worries about issues with this mare -- she is not hormonal and doesn't misbehave when she is in season, she's mellow and moves slowly, but will speed up if you ask her, and beginners find themselves feeling safe on her.  Click on her picture to see more info.  $4500

January 5, 2009:  This morning, Ms. Daisy finished breakfast and I walked her past my front yard to the hitching posts to tie her out so that I could clean stalls.
I stopped off at the house to grab a pair of gloves, and since the lead rope I was using was 15' long, I strung it out so that I had plenty of line to leave Daisy at the steps while I jumped up on the porch and got my gloves and hat.

I opened the door, reached inside to grab my gloves off the bar, and just then heard a big CLOPPITY-CLUNK, and when I turned back around, I was eye to eye with You-Know-Who!

She had calmly walked up the steps, followed me onto the porch and was "reading" my sign by the entry ("Unless you're George Strait or God, wipe your feet").  I had to close the door quickly, because she actually thought she was going to come inside with me. 

I bet she'd have been happy to park on the sofa with a bag of popcorn, a coke and watch Flicka or Mr. Ed, or even Oprah! 

She's a big ol' hemorrhoid, but you almost can't help but love her!


Congratulations, Ron and Donna in Louisiana! 







"Steel Magnolia" -- Born 7-20-2003 by "Pumpin' Iron",  (a direct son of Iron Works (Ebony Masterpiece and Delight Bumin' Around and out of a Hytone's Delight mare), and her dam is a direct daughter of the beautiful Eb's Super Mac.  This mare is 5-1/2 years old with a beautiful unusual color and pattern to her -- she is grey and white spotted with dapples in the grey area, a long silver mane and a long white tail, set off by four white stockings.  She is probably gentle for anyone to ride, a confidence builder, and she's built stocky with a nice wide chest and big hindquarters.  This pretty Spotted Saddle Horse mare is registered SSHBEA only, and she stands about 15H with a 4-beat gait that is as smooth as glass.  Click on her picture to see more pics and video.  $3500




Congratulations, Brandi!





"Frisco" -- This beautiful palomino Tennessee Walking Horse gelding shows the best of his bloodlines -- he gets his great conformation and gait from the World Grand Champion "Merry Go Boy", and his beauty from the 4-time World Champion "Pride of Midnight H.F.".  He stands about 15.1H and has a pretty blaze, as well as gorgeous dapples.  His mane is thick and waves like a flag while you're riding him, and his tail is long and blonde. 

Frisco's personality is sweet and loveable, and he's gentle enough for anyone to ride.  His gait is just as smooth as a gaited horse can be, performing a good head-shaking walk, as well as an exhilarating, flowing rack.  In addition, he can canter slowly, easily, as slow as your neighbor's horse flat walks!  He doesn't mind riding at the back of the ride.  Frisco backs, sidepasses, flexes, loads, clips, bathes, no problem with his nice, healthy, hard hooves.  He is currently being camped and trail ridden in the forest, neighborhoods and along busy highways, with dogs, around cattle, etc.  Click on his picture to see more info.  $4500




Congratulations to the Christians and their precious granddaughter!





Button will be on a camping trip in the Sam Houston National Forest from Thanksgiving Day through Sunday.  Call us if you'd like to come join us there!

(Horse at far right:)  Susan rides Button on the trails at Lake Houston on 12/6/08.


Impossibly cute 14H Spotted Saddle Horse gelding with extremely smooth gaits and easy, slow, athletic rocking chair canter.  He has been ridden in traffic and local rodeo parades, camped out on several multi-day trail rides.  He is only 3-1/2 years old, but has the mind and attitude of a seasoned 8-yr-old pleasure horse, and we expect him to mature to the height everyone wants -- 14.2 or 14.3H.   Button rides calmly down the side of busy highways alongside screaming ambulances, 18-wheelers and other traffic.  This beautiful little Tennessee Walker was born to TWHBEA-registered parents but never registered himself, so he is eligible for NSSHA and RHBAA registration if his new owners desire.  I rode his sire myself before selling him to an appreciative buyer in Canada.

Backs, side passes, pivots, forehand turns, arches his neck proudly like a stallion while he travels, and he performs a beautiful rack, head-shaking walk, and the softest, easiest athletic slow canter you've ever ridden.  His mane is growing at an astonishing rate and I believe it will be down to the point of his shoulder in the next year, and if flies up softly when he is gaiting and when he is cantering.  You can ask him to travel slowly in a relaxing, quiet pleasure gait, or you can put him in a parade and squeeze him up into a high-stepping rack that will steal the show, and no heavy shoes or other aids are needed -- he's all natural!  Button is gentle and very affectionate with people, gets along well in the pasture with other horses, loads easily in the trailer, loves his baths and loves to be groomed, stands quietly for the farrier.  $3500

Button bows, lies down, and takes a nap with you!  (Click on either picture to take you to his page.)

Stay tuned for upcoming pictures from our camping trip at Thanksgiving for a few days in the Sam Houston National Forest.

Congratulations, Susan!




NOTICE:  As of 10/3/08, we are trail riding in Tennessee for a few days with Eddie, Lijah, Jazz, and Frankie.


"Eddie" -- This horse is just spectacular Classy black and white spotted 16H 8-yr-old Tennessee Walking horse gelding with tons of presence. 

Eddie is extremely well-trained, extremely smooth gaited and a thrilling pleasure to ride.  He floats along in his gait, then effortlessly slips into an easy, comfortable canter, and as a bonus, he neck reins like a dream and has been on many camping trips in the Smoky Mountains. 

Eddie is not registered TWHBEA, but comes from world championship bloodlines such as Sun's Delight D, Ebony Masterpiece, Midnight Sun, Merry Go Boy.  He is registered SSHBEA (Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors' Association), born 4/28/00.  There is no place that he won't go, he loads, bathes, clips, shoes easily.  Click on his picture to see more info.  $8500






Congratulations, Frank and family in Tennessee!



"Lijah" -- A wonderful gentle, smooth family horse big enough for the guys (16.1H) but gentle enough for the kids, too!  This beautiful black and white spotted Tennessee Walking Horse gelding is the perfect age (12 years old -- born 10/3/96) and probably anyone would feel comfortable and safe riding him.  He is mellow when you want him to be, and gives you a fun, spirited ride when you ask for it, without the burden of having to use spurs or a whip.  In addition to his showy, floating, prancing type rack, he slips easily into a really nice athletic 3-beat canter, as well.  When he approaches you from the front, his chest is wide (unlike most Tennessee Walking Horses) and his front white stockings are perfectly matched, so the contrast of jet black chest and white stockings is really flashy.  He picks his feet up nicely and arches his neck, so he commands a lot of attention with his showy presence.

Lijah is triple registered (TWHBEA, NSSHA, SSBHEA) and is lite shod.  His negative coggins is dated 4/29/08 and on that day, he received his West Nile, VEWT and Rabies vaccinations.  He has had nothing but the best of care his entire life, and his beautiful shiny coat and hard, healthy hooves reflect his excellent care.  This sweet-natured, gentle gelding has been pampered all of his life and loves attention -- in fact, he expects it!

Horses like this don't usually come up for sale -- unfortunate circumstances make it necessary to find him a new family to take care of (decline of the owner's parents' health, leaving no time for horses).  More pictures and information soon.  $6500

Congratulations, Frank and family in Tennessee!





"Heidi" -- Beautiful, stocky 15.1H jet black Tennessee Walking Horse mare with two flashy hind socks and big beautiful star between her eyes.  This is a sweet horse that probably anyone could ride, would be a great confidence builder.  I am honored to be selling her for her "human mom" who obviously loves her horses and takes excellent care of them.  (Click HERE to see her stable mate "Norma Jean", also for sale.)  She was raised by a lady who has had her all of her life and only had the best of care and gentle handling, so consequently, she trusts people.  Heidi has been trail ridden and on overnight camping trips.

Heidi is a direct daughter of the beautiful "Personal Power" (goes back to Merry Go Boy and built a lot like him), and out of a Sun's Delight D/Ebony Masterpiece mare.  She is 6 years old and gaits beautifully.  We are camping with her, teaching her to sidepass, pivot, and she is doing it all on good, solid, hard black hooves BAREFOOT!  This is a great affectionate, loving family type horse who deserves a great home.  Click on her picture to see more info.  $3500


Thanks, Frank & family in Tennessee!





"Norma Jean" -- This is one NICE riding horse!  She is about 15H tall, stocky built with a wide chest, nice big hindquarters, pretty neck and head, long blonde mane and tail and her forelock is almost down to her nose.  She is dappled all over, but in all of these pictures, she is bleached out from being in the sun -- next Spring when she sheds out, if kept out of the sun (I stall my horses for a few hours during the day time and they run free on a pasture at night), her color will be darker and you can see hundreds of dapples all over her body.  She is registered United Racking Horse Owners and Exhibitors Association, but not TWHBEA.

Norma Jean is 7 years old (the perfect age!) and probably anyone would feel comfortable riding her.  She is not a dead head, moves out with all forward motion in a smooth, wonderful head-shaking, ear-flopping true Tennessee walk, or she will flow like a river of glass and rack on smoothly, and then there's that wonderful, slow, athletic rocking canter she performs and she's doing it all on good, solid, healthy, hard BAREFOOT hooves!  She has been owned for the last 3 years by the same nice, kind lady who takes excellent care of her animals, and her stable mate "Heidi" is also for sale.  She has been trail ridden (overnight) quite a bit and been a "star" in several parades.  We are camping her and teaching her to sidepass, pivot, push cattle until she is sold.  $3500

 Click on her picture to see more info.  $3500

Thanks, Frank & family in Tennessee!







"Walker" -- Dappled grey 15H 5-yr-old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding, probably gentle for anyone to ride and a great confidence builder.  He comes from great bloodlines -- his sire is Delight's Golden Ruler (Old Glory's Golden Boy) and his dam is a direct daughter of the 1985 WGC "Delight of Pride" and his dam is a direct daughter of Silver Design (Prides Generator and Mark of Carbon) out of a direct daughter of The Pushover/Triple Threat.  His gaits are very, very smooth -- a floating type rack, as well as a good head shaking walk when he's good and warmed up, with an easy canter on the trails.  He is gaiting naturally smooth barefoot, with healthy, hard hooves which have been put to good use on the dusty trails of Texas as well as the mountain trails in Colorado and Utah.  Walker neck reins and moves off of leg pressure, backs smoothly, loads, clips, bathes -- a very good horse for a family situation.  Video soon.  Click on his picture to see more info.  $3950



Congratulations to the Carroll family!






Big, Beautiful Grey Gelding with Long, Silky Mane/Tail.  He's probably 15.1H and will mature to 15.2H, my best educated guess.

Gentle and sweet, calm.

3-1/2 years old, rides gentle, extremely sweet-natured with a people-loving personality.


We have camped with him, taken him to the Gulf of Mexico, made a parade with him, and used him to push cattle around.

His mane and tail are thick and long, and I expect that in a couple more years, his mane will hang past his shoulder -- he will be fairy-tale beautiful. 

Probably anyone can ride him and we are working on polishing him -- teaching him to neck rein, move off leg pressure, and right now, his price is very affordable for a lifetime equine buddy.

Coin's Hard Cash, Prides Gold Coin, Pride of Midnight, Prides Generator, Mark of Carbon, Delight Bumin' Around.

Click on his picture to go to his page for more info.  $2850

Congratulations, Cynthia in Danbury, TX!
















"Cruiser" -- Beautiful 15H or 15.1H classy sorrel Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with commanding presence about him -- naturally arched neck, proud presence, 4-beat gait, whether he's doing a true head-shaking, ear-flopping Tennessee Walk or a perfectly-timed smooth and thrilling rack, and then there's that incredible carousel canter he does with his blonde mane flying, and it's all done barefoot!  He neck reins like he's reading your mind, backs, flexes, loads, bathes, clips, ponies other horses and pulls logs or whatever you have for him to pull.  Cruiser can be ridden by advanced beginners, but is best suited for intermediate riders because of his quick response and intense willingness to do his job.  He will lead or follow and cross anything, anywhere, anytime.  He hauls saddle bags, tolerates dogs, 4-wheelers, an experienced trail horse.  This is one beautiful creature.  He is dark chestnut with blonde mane and tail in the winter months, and in the summer, he turns a beautiful coppery red color (pictures soon).  Click on his picture to see more info.  $5000



Congratulations to Pippin!  (And don't forget that if you get tired of him, Cindy wants him!)





Riding down along side a busy highway on 7/10/08.



"Jubilee" -- 14-yr-old black 14.3H Tennessee Walking Horse gelding from World Champion bloodlines (sired by a direct son of Pride's Jubilee Star, whose dam was a granddaughter of Sun's Delight D, and Jubilee's dam is a direct daughter of The Super Stock).  This gelding is quiet and sweet-natured, easy to catch in the pasture, probably gentle for anyone to ride, even after being put out to pasture for awhile.  He is a nice horse to have around for family and probably a good one to develop a rider's confidence level.  Smooth, smooth gaits -- true head-shaking walk on good hard hooves, and he is doing it all barefoot!  Click on his picture to go to his page.  $2850


Congratulations to the Carroll family!




"Dakota" -- My wonderful mountain riding horse!  Gorgeous black and white Spotted Saddle Horse 9-yr-old gelding, athletic with big bone structure, stout and smooth gaited, spirited and fun to ride. 

Stop here if you are not an experienced horse person -- this is a magnificent horse, but not for the weak hearted or timid!  The only way I would sell this horse to a beginner rider is if the buyer would have a natural horsemanship trainer assisting -- I love this horse dearly and would like to find him a good match for his new home.  I am finding that I don't have time to ride him with the other colts and horses I am training.

Dakota will cross any obstacle anywhere -- point him where you want to go.  He has high stamina and recovers well -- I used him to last year to cut my runaway bull out of the neighbor's herd of Angus heifers, and I had no help -- just me and Dakota.  It took us a full 30 minutes of gaiting, rollbacks, cantering, heading the bull off, but we finally got the bull cut out and pushed through the fence, back on his own pasture, and Dakota was athletic enough to get the job done.  If you ask him to jump up on a stump or a porch, he will hop up there. 

Dakota's color pattern is just about 50/50 black and white, and he parks out with perfection, actually standing up on his tip toes on his hind legs like they're supposed to.  He yields front and back, pivots, performs rollbacks, neck reins, backs, rears slightly on command, bathes, loads, shoes, clips -- a very willing horse who gives 110%, all heart, but he is so sensitive that he must go to a horse person with a gentle hand and quiet voice.  I have ridden him in parades, trail rides, lakes, the ocean, hauled him extensively and enjoyed his slow gaits, fast rack, canter and gallop.  He is just a joy to ride for an experienced rider, but way too sensitive for a beginner, although I did put a timid rider on him after a week of mountain riding. 

Dakota is registered SSHBEA and not TWHBEA.   

Click on picture at LEFT to go to his page, and stay tuned for pics and stories of our adventures together.


Congratulations, Pat in McKinney, TX -- What a great home for my special guy!!!
















"Star" -- This is really a beautiful, big-boned stout mare, probably gentle enough for anyone to ride but the spirit to please an experienced rider, also.  She is 15.2H exactly on the measuring stick with long neck, nice big hindquarters, big healthy hooves which have been put to good use on the dusty trails of Texas as well as the mountain trails in Colorado and Utah.  Star is a 7-yr-old mare (born 4/28/01) and has been hauled a lot, camped and trail ridden but she has the class and quality to be shown, also.  She is registered SSHBEA only and has top Tennessee Walking Horse bloodlines, tracing back to Ebony Masterpiece, The Super Stock and Paint The Town.  Star is wearing lite shoes and picks her front feet up high, naturally when asked to rack.  She will walk slow like a Quarter Horse on a loose rein, rack slow and soft, rack fast and as a bonus, has a really nice, sweet canter.  She backs, neck reins, moves off leg pressure, and is being taught to sidepass.  Loves to be bathed (especially in the summer), stands for the electric clippers, behaves perfectly for the farrier.  This is a nice pleasure horse.  Click on either picture ABOVE to see more info.  $3500


Congratulations to the sweetheart Marshall family!

"Silver Mint" -- This is my baby, my personal riding horse (now for sale) that I thought I would share with you, since greys seem to be in a constant state of metamorphasis regarding their color.  In this picture, at left -- taken on June 20,2006, she is 10 days short of turning 3 years old, and in the picture to the right, taken 4/29/08 at Lake Rayburn, she is almost 5 years old.  Click on her picture to see her at 2 years of age (a darker charcoal color) and notice that now her dapples are really coming out.  Her mane is going from dark to silver while her legs are staying black.  She is a beauty!  Yes, my personal riding horse is a mare . . . I know lots of people are prejudiced against mares, believing that their hormonal moods each month are a bother, but I have found, after 25 years in the wonderful Tennessee Walking Horse breed, that this is not much of a consideration.  Tennessee Walkers are just way more mellow than other breeds, and that carries over to both the stallions and the mares (so you can imagine how perfect our geldings are!  lol).  After riding and showing stallions for years (and yes, stallions are a thrill), I have decided that I love the dependability of riding mares and geldings, and I like the fact that my little Silver Mint will be an ambassador not only for her fantastic breed (exhibiting the true head-shaking walk and smooth gaits, including a natural, athletic canter), but she is an ambassador for her gender, proving that mares are fabulous!

Silver Mint has been hauled to Kentucky, Louisiana, the ocean, the beach, and is currently on a campout right now.  Click on her picture to see more pics and video soon.  $6500

Congratulations, Amanda in Arizona!


















"Bling" -- The flashiest horse you may ever meet!  He's 6 years old, 15H and stocky-built like a Quarter Horse with a crease down his back, wide chest, big rump, four long white stockings that go up past his knees, splotches on his belly, and a big blazed face.  He has one blue eye and he's very, very gentle and sweet with an easy demeanor in the pasture, stall, trailer . . . no trouble out of him anywhere!  He doesn't look it, because he's roly poly shiny and fat, but he's low down on the totem pole in the pasture and stands quietly while the others play.  He doesn't mind going out alone and does great in a crowd.  I rode him in the Murfreesboro parade in Tennessee on 12/9/07 and none of the craziness bothered him.  At the end of the night, we had to ride back a long ways to the truck in the dark down dark highways with cars zooming about 6 feet from us, and sometimes we had to actually ride in the street, and Bling took good care of me. 

Recently my miniature gelding ran Bling into a thicket where he got hung in vines and thorns.  When I found him, he had one foot hung, but he had stood there for hours, waiting for help.  If he had struggled, he would have been punctured, but there was not a single scratch on him, and he stood quietly while I cut vines and freed him.  He had to duck under thickets to be led out, and he did so quietly and willingly, like he understood that I was helping him.  Bling is a really nice horse.

This beautiful mahogany bay Tennessee Walking Horse gelding comes from the spotted bloodlines of Paint the Town and Go Boy's Insignia, while the World Grand Champions Merry Go Boy and Triple Threat are showing on his papers.  His gait is an incredibly smooth 4-beat rack with a bonus of an athletic, easy canter, and he neck reins, backs.  We're teaching him to sidepass now.  On 6/27/07, he was vaccinated for Strangles, Rabies, West Nile, EWTRF, a new negative coggins and his teeth were floated.  This horse is in top shape and ready to do anything with his whole life ahead of him.  He'd make a great field trial horse, competitive riding or endurance prospect, or just simply your new best friend.  His owner is sadly having to sell all of her horses because of her health issues.  $5500






"Brook" -- This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of horse, about 15.1H, stocky like a Quarter Horse with a crease down his back, wide chest, big, sturdy bone structure, wonderful, smooth, floating racking gait, incredibly athletic easy, natural canter, gentle for probably anyone to ride, and as a bonus, his color has to be seen to be believed.  This 7-yr-old golden champagne Tennessee Walking Horse gelding literally glows all over with a rich, glittery irridiscence, and his mane and tail are creamy white.  His blaze is white and contrasts beautiful to make him a gorgeous animal. 

Brook is from the Chance's Gold Dust line on top, and Pride's Genius/Ebony Masterpiece on bottom.  He is the perfect age, temperament, color, gait, perfect family horse.  Diane is riding him in the pasture with the cattle and through the broodmares on 1/10/08.

We'll be using him for lessons and trail riding him until he finds a new home.

Click on his picture at LEFT to see more.  $8500






"Gen's Love Affair" -- Beautiful, classy, stocky 15H sorrel Tennessee Walking Horse mare with long blonde mane/tail, strip down her face, sweet personality, a great confidence builder.  She is a DIRECT DAUGHTER of Pride's Generator and  out of a direct daughter of Pride's Main Man/Triple Threat on the bottom.   She has had five foals, and has shown successfully with her foals on the national level.

She is coming 12 years old and has lots of trail experience -- a great family horse, not lazy at all, gets up and does what you ask her.  L.A. was ridden all weekend by two families and is a real sweetheart -- she performs a nice smooth racking gait and doesn't mind going off by herself, either.  She stalls fine or pastures fine, loads easily, shoes, bathes, clips -- a GREAT horse with top bloodlines.

Click on LA's picture to go to her page for more info and pictures.




"Smoking Gun" -- GENTLE, MELLOW SWEETHEART!  Anyone can feel comfortable and safe on this honey fo a horse.  Beautiful dappled buckskin 15H Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with Prides Generator, Ebony Masterpiece, Go Boy's Shadow bloodlines.  This is a really good, fun horse!  He is gorgeous with a very refined, pretty head and his gait is like slipping along on glass it's so smooth, with a nice, easy canter.  He's all natural, wearing lite (keg) shoes and there are no trick to angles or weight to make him smooth.  He has a really cute personality, a beautiful conformation, and a head full of sense. 

I rode Smoking Gun in the Shelbyville, TN Christmas parade on the night of 12/8/07 around crowds, ambulances, firetrucks, bands, floats with rappers, and at the end of the parade, I rode him INSIDE the Pop A Top Bar on the main street (Hwy 41), right past the patrons sitting on bar stools drinking their beers!  Then, my buddy Amber rode him the next day in the Murfreesboro parade, where a camel became very infatuated with this cute Tennessee Walker!  (And yes, I have pictures, to be posted soon!)  Stay tuned for more info and video.  Click on his picture to see more scoop!

Beautiful horse, smooth horse, fun horse.  Lifetime horse.




Congratulations to Beverly and her family in Oklahoma!




"Flip My Coin" -- Do you want an equine companion to spend your life with?  One that is sweet-natured, gentle, willing, absolutely never been hurt or abused, raised with kindness and loving care, not started under saddle until he was three years old, trained with natural horsemanship methods, raised around dogs, cattle, 4-wheelers, tractors, and right on the highway where he sees and hears logging trucks go by, ambulances, lots of traffic?  As a bonus, he performs a sweet little head-shaking, 4-beat true Tennessee walk, will rack, or will slip into an athletic, easy, natural canter, all on keg shoes and wearing a snaffle training bit.  He has hard, health black hooves and just got his first set of horse shoes recently.  I didn't tell the farrier that he had never been shod before until he finished shoeing, and he was amazed.  (Being a Quarter Horse guy, he can't believe how gentle and easy to train this breed is.) 

Coin was born looking like a sorrel, so I knew he was going to be a dark golden palomino, and in this picture, he is sunbleached, but still dark gold.  We have camped with him, taken him in the lake, beside the highway, and he is definitely going to be a confidence builder for his rider.  He is three years old and 15H tall, so I expect him to mature at 15.1H, not grow too much taller because he is already starting to spread (chest getting wide, rump getting bigger).  You can see his half sister, "Peddlin' The Gold" and he has a half brother, also for sale, "Peddlin' The Bucks".

Click on his picture at RIGHT to go to his info page for more pics, history and video!  $3950


Congratulations to Bill and Dee Heite in New Mexico, who drove in and spent the day with Coin.  They previously (years past) bought Bum and LC, also.




"Roy Rogers" -- Yessam, that's his registered name, and he is so beautiful and has so much presence that he belongs in the movies!  He is a golden palomino with long white mane/tail, big blaze, dark eyes, dark muzzle, beautiful conformation, gentle disposition and personality, and a commanding presence about him.  This 8-yr-old gelding is 16H tall and gentle for anyone to ride.  He performs a great smooth rack, slow or fast, and a nice slow canter.  He has been trail ridden in the mountains in Tennessee and is easy going, easy to handle.   Crosses streams, logs, goes uphill, downhill, backs, neck reins, slow lopes like a dream, gets along with other horses, loads easily, GENTLE, QUIET AND EXTREMELY EASY TO HANDLE!! 

This stunning beauty has great bloodlines -- his sire is Triple Threat/Sun's Delight D, and his dam is Pride of Midnight and Chief Go Boy. 

Click on his picture to go to his page for more info. 

Not for sale at this time -- we're going to use him as an ambassador for the breed and to give lessons to teach timid riders how to ride.









"Royal" -- Sweet, sweet, gentle, eager to please 8-yr-old jet black stocky 15H gelding, seems bigger because of his stockiness.  Anyone can ride this honey and honestly, his pictures don't do him justice -- he is as beautiful as a jet black proud Fresian.  He is a direct son of Pride's Royal Master and out of a daughter of Mark of Carbon with Sun's Delight D and Triple Threat thrown in.  (Click on his picture to go to his info page.)  Royal is affectionate but respectful, moves off of leg pressure and performs a good, head-shaking walk with enough swing to catch a judge's eye.  When he gets warmed up, he shakes his head and not only flops his ears, but swivels them in time with each nod!  Royal is versatile and can freeze up, bring his head up and rack beautifully if cued, lifting his keg shod feet naturally high.  He has been a family horse all his life, and would make the perfect companion for the person who wants to show a little and trail ride a little.  He will cross over and through boggy areas, water, mud, logs, and neither traffic nor dogs bother him.  He is led occasionally from the back of a 4-wheeler, and he's used to the tractor with the front end loader working around him.  Currently, he is wearing lite shoes and has good, healthy black feet.    Click on his picture to go to his info page to see more pictures and video.  $5500






"Grey Boy" -- Fantastic, seasoned, smooth-gaited stocky 15H 8-yr-old grey gelding that anyone can ride.  He's gentle enough for beginners but responsive enough to please an experienced rider wanting a well-trained machine.  Grey Boy neck reins, slow lopes, performs a solid 4-beat smooth rack, and will stand tied patiently for hours.  This is the horse that you throw out to pasture, and 6 months later, he's still as broke as when you turned him out.  He's very athletic, has been used on trail rides, working cattle, and the kids have crawled all over him.  He rides double, bareback, loads, easy for the farrier, and actually comes to you from the pasture.  He's very affectionate and loves people, and has good, hard, black hooves -- he is barefoot in all these pictures and videos.  This is a well-rounded true pleasure to ride.  Click on his picture to go to his info page.  He gets his fabulous gait from his grandsire, one of my favorite World Champions "Pride's Peddler BH", and his papers also show Sun's Delight D, Merry Go Boy and Midnight Sun -- probably where he got his nice stocky build from.  $5500

Congratulations, Cathy!  We'll be looking for him on the trails and in versatility events at shows.





"Genfire" -- Classy, incredibly beautiful 6-yr-old 15H sorrel/white spotted gelding, triple registered (TWHBEA, SSHBEA, NSSHA) and pleasantly spirited but probably most advanced beginners might feel confident on him.  He's not a deadhead or mellow, so no timid riders, please, but he's spirited enough to thrill an experienced rider, too.  When we go camping, he's one of the horses that everyone wants to ride and we all swap, so most anyone can ride him.  He neckreins, parks out, backs, racks, slow lopes, does rollbacks and will spin (only if cued), and will cross absolutely any obstacle, go in the lake, anywhere, doesn't mind dogs or traffic.  Genfire has had a LOT of time put in him, and if you had to put a horse in training to get to his level, you would spend thousands of dollars.  He travels with his head up and a classy aura about him, lots of presence, ears forward, mane flying and tail flowing.  This is one beautiful animal with a sweet personality.  At this campground we put a halter on him that was too big and tied him out for the night.  The halter slipped off and he wandered the campground all night long, caused no trouble with the other horses and let us walk right up to him and slip on another halter.  He is keg shod, healthy, perfect weight and currently being camped and trailridden, but he is beautiful and classy enough to show, too.   $6500

"Stetson" -- Be still my beating heart!  Have you ever seen a prettier face?  This is the love of my life (since my kids are too busy for me!), an 8-yr-old ivory champagne gaited mule.  I had thought of naming him "Pavarotti" because I love to hear him sing, but he rarely sings more than a few bars for me!  The only time I ever heard him do a full bray was when I made an offer to the guy who owned him, and the guy rejected the offer.  At that same exact moment, my dear mule let out a sad, soulful, long "hawwwwwwwwww-heeeee" and we decided he was also insulted, so I raised my offer and brought him home.  His sire was a gaited jack and his dam was a palomino/golden champagne mare, and his gait is as smooth as silk, with a nice slow athletic easy canter thrown in for a bonus!  In these pictures, he looks almost white because he has been body clipped, but he is an ivory champagne with a slight golden/silvery sheen.   Click on picture of Stetson in the trailer (above LEFT) to go to his own personal info page with lots of pictures and video.  $4750


Stetson joins Cisco (above) and Jackson the gaited Jack on 9/20/06 at their new home in British Columbia, Canada.  Congratulations to the Powells!



"Spirit" -- This 15.2H jet black gentle, sweet gelding is safe for any beginner to ride, and a confidence builder.  Although he will take care of a timid person, he is also thrilling enough to get up and go for a more experienced rider if asked, and he's not lazy.  Nothing much scares or bothers him -- he is accustomed to busy traffic on the highway, neighborhoods, 4-wheelers, skateboards, dogs, donkeys, his best friend is a goat, and you can jump off the tailgate of a pickup truck onto his back.  Spirit's gait is smooth, and he performs both a head-shaking true Tennessee Walk or a rack, and his canter is athletic and natural.  This quiet mellow gelding is an old soul, and behaves like a seasoned 10-yr-old horse, even though he is only 4-1/2 years old with lots of common sense born into him.  

Spirit's owner is having trouble mounting him, and is going to have to find a shorter horse.  She has spent loads of time with him, playing Parelli games with him and giving him lots of attention and affection.  He nickers and comes running in from the pasture when he sees her.

Spirit is sired by a direct son of Pride's Dark Spirit, with Pride of Midnight, Ebony's Mountain Man and The Super Stock as World Grand Champions showing on his papers.  He has been used as a lesson horse, loaner for family and visitors, and of course, the grandkids!  Spirit is very versatile, being trail worthy and also competitive for the show ring.  He loads/stalls/pastures easily with other horses and has no vices.  In September, 2005 he went through a full vet examination with flying colors, and in May, 2006 was vaccinated for VEWT and West Nile.  He was dewormed and got new shoes on 5/24/06, and is ready to ride!  This is a horse that you don't have to worry about if you throw him out to pasture for 6 months -- no scary stunts or misbehavior when you pick him back up to ride.  Click on the picture of Wanda riding Spirit to go to his info page for videos and more pictures.   $4950


"Dillon" -- Stunningly beautiful and flashy buckskin Tennessee Walking Horse 7-yr-old gelding with big blazed face, lots of chrome.  He is built stocky with a crease down his back, wide chest, big hindquarters, big dark gentle eyes, cute personality, loves treats.  He has been pampered quite a bit and in fact, expects it!  He was born 5-20-99 out of an Ebony Masterpiece/Sun's Delight mare, and his sire is a direct son of the National Supreme Versatility Champion "Good Friday K" (and his sire's dam is a Triple Threat/Sir Winston S mare).  This horse is very athletic, has a wonderful head-shaking Tennessee Walk, will rack if you ask him, and has a very, very pleasant, easy canter/lope.  This is a very fun horse to ride with a comfortable gait, nice bareback ride, and has the easy spirit that I love -- will go all day if you want him to, but doesn't pull on the bit and try to be at the front of the ride all the time.  This is not a mellow, lazy horse, so if you are looking for a dead head, pass him by!  He is also not a problem, no bucking, rearing, no trouble to shoe, load in the trailer, saddle, catch in the pasture, etc.  He is not the type of horse that you put out to pasture and expect him to be mellow when you pick him back up 6 months later -- he will be frisky, so a person who is good with horses (maybe an intermediate rider) will enjoy him most.  If he is being ridden at least 2 or 3 times per week, he is an angel!  He parks out on the ground for a picture-perfect model, and also parks out from the saddle for you to get off.  Dillon feels and looks like a smoother version of one of the cow horses that you used to see on television on "Bonanza" (if you're old enough to remember that show!), and even at 15H, he's stout enough to carry ol' Hoss Cartwright!  Click on his picture above to go to his info page for more pictures and video.  $6500

Dillon is moving on up in the world . . . literally!  He's moving to Park City, Utah.  Congratulations, Sharon!

"Deliliah" -- Drop-dead gorgeous extremely mellow and gentle 8-yr-old Spotted Saddle Horse (not registered TWHBEA) mare that anyone can ride.  If you like to ride along on a loose rein and not worry about your horse having unwanted spirit, but not being lazy, either, this is the girl for you!  She is incredibly stocky with a nice crease down her back, huge rump, wide chest, beautiful head and gentle, gentle.  She measures out to be 14.3H on the measuring stick.  Delilah was raised and has been owned by the same family all her life.  Nothing much bothers her on the trail, with her easy-going personality and she doesn't mind going out all alone, with no other horses around.  This is a great beginner horse, because she is mellow and tolerant.  Click on her picture to go to her info page to see more pictures and video.  $3500


Congratulations to Cowboy Hank and his family -- click on Delilahs' pic to see her new owner!



Dalton" -- Buckskin Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding, 15.3H and 3 years old and gentle enough for anyone to ride.  This is a gorgeous horse with a beautiful color of buckskin, strong black points, coming from John A's Chance palomino background, Pride's Favorite and even Prides Gold Coin.  He performs a smooth racking gait, has a natural, easy, athletic rolling canter, and he is content to walk along slow like a Quarter Horse if you ask him, on a loose rein.  He has a beautiful head which he carries with class, arched neck, perfect strong black hooves, gentle eyes.  This horse loves life, enjoys being ridden along the trails, and gets along well in the pasture with other horses, too.  He loads and handles easily for the farrier.  Anyone can ride him and have a good time.   Dogs are a major part of these horses' training.  $6500

Congratulations to Cynthia and Barry (Texas and New Jersey)!  Dalton will be staying here for a few months for more trail riding fun and versatility training.



"Tabasco" -- (This picture shows his puppy dog personality, his first time at the ocean.  Can you tell he loved the water?)  This is a beautiful Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with long swan neck, blondish red mane and tail, star and snip.  He is very, very sweet natured and affectionate, but his biggest claim to fame is his incredibly smooth gait -- it feels like you're gliding along on air when you're riding him, and there is not a trace of pace in his body!  This Tennessee Walker  wears nothing but plates, no long toes, no gimmicks -- he's all natural, and then for an encore, his canter will make you cry it's so smooth!  Your seat never leaves the saddle and he slips into it effortlessly -- no training or coaxing.  Tabasco is 3 years old and anybody can ride him and feel safe, especially since nothing much bothers him or spooks him.  He is completely comfortable around people and looks to us for care and comfort.  He was caught in Hurricane Rita by some vines and couldn't get loose.  I saw all the other horses running, but didn't see him, so when the eye of the hurricane passed over us, I went outside, got on the 4-wheeler and found him, tangled in vines.  He stood quietly while, 4-wheeler running, while I took my pocket knife and cut him loose.  Then he let me lead him out of the trees.  I thought I would keep him for my own personal riding horse, but I have too many youngsters to train to be able to spend time with him.

Tabasco is sired by a direct son of Prides Generator, and his dam is a Sun's Delight D/Ebony Masterpiece cross.  This kind of gait just doesn't come along every day.   Click on his picture to go to his info page for more pics and video.   $4500



"L.C." -- Incredibly beautiful and fine black and white tobiano spotted Tennessee Walking Horse gelding, 15.2H and 8-years old with In Living Color, Ebony Masterpiece and Triple Threat on his pedigree.  This gentle horse is level-headed, calm, a perfect gentleman, will cross any obstacle, nothing much bothers him on the trail, and his gait is superb.  He performs a true walking gait, flowing and smooth and his head is simply beautiful.  LC is heavier built than a lot of Tennessee Walking Horses, with a nice big bone structure, nice chest, sloping shoulders and big hindquarters.  He is truly exceptional. 

Congratulations to Dee in New Mexico!




We bred and raised her!

"Patriotic Princess" -- This 3-yr-old Tennessee Walking Horse mare is very stocky like her parents and stands around 14.3H, has a beautiful jet black and snow white tobiano coat pattern.  Her tail is beautiful, because it's black and the top, white in the middle and black on the end.  Her dam is a direct daughter of Spotted Alen Again, the multi-champion-producing homozygous spotted stallion.  Princess was born February 3, 2003, and we started her under saddle on the first couple of months of training with nothing but a halter and lead ropes, and on her 4th time out under saddle, we joined a group of horses and took a real trail ride down the road, beside traffic.  She did nothing but comply!  No bucking, rearing, running off, no silliness -- she just moved off down the rail and around the arena.  She is very sensible and will make a wonderful beginner's horse or lesson horse, and her gait is smooth.  (She is now in a Tom Thumb or Argentine snaffle.)  She is now being ridden on trail rides alone and with other horses, through the forest, at the beach, around traffic.  

Princess has now been on several trail rides and camping tripsand starts out the day in a lively racking gait.  After she has been warmed up, she performs a true head-shaking Tennessee Walk, along with a beautiful athletic slow rocking horse canter.  She is good either barefoot or keg shod and will cross any obstacle, go anywhere, lead the ride or follow in the back, and will shame older horses with her willingness!

 Her sire is the champagne stallion pictured below on this page, "Go Boy's Champagne Pride, which is also a son of a homozygous spotted stallion, "Go Boy's Gold Insignia".   (Go Boy's Champagne Pride is a minimally-expressed tobiano, as evidenced by the four long white stockings.)  (Click on picture to above LEFT to go to her info page for more pics, info and video.)  Every single baby that Princess' dam  has ever produced has been exceptionally gentle, sweet-natured and smooth-gaited.   We were going to try to keep her around, but tuition is coming due again.  $3850 for a nice family-type horse.







"Yellow Rose" -- This grand golden palomino Tennessee Walking Horse mare is responsible for some stunningly beautiful babies with great dispositions.  She is the dam of "Streak of Gold", pictured below.



"Streak of Gold" -- congratulations to Joannie Buster on the purchase of this gorgeous gelding.  She is riding him regularly, and tells me he stops traffic, literally, with his beauty.  Stay tuned for new pictures of him -- Joannie has a big, wonderful family and actually had the family portrait taken with "Hollywood", as she now calls him, in the portrait.


"Sunfire" -- This is the best Tennessee Walking Horse you will ever own.  If you look up "smooth" in the dictionary, you'll find his picture.  He will perform both a rack and a head-shaking walk with a tremendous overstride, and even sometimes slip into a soft little singlefoot, and to top it all off, Sunfire has a nice, athletic canter.  Sunfire's rack is incredible -- he can really FLY -- as fast as most horses canter, but when you bring him back down to a walk, he is relaxed and not charged up and chomping at the bit to go.   He is deep sorrel with a white mane and tail and a flashy guy, stocky build, nice big round hindquarters (I just love to ride a horse whose butt is bigger than mine!), and a good sloping shoulder.  His face is beautiful and he has a very loving personality.  He is 4 years old and gentle for anyone to ride.  We could give lessons on him, and we have loaned him to timid riders because he's just an automatic Cadillac of a ride.  This beautiful gelding is a grandson of Prides Generator on top, and Sun's Delight D and Ebony Masterpiece on bottom.  He is flashy enough for the showring, and with his overstride, would fascinate the judges, but he's extremely surefooted and seems wise beyond his years on the trail.  He will ride at the back of the ride on a loose rein, lead if you need him to, cross streams, step over logs, drink out of creeks, and walk past scary barking dogs, doing all of it so smoothly it will make you cry!  (Did just the opposite to his rider in the picture -- see Katie's huge smile!)  He backs, loads easily, leads, you can crawl under him, handle his feet, and we're starting his sidepassing training now.  He would make an excellent Parelli project and even a great mounted patrol horse (he is 15.2-1/2H tall).  To ride him is to own him.  $5650

"Lacey" -- Big 15.2H 9-yr-old GENTLE and SWEET sorrel roanish Tennessee Walking Horse mare with flaxen mane and beautiful blonde tail that reaches the ground.  Honestly, these pictures were taken in a hurry and they don't do her justice.  She is a great family horse, gentle and safe, already settled in life, had two babies, belonged to the same family all her life and great old-time bloodlines.  She would make a perfect addition to a breeding program wanting smooth gaits and high probability of palomino babies, because she is a granddaughter of The Gold Rush Is On, with Pride of Midnight added in as well as Shades of Carbon, Sun-Dust, and other old bloodlines.  Lacey is a people-lover -- you can walk into the pasture with a halter and she will come to you and put her head in it.  She is a sweetheart around other horses, as well, makes a great babysitter for foals and never frowns.  She's just not a problem mare at all.  She has the smoothest racking gait and she's built big and athletic, with nice hindquarters and big sloping shoulder.  In these pictures she is barefoot.  Traffic doesn't bother her, and she doesn't mind dogs.  She is a good confidence builder for timid riders and this sweetheart deserves the best home!  $3950

"Go Boy" -- GENTLE HANDSOME MAGNIFICENT HORSE!  Click on thumbnails below to see a ghost from the past -- this Tennessee Walking Horse is named for his descendant, the famous World Grand Champion "Merry Go Boy" and he is built exactly the same.  John Wayne would have looked good on this horse, and like John Wayne, Go Boy is larger than life.  He's much prettier in real life than these pictures can show.  These pictures were taken the first time he has been ridden in 3 or 4 months, and he does not get barnsour or untrained while being "off work" for awhile. 

LEFT:  Kathryn and Ashlyn take a break after a good relaxing ride.

Go Boy is show quality, trail worthy and easy to fall in love with.  If you want a drop-dead gorgeous, big, stout, gentle as a lamb gelding, here he is.  He is smooth, smooth gaited, performing a nice running walk and will rack also.  Go Boy is a babysitter, but a big one!  He is a full 16H tall, probably weighs 1250 lbs. with a large bone structure and just as mellow as they come.  He's jet black and everywhere he goes, people stop and stare.  He would make a great mounted patrol but what he would be best at is increasing someone's confidence level, and supply at least 15 more years of trouble-free pleasure to a timid rider.  Go Boy is 13 years old and has been used in parades in downtown New Orleans during Mardi Gras, trail rides, lessons and he's even won a few blue ribbons in the local horse shows.  Anyone can ride him and feel comfortable on him.  He is sired by a direct son of Shades of Carbon (whose dam was a direct daughter of Ebony Masterpiece), and his dam is a granddaughter of GLL's Carbon Copy out of a Merry Go Boy mare.  This is a once in a lifetime horse.  $5500

"Elvis" -- Broke, broke, broke, broke, ANYONE CAN RIDE kind of horse!  Are you looking for a babysitter or a loaner horse?  One that goes out to pasture for 6 months and the first time you ride him, he's an angel?  This is a 10-yr-old double registered Rocky Mountain Horse Association and Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association gelding.  He is sporting the renowned chestnut Rocky Mountain color with the flaxen mane and tail, and he is heavy bodied, sturdy, sure-footed and smooth to ride.  Elvis is about 15.1H tall (his rider in these pictures is 6 ft. tall), easy to mount, easy to handle, easy to ride, easy to load, easy to stall, easy to pasture -- I just can't say enough about how gentle this guy is.  He's the kind that you would feel confident enough to put your 3-yr-old grandchild on and turn loose in the arena.  Elvis is very mellow, but very respectful.  He's very laid back and quiet, but if you want him to get up and go, he will do it for you.  In these pictures, he's barefoot and has good strong black hooves.  Elvis has had the best care (as you can see in the pictures -- he's certainly never missed a meal!), and on March 3rd of 2003, he received his vaccinations, including West Nile booster, had his teeth floated and wolf teeth removed, and was dewormed.  His hooves have been trimmed regularly and you can crawl all over him without 'waking him up'!  As you can see in the picture above left, he's not the least bit worried by dogs.  These Rocky Mountain horses are not as plentiful as our Tennessee Walking Horses, and it's usually expensive when you find a good one, but the only reason Elvis is for sale is because his owner is going to start a family and doesn't have time for him anymore, so if you like what you see, make an offer and she may be willing to reduce his price to a good home.  $6000

"Sundance" -- This is one golden dappled beauty that Roy Rogers would have been proud to be seen on!  He's a 3-year-old beautiful, well-built smooth gaited 15.3H Tennessee Walking Horse stallion from the Rodgers Perfection/Ebony Masterpiece bloodlines and he's double registered RHBAA, also.  (The 16-yr-old teenager riding him is 6 ft. tall.)  Sundance is gentle for anyone to ride, has never bucked or reared, and he's certainly not a run away.  Sundance will mature over 16H because he still has another couple of years to grow, and he's very stocky already.  This young gentle Tennessee Walking Horse stallion has an incredibly smooth gait and is a real pleasure to ride.  He has beautiful presence, arches his neck naturally, holds his tail out and although he's a classic beauty, he's also very masculine looking.  He would be a great start for anyone's herd sire, and of course, would make a fabulous flashy gelding.   $8500

"Zeb" -- This is one of the most beautiful black and white spotted Tennessee Walking Horses you will ever find.  He is a full 15.2H, nice size and nice, stocky, solid bone structure with the biggest natural back end you'll ever see on a spotted horse!   He is absolute show quality, has won in the show ring but is steady and great on the trails.  Although he is only three years old, he has been trained to do what most gaited horse people don't bother with:  neckreins, slow, textbook definition of rocking horse canter on correct leads, backs, sidepasses, pivots, forehand turns and then he will spin like a reining horse.  Zeb is pleasantly spirited, but not the least bit dangerous.  He's young, but he's already trained to the max, just about as trained as you'll find a gaited horse.  His pedigree is awesome.  His dam is a DIRECT daughter of The Super Stock (1977 WGC), and her dam is a granddaughter of Ebony's Senator (1969 WGC) and Triple Threat (1965 WGC).  Zeb's sire comes from Shadows Spotted Alen and Delight Bumin Around (1973 WGC).  $6500

"Redford" -- You really cannot tell this Tennessee Walking horse's unique color in these pictures, but he is one of the most beautiful horses you will ever find,  regardless of the breed.   Redford is just a classy guy, all the time, whether under saddle or just standing in his stall.  He will walk, rack and canter and has lots of stamina, easy to control.  He has personality plus and travels with his ears forward, really enjoys going out on the trail.   He'll travel calmly and quietly on a loose rein, and will hold his head up high, pick his front feet up and put on a show, rider's choice!  He looks like a palomino in these pictures, but he is actually a golden champagne Tennessee Walking Horse with a big blaze and three stockings, silvery, blondish-white mane and tail.  He is much more beautiful than a regular palomino because his coat has an iridescent golden sheen that does not come out of a bottle!  If you've never seen a champagne horse up close, you will be thrilled when you see him -- almost like someone dusted him in fine golden glitter.  Redford is a 15.1H 4-yr-old smooth, golden Tennessee Walking Horse trail pleasure mount, but has enough presence, style and fine gait that he would be a threat in the show ring.  He's very consistent and easy to set up in the bridle, and wears nothing but keg shoes.  We're trail riding him now and enjoying his 4-beat, musical smooth gait.  $5950

"Cinder" -- Beautiful dappled grey 6-1/2 year-old Tennessee Walking Horse mare with black stockings, black and silver mane and tail.  In these pictures, she's having to 'plow' through the mud, so please excuse the muddy feet and tail, but you can see that she is definitely not afraid of water.  Cinder has wonderful bloodlines, showing on her pedigree five World Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horses (including Ebony Masterpiece and Merry Go Boy), and her sire is a grey grandson of Pride's Generator.  She has already proven herself in the broodshed, producing a grey stud colt last year by a black stallion.   $4750

"Highway" -- One lit-up son of a gun!  This black roan sabino Tennessee Walking Horse is 12 years old and has lots and lots of trail riding and camping miles behind him.  You can tell by looking at him that he is from the Pusher line.  His sire is Pusher's Doing Time (by the Pusher), and his dam is a direct daughter of Pride's Jubilee Star, and her dam was a direct daughter of Go Boy's Royal Heir.  He performs a smooth racking gait and has a fabulous animated canter.  He is spirited, pleasantly, and will go anywhere.  In the picture to the RIGHT, 12-yr-old Chandel is riding Highway, which does not mean that he is a kid's horse, because this girl is a gifted rider!  (She sits on a horse like a butterfly.)  We'd consider him an excellent horse for an intermediate rider because of his instant responses.  This is a really, really fun horse to


"Hobby" --  The sweetest, most loveable gelding you could ever want!  This 3-yr-old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding is young, but incredibly gentle and trustworthy.  His gait is just exactly what we need to be breeding for -- he will rack with a 4-beat cadence, or shake his head and walk, and he's as smooth as silk.   (Gentle for pretty much anyone to ride, Hobby is a product of our breeding program -- his dam is old, old Merry Go Boy blood and Pride's Generator mixed, and his sire is the sweetest, most gentle palomino stallion.  You can see his dam and his sire on our baby page (scroll down for link), and also his half brother, a weanling also for sale (Go Boy's Golden Cufflink).  Hobby is not through growing, and right now stands about 14.2H, with a wide chest and nice big hindquarters.  We expect him to top out at 15H, making him just the right size, temperament and disposition for beginner riders.  We took him camping recently and he didn't make any mistakes.  The only time I could fault him (I was riding him myself) was when big boats on the lake were making big waves, and they came crashing to shore.  Hobby was terrified of the waves, but after watching the other three horses step into the lake, he reluctantly stepped in and once we got out belly deep, he cocked one hind leg, closed his eyes and took a nap while we all sat around and talked.  When we got back to the trailer, he ate half my sandwich! 

Hobby is calm natured, and you can ride him on a loose rein.  If something scares him, he slows down, stops, stares really hard, and tiptoes around it.  Traffic and dogs do not bother him, and you probably would not hesitate to put your grandkids on him.  Hobby will make a great family horse and has at least 20 years ahead of him.   $3750


"Shiner" A nice, nice, gentle horse that anyone can ride!  Flashy, flashy well-trained 15.2H stocky-built blue/black roan 6-yr-old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with smooth gaits and nice canter, neck reins, gentle for anyone to ride.  He looks like his heritage -- His sire is a direct son of the WGC "The Pusher CG" and out of a direct daughter of Ebony's Senator (Ebony Masterpiece).  His dam is a descendant of Sun's Delight D.  Thumbnail below far right shows Shiner cantering.   We recently rode him at the beach of Lake Rayburn with big, powerful speed boats blasting around us, dogs jumping and splashing and people swimming in the water.  We also used Shiner to herd a 'runaway' horse back to an area where we could capture the escapee, and he did a great job staying calm and cool while performing this task.  Picture to right shows 13-yr-old Hannah and 15-yr-old Tiffany at the lake with Hannah's dog, Bailey on a perfect Texas summer evening!  $4950

"Honey" -- Absolutely GORGEOUS 4-yr-old 15.1H glossy chestnut Tennessee Walking Horse mare with blonde mane and tail, perfect conformation and small, beautiful Arabian head with an actual slight dish in her face.   We took Honey to the beach (Gulf of Mexico) to play in the ocean on Friday, 4/9/04 and usually all the horses are terrified of the waves the first time they see them.  Honey was afraid, but she actually LOVED the water and wanted to be in it the whole time!  She led the way past the rolling surf and all the way out into the deep, past her belly, and had a blast.  The caused the older horses to go ahead and get the nerve to plunge in, which was a big help!  What these pictures do not show are all the 4-wheelers, campers and fishermen on the shore on this Good Friday holiday, which did not bother her, except for the really long fishing rods.  They caused her some concern, but after she warmed up, she rode by all of them with no problem.  Then about an hour after these pictures were taken, GULP, one of the fishermen reeled in a 4-ft shark.  She is pictured here with her 13-yr-old rider, Hannah, who rode her almost 'til the sun went down, gaiting, swimming and cantering across the beach.

Honey is stunningly beautiful and carries herself in a proud way with her neck arched, nose tucked naturally and ears forward.  She is eager to learn and has a very cute, loving personality.  Honey has a white strip down her face and her mane and tail are long and full.  She has great overstride, but is not pacey and very smooth, performing a beautiful natural racking gait until she gets tired, when she does the head-shaking Tennessee Walk.  Her sire is a direct son of Pride's Generator, and his dam is Suns Eldorado and Go Boy's Shadow.  Honey's dam is a direct daughter of GLL's Carbon Copy and her 2nd dam is a Midnight Sun granddaughter.  Excellent bloodlines in such a beautiful mare.  $4500



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