Doing it all BAREFOOT!

Impossibly Cute Sorrel/White Tobiano

3-1/2-yr-old 14H Spotted Saddle Horse Gelding

Susan riding Button on the trails near Lake Houston on 12/6/08.


Stoney in front followed by (left to right) Button, Tuxedo, Rosie and Jasmine on 12/6/08.
















Click on arrow ABOVE to see Button's smooth, flowing gait.


After a fresh bath on 11/06/08.


Click on arrow ABOVE to see Button riding along a busy highway on 11/26/08.


Stepping over hurricane debris on 11/26/08.















Extremely smooth feather light footsteps make him an unbelievable air cushioned ride!


Click on arrow ABOVE to see Button's easy canter.


Why do the best pictures always turn out blurry?



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