Sweet, Gentle 15.1H 3-1/2 yr-old Grey Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding with Beautiful, Thick, Long Mane/Tail.




Jennifer and Eli ride Camo on 8/8/08.

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Jennifer riding Camo in the surf in the Gulf of Mexico on 8/6/08.


Camo took to the water immediately on his first outing -- he seems to love it.  The waves were crashing around him and under him.



Coming back in from the deep water, back into the surf.  He has a really sweet face which shows his gentle, sweet disposition.


Big, Beautiful Grey Gelding with Long, Silky Mane/Tail.  He's probably 15.1H and will mature to 15.2H, my best educated guess.

Gentle and sweet, calm.

3-1/2 years old, rides gentle, extremely sweet-natured with a people-loving personality.


We have camped with him, taken him to the Gulf of Mexico, made a parade with him, and used him to push cattle around.

His mane and tail are thick and long, and I expect that in a couple more years, his mane will hang past his shoulder -- he will be fairy-tale beautiful. 

Probably anyone can ride him and we are working on polishing him -- teaching him to neck rein, move off leg pressure, and right now, his price is very affordable for a lifetime equine buddy.

Coin's Hard Cash, Prides Gold Coin, Pride of Midnight, Prides Generator, Mark of Carbon, Delight Bumin' Around.

Congratulations, Cynthia in Danbury, TX!


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