Beautiful and Exceptional 7-yr-old Dark Golden Buckskin Tennessee Walking Horse Mare

Natural Head-Shaking BAREFOOT and lite shod -- no gimmicks

Safe in Foal for estimated 6/22/10 foaling date.














The leaves aren't the only thing that change colors in autumn!!  Check out Cera's BEAUTIFUL dapples -- she's the equine version of a leopard -- gorgeous!  These pictures taken 11/1/09.  Yes, we have green grass in Texas sometimes all the way to the end of December, and we frequently have had to use air conditioners on Christmas Day.




Cera and Gypsy in the pasture on 11/1/09.


Cera running free on 6/6/09.

(We bred her to Go Boy's Champagne Pride on 7/15/09 in hopes of reproducing this kind of horse -- this gait is exactly what all gaited horse lovers are seeking.)  She was vet confirmed safe in foal on 11/25/09 for an estimated due date of 6/22/10.

"Cera" -- Exceptional 7-yr-old 15H stocky dark golden buckskin (no white!) with long thick mane/tail/forelock, high black stockings, true head-shaking Tennessee walking or will freeze up and rack with nice speed.  As a bonus, she canters athletically, easy and slow, sure-footed on the trails, and has rock-hard, iron black feet.  I know because I rode her barefoot on the rocky mountain trails and she didn't even chip a foot.  Since we rode so long, I did go ahead and put keg shoes on her for that trip, but she is currently barefoot.

Cera has an awesome glide ride, shaking her head and moving on out and she is fun to ride.  Because of her quick responses, I would rather she didn't go to a timid beginner rider.  $4950


Me riding Cera on 5/11/09. 


Curtis rides Cera in both her racking and head-shaking true walking gait in Kentucky on 5/11/09.


Click on arrow ABOVE to see Cera in action.

















Cera on the picket line after a long, hot ride on the mountain trails.


Corbet rides Cera near the Cumberland River in Kentucky on 5/07/09.


If there was room, Corbet would have ridden her right into that waterfall!



















Sire:  Eb's Frankly Mr. Shankly 
Eby's Super Sport  Ebony's Earth Man  Ebony Masterpiece 
Perfection Miss B 
Ebony's Pretty Mame  Ebony Masterpiece (WGC) 
Sun's Mamie Stover 
Sue Ellen England 
Bud England  England's Pride 
Belle England 
Wiser Little Jewell  Wiser Go Boy 
Tropicana Dawn 
Dam:  Dixie's Cut  The Master Key  Delight of Pride (WGC)  Pride of Midnight HF 
Delight Country Girl 
Delight Happy Tracks  D.Lights Mtn. Black Boy 
Invasion Blue Bonnet 
Generator's Dixie Design  Prides Generator  Pride of Midnight H F 
H F Spirits Nell 
Judy's Design  Prides Design 
Judy's Go Girl 

Foaled 5-06-2003


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