"Charlie Brown"

Extremely Gentle, Quiet 5-yr-old Chocolate Rocky Mountain Gelding

Extremely nice horse for the whole family


Bonnie rides Charlie in the Daniel Boone Forest on 5/5/09.

"Charlie Brown" -- Extremely gentle and quiet 15H chestnut/chocolate Rocky Mountain (not registered) 5-yr-old trail gelding with mixed flaxen mane/tail, smoky dark stockings.  This nice gelding carried Bonnie all through the rugged trails in the Daniel Boone Forest and Big South Fork in Kentucky in early May.  She hadn't ridden horses since she was a child, has a bad knee and didn't think she could ride again, but I think her smile tells the story!  Charlie was very sure-footed on even the most steep and rocky trails, he crossed all creeks and rivers without hesitation, and didn't mind staying way behind the ride when Bonnie chose not to keep up with the fast riders.  He also behaved like a gentleman when she dismounted from time to time and then remounted.  Click on his picture to see more pics and video.  $3950














Carefully climbing hills and water crossings.















Taking a moment to pose near the beautiful rock formations in Big South Fork near the Cumberland River.


Heading down the trail.

















Strolling around while the rest of us saddle up.


Perfect form, big smile!


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