"Cherokee Pride"

6-yr-old Incredibly Smooth 15H 4-beat gaited Tennessee Walking Horse Spotted Saddle Horse Gelding

Cody riding Cherokee Pride along the pond on 3/18/10.



























Grandpa Huey riding along the pond on our East Texas camping trip during the week of 3/15/10.

















Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Cherokee Pride on our East Texas camping trip the week of 3/15/10.




Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Cherokee Pride, Honey and Jazz Man on the trail at Angelina Forest and in Lake Sam Rayburn, Texas on 11/11/09.




"Cherokee Pride" -- Extremely classy, beautiful sorrel/white tobiano Tennessee Walking horse gelding (not registered TWHBEA), 6 years old and 15H with four long white stockings up past his knees all the way around, striped white mane and tail, blazed face.  Nice spirit for an advanced beginner and up -- no timid riders please, as he responds more quickly than a timid rider would be comfortable with.  Super nice, easy, slow, athletic canter, sure-footed in the mountains, doesn't care if the other horses go off and leave him -- happy in the front, middle or back of the ride.  Has been hauled all over trails in Connecticut, Pennsylvannia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Texas.  Click on his picture to see more info.  $3500



Krystal rides Pride on 11/4/09.


Bud rides Pride at Big South Fork in Kentucky on 10/7/09.

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