16H 5-yr-old Dappled Grey Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding

Click on arrow ABOVE to see Cody's special way of 'stepping' over logs!


11-yr-old Cody rides Chisel in the Angelina Forest on 3/1/09.  This is his FIRST TIME to ride a horse out of the round pen!











Cody made the mistake of getting down to stretch his legs or a moment.  It was a looooong way back up there!


He made it!  (Chisel waits patiently while Cody tries to get his foot back in the stirrup.)

Chisel's canter is so slow and easy that even a rank beginner can ride it.


Click on arrow ABOVE to see Chisel on the trail.



Cody rides Chisel, and Madison rides Jinglebob over hurricane debris.


Cody, trying to keep an eye on his cousin.  Is this "front seat" driving?


Well, his grandpa said to lean back when you're stepping downhill.


And lean forward when you climb up.  Cody did remarkably well for his first ride outside of a round pen!



Cruisin' along with naught a care in the world . . .


Chisel's owner, Jake seen here, 2nd from left, astride Chisel, trying hard to enjoy himself!  (On the bluff overlooking Lake Sam Rayburn on 12/30/08.















Jake rides Chisel on the beach of Lake Rayburn on 12/30/08.


Daisy in front, Chisel behind, beside the beaver dam.













LEFT:  Riding past the Beaver Dam; RIGHT:  Chisel, 2nd from right, on the beach at Lake Rayburn.


At a campout in Angelina Forest, Chisel wonders why he's not being pampered like Cheetoh, the mini horse!  Little 4-yr-old Eli is hard at work hauling water to the thirsty mini.


Click on arrow ABOVE to see Chisel's easy, smooth, effortless floating slow rack on 10/2/08.  Watch how smooth the rider is sitting.


(ABOVE AND BELOW:)  Jan riding Chisel in the Gulf of Mexico on 8/6/08.
















Chisel, Cruiser and Dakota


Click on arrow ABOVE to see Chisel on 10/2/08 in his faster gait, first time being ridden since being turned out to pasture for a month.



Click on arrow ABOVE to see Chisel riding at the Trinity River in Texas on 10/2/08 -- the river is down and there are lots of sand dunes he has to negotiate.



Click on arrow ABOVE to see Chisel's beautiful, effortless, athletic canter (first time after being turned out to pasture in a month).


















ABOVE:  Riding on the bank of the Trinity River in Texas on 10/2/08, first time under saddle after being turned out to pasture for a month.


"Chisel" -- True head-shaking four-beat all-natural barefoot Tennessee Walk and racks, also!    Gentle Tennessee Walking Horse 16H 5-yr-old gelding has one of the smoothest gaits that I've ever sat on -- he feels as if you are floating while he is gaiting along, and his canter is just an air ride -- incredible!  Chisel is a gentle giant -- the kind you can probably put the whole family on and never see a hair on their heads move.  He is sired by The Stonecutter (Pusher/Pride's Royal Master) and out of a Prides John Grey/Threat's Supreme mare.  This is one nice, nice big dappled grey horse with good, sensible head.  He has hooves of steel -- will hold a shoe forever, but we're riding him barefoot and he's all natural -- gaiting like a dream with no shoes!   $3950


Grazing with the gang in a Tennessee pasture on 5/25/08.






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