"Cotton-Eyed Joe"

Beautiful Tri-Color 3-1/2-yr-old Bay Tobiano Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding

Becky rides CEJ and Huey rides CJ up the mountain to Thunder Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park on 7/1/09.














Up the mountain and across the bridge at Calypso Falls.














Becky improvises for her mounting block and uses a log on the trail to remount after a break.


Stopping for a moment to enjoy the view.













Drinking from a creek, then crossing a fast-moving stream.


Resting at the top of the mountain at Thunder Lake --notice the SNOW on July 1st!!!















Becky rides Joe in a beautiful meadow in the Colorado Rockies on 7/1/09.


Climbing up the Thunder Lake trail.














We finally made it past 10,000 feet above sea level!  Thunder Lake trail in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  See the snow everywhere?









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