15H 12-yr-old Classy Chestnut/Sorrel Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding

Neck Reins and Fun To Ride!


Huey driving Cruiser on the evening of 9/18/15. 










Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Bud showcasing Cruiser's beautiful gaits and neck reining. 



I am riding Cruiser on the trails at Brushy Creek Ranch in the Missouri Ozarks on our camping trip of June/July, 2015.






Cheyenne rides Cruiser through the obstacle course at Brushy Creek Ranch in Missouri in June, 2015.






The dreaded mattress obstacle!









I am riding Cruiser on 7/4/15, overlooking the river in the Missouri Ozarks.






I am riding Cruiser around alll of the cabins at the Flying R Ranch, right on the river.








Jennifer ponies our yearling stud colt, Ringo on 5/23/15.




Cruiser goes through the obstacle course during our camping trip in the Missouri Ozarks in June, 2015.




Jennifer and Eli ride Cruiser on the beach of the Gulf of Mexico on 8/6/08.













LEFT:  Cruiser gets ready for a wave to hit;  RIGHT:  The wave passed, and now we're swimming in the ocean!


Click arrow ABOVE to see Jennifer asking Cruiser to "jump the waves"!



Chisel, Cruiser and Dakota in August or 2008.




Jennifer and her little boy, Eli riding Cruiser on Lake Rayburn during our camping trip in August, 2008.




Jennifer and 4-yr-old Eli are headed to the beach with Eli's sand toys.  They stopped off along the way to check out a construction site.


















Riding on the beach at the lake on 8/1/08.





Life doesn't get much better than this . . . .







Pippin rides Cruiser at the Angelina Forest on 4/25/08.






Dee rides Cruiser on the beach with Bailey tagging along on 3/1/08.

















Lynn riding Cruiser in January, 2008 during our camping trip in the Angelina Forest.





"Cruiser" -- Beautiful 15H classy sorrel 12-yr-old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with commanding presence about him -- naturally arched neck, proud presence, 4-beat gait, whether he's doing a true head-shaking, ear-flopping Tennessee Walk or a perfectly-timed smooth and thrilling rack, and then there's that incredible carousel canter he does with his blonde mane flying.  He neck reins like he's reading your mind, backs, flexes, loads, bathes, clips, ponies other horses and pulls logs or whatever you have for him to pull.  Cruiser can be ridden by advanced beginners, but is best suited for intermediate riders because of his quick response and intense willingness to do his job.  No bucking, rearing, or other misbehavior -- just pleasantly well tuned. Most beginners want to start out slow, and when they kick a horse, they want the horse to ask "are you sure?" Cruiser says, "Yes, boss! I thought you were going to say that!" He will lead or follow and cross anything, anywhere, anytime.  He hauls saddle bags, tolerates dogs, 4-wheelers, an experienced trail horse.  This is one beautiful creature.  He is dark chestnut with blonde mane and tail in the winter months, and in the summer, he turns a beautiful coppery red color (pictures soon).  $2750 (Reduced for Christmas)




Click on arrow ABOVE to see Cruiser's beautiful head-shaking gliding walk!


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