Glossy, Beautiful 15H (just barely) 12-yr-Old Stocky Sorrel

Tennessee Walking Horse Mare with Flaxen Mane/Tail

and Incredibly Beautiful Arabian-Type Head

Beginner type horse -- confidence builder!

"Ginny" -- She's drop dead gorgeous!  Beautiful refined Arabian head yet a big, stocky body much like a Quarter Horse.  Nice wide chest, big rump, nice sloping shoulder, flaxen mane/tail, star, snip, beautiful pointed ears.  She's just a hair under 15H and performs a nice head-shaking Tennessee walk, an easy rack, and nice canter.  Her bloodlines are tops -- Pride's Dark Spirit on the top, and Generator/Masterpiece on the bottom.  Ginny is 12 years old and probably gentle for anyone to ride -- safe yet not boring. 


Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Becky riding this beautiful smooth Tennessee Walking Horse mare on 4/16/10.





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