Beautiful, Sweet-Natured 4-1/2 year old Tennessee Walking/Spotted Saddle Horse Mare

All-Natural, Four-Beat BAREFOOT smooth gaits!













8-yr-old Sydney rides Honey in the round pen on 11/7/09.


And her cousin, Taylor rides with her.


Honey is very tolerant of beginner riders!



Honey took GREAT care of Allie, who we took on her first EVER trail ride here on 10/5/09.

Oh, what a pretty pair!


"Honey" -- Very pretty, sweet-natured, gentle exceptional 4-1/2 year old 14.1H - 14.2H Tennessee Walking Horse mare, not registered but could be registered with the spotted and/or racking registries, if desired.  She performs a beautiful natural four-beat smooth-as-silk gait, even barefoot, and slips effortlessly into the most wonderful, easy, athletic canter, very sure-footed in the mountains.  Honey doesn't care if all the other horses get ahead on the trail, which makes her a great horse for beginners to learn on, yet if you ask her, she gives you 100%, making her fun for anyone to ride.  (See videos below).  This is what the industry should be breeding for.  $2650


Allie is working up her courage and riding Honey at a running walk.  She could later be heard giggling as Honey slow-cantered up the hills in Big South Fork of the Cumberland River in Kentucky on 10/5/09.


Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Honey on the trail, taking care of Allie.



Allie on Honey, and her husband Scott, who just got back from a tour with the Army in Afghanistan, and is riding Rain.



Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see our good times in Kentucky in May, 2009, and you will see Honey being ridden bareback with only a halter and lead ropes about midway through the video.



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