(We named him after J.E.B. Stuart, a flamboyant Confederate Army General during the Civil War.)

Regal, Classy 4-1/2-yr-old Bay Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding
























Lisa and Everett ride Jeb on Valentine's Day (2/14/09) in the Angelina Forest.







Sired by "Hard Texas Cash"


Jeb's conformation is flawless -- check out his sloping shoulder, long masculine neck, round hindquarters and rump, deep girth -- here, he is parking out and standing on his hind toes, like a true model horse should.


Awesome rich bay color with black contrast.


Click on arrow ABOVE to see Jeb's fantastic head-shaking true Tennessee Walking gait.


Click on arrow ABOVE to see another video of 'poetry in motion'!  :)
















Stocky and masculine, yet elegant.


Regal presence naturally.


















Big round rump, sweet face.



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