14.3H Black 14-yr-old Gentle, Quiet Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding



"Jubilee" -- 14-yr-old black 14.3H Tennessee Walking Horse gelding from World Champion bloodlines (sired by a direct son of Pride's Jubilee Star, whose dam was a granddaughter of Sun's Delight D, and Jubilee's dam is a direct daughter of The Super Stock).  This gelding is quiet and sweet-natured, easy to catch in the pasture, probably gentle for anyone to ride, even after being put out to pasture for awhile.  He is a nice horse to have around for family and probably a good one to develop a rider's confidence level.  $2850


Click on arrow below to see Jubilee's wonderful, head-shaking true 4-beat barefoot gait on 7/10/08:



Jubilee rides relaxed down the shoulder of a busy major highway.  Click on arrow BELOW to see his calm demeanor only 6-8 feet away from zooming 65mph traffic:















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