Beautiful Bronze Buckskin 3-yr-old Tennessee Walking Horse Mare

with Cute, Loving, Affectionate Personality

Born 4/19/2008




Liz (11 years old) rides Mariska on our camping trip the week of 2/23/11.




THIS is what we do.  We recently put together a "reunion/refresher" camp, which several previous customers brought their horses to, rode with us, we offered pointers and helped with any issues they might have questions about, and had a very, very LARGE time!  Gourmet meals at camp, fellowship dinners, singing and laughing around the campfire.  Click on the above embedded arrow to ride along with us.




Liz showing off on Mariska.  Scott is behind her on his beautiful black and white "Mingo" that he bought from us two years ago.



Gail rides "Seger", whom she bought from us almost 18 years ago, while her sister Sue rides Mariska, with Kenya, the Rhodesian Ridgeback following.













Sue rides Mariska while Liz follows on Soldier.  In picture at right, Larry is riding "Hobo", a 22-yr-old horse that he bought from us almost 18 years ago.




Not a fly between a her ears, and not a tick.  Have you ever seen a horse with a LLAMA between her ears?? 


Mariska is asking me, "How many scary boogers can you get in one pasture?"


Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see our country ride on 2/16/11.


Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see our trail ride at Lake Sam Rayburn on 2/8/11.





Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Mariska's training session on 2/7/11.










Mariska learns to pull a tire for her future competitive trail career.



Becky lets Mariska take a hydrating break during our ride down Spring Creek on 1/21/11.



Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see our beautiful winter Texas trail ride in Pundt Park on 1/21/11.















Becky rides Mariska down the trails at Pundt Park on 1/21/11.













Mariska does a good job no matter what position she takes in the ride.



Really cool picture, because it's FIVE buckskins all from the same barn!  Becky leads the way on Mariska, Michelle follows on Gentle Ben, Victor on Briscoe, Kelleah on July, and Huey on Alen's Painted Desert on our trail ride at Pundt Park on 1/21/11.



Victor rides Mariska at the beach at Lake Sam Rayburn on 1/19/11.












Learning to STEP (not jump) over obstacles in the forest, with a little help from Hurricane Ike!







Learning that dogs are a GOOD thing on the trail!



Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Mariska on her latest ride at Angelina Forest and Lake Sam Rayburn on 1/19/11.





Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Mariska (from the saddle) on her ride at Angelina Forest on 1/5/11.


Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Mariska in the forest, leading, riding in the middle, and following (on our camping trip during the week of 11/4/10).














Mariska's first camping trip (week of 11/4/10) at Angelina Forest.  She camped for 5 days, was ridden completely solo (no other horses around), with dogs, and then the last day, she led a ride of 19 other riders!  A real sweetheart.


Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see our 'reunion' camping trip (lots of customers, friends, and horses purchased from us) at the Angelina Forest during the week of 11/4/10.



Mariska stands on a bluff (far left in this picture) overlooking the beach at Lake Sam Rayburn on 11/5/10.


Mariska's first time being ridden, and she is being trained with rope reins attached to her halter, no bit yet!




Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Mariska being used for a 'video model' for basic training for head set.


This beautiful Tennessee Walking Horse filly has a nice, wide chest.















We just pulled her in from the summer pasture to take these pictures . . . she has been grazing a nice, fertilized pasture for the summer, so you are looking at the 'raw product' here.


















Whew!  This is hard work!














She's working hard and doing it in style.




In the two pictures above, Bailey (Border Collie/Golden Retriever cross) 'works' Mariska around the round pen and effectively desensitizes her to dogs.


Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Mariska's first round pen training session on 7/11/10.


Mariska is being nuzzled by her half sister, Chloe.


"Mariska" -- Sweetheart, gentle as a lamb 3-yr-old golden bronze buckskin Tennessee Walking Horse mare with thick black mane and tail, black-tipped ears, black muzzle, and long black stockings.  She was started under saddle after a solid round pen training program, ridden alone for awhile, then hauled on camping trips and trail rides.  She would make a great competitive ride prospect -- already trained to back nicely, forehand turn, pivot, side pass and started on obstacles. Sweet, sweet, gentle disposition, best of care and handled with love and top quality care her entire life.  Her sire goes back to old timey breeding (Delight's Jetstar and Montana Traveler) while her dam is Spotted Alen Again, Delight of Pride, Sun's Delight D. Owner has had her in training with us from the beginning, but has been confronted with drastic job changes and must sell. $6500


4/1/11: West Nile, Encephalomyelitis, Influenza, Easter/Western, Rhino, Strangles

Dewormed 4/23/11 with Equimax


  |--- BLUE GOLD ---| 868692   PA ---|--- MERRY MAN'S CHARM 698609   YL
  | 905820   CR |
  CAPTAINS CREAM COLOR 790692   YL ---|--- HERO MERRY ROSE 694854   CH
  9712369   PE
  | | |--- TATE'S TRAVELER |--- MONTANA TRAVELER 803537   BU
  | |--- BLANCA TRAVELER ---| 833326   BU ---|--- EBONYS PATTY PATCHES 751199   LR
  | 898436   CR |
  |--- UPTOWN MISS |--- CHIVAS REGAL 590236   CH
  "Mariska" 654636   YL ---|--- DOLLIE WALKING GIRL 591191   YL
  20803176 BU
  | |--- ALEN'S SMOKIN GUN ---| 857584   CH-TO ---|--- LADY ELDORADO B. 687752   SO
  | | 925819   BA-TO |
  | | |--- GLO'S BAY PHOTO |--- FINAL OPTION 824477   BA
  DEB'S GOLDEN SUNRISE 863505   BA ---|--- IKE'S MAMIE 721488   CH
  989449   BU
  | |--- RAY'S THREAT OF SUN |--- SUN'S GOLD LARK 857237   YL
  |--- DELIGHT OF PRIDE'S SHADOW ---| 884256   BA ---|--- SHEZA BOSSY LADY 857074   BL
  925868   BL |
  878708   BL ---|--- COPY'S PRIDE OF SOUTH 794295   BL
  *-World Grand Champion



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