"Poca Buena"

Exotic Gorgeous EXOTIC Sorrel/White Tobiano

14.3H 3-1/2 yr old SpottedTennessee Walking Horse Mare




A little view of our workouts on a typical day at the farm on four different horses on 5/25/12.


Cute little Shalynn rides Poca Buena during Spring Break in Lake Rayburn (3/16/12)


10-yr-old Jasper rides Bond, Liz rides Santana and Shalynn rides Poca Buena during our camping trip in March, 2012.





Part two of our Angelina Forest camping trip weekend of 3/16/12. 



On the trails at Angelina Forest and Lake Sam Rayburn, weekend of 3/16/12. 


Huey works Poca Buena out on 1/02/12.






Huey rides Poca in the Angelina Forest on 12/16/11.





Poca waits patiently at Lake Rayburn while Huey plays fetch with Skeeter, our Border Collie.





Huey rides Poca on a cattle ranch in Brenham, Texas on 11/12/11.




Poca Buena and Takoda make a nice pair!




Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Poca Buena's GREAT workout on 1/2/12. 




Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see our camping trip the weekend of 11/19/11 on a Texas cattle ranch in Brenham, Texas, with lots of obstacle training opportunities!


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