Gorgeous, Stocky yet Classy 8-yr-old 15H Jet Black Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding


Simply beautiful.




A great bareback ride . . . click on his picture to see a 20-second video of him walking and shaking his head, flopping his ears.  Smooooooooth . . . .














LEFT:  Royal tied at camp; and RIGHT:  Royal splashing through the waves on Lake Sam Rayburn on 4/26/07.




ABOVE RIGHT:  14-yr-old Tyler riding Royal on the trails on 4/28/07.



Click on picture ABOVE of Royal on 3/24/07 to see his head-shaking, striding walk.




























"Royal" -- Sweet, sweet, gentle, eager to please 8-yr-old jet black stocky 15H gelding, seems bigger because of his stockiness.  Anyone can ride this honey and honestly, his pictures don't do him justice -- he is as beautiful as a jet black proud Fresian.  He is a direct son of Pride's Royal Master and out of a daughter of Mark of Carbon with Sun's Delight D and Triple Threat thrown in.   Royal is affectionate but respectful, moves off of leg pressure and performs a good, head-shaking walk with enough swing to catch a judge's eye, but smooth, deep striding and nodding.   When he gets warmed up, he shakes his head and not only flops his ears, but swivels them in time with each nod!  Royal is versatile and can freeze up, bring his head up and rack beautifully if cued, lifting his keg shod feet naturally high.  He has been a family horse all his life, and would make the perfect companion for the person who wants to show a little and trail ride a little.  He will cross over and through boggy areas, water, mud, logs, and neither traffic nor dogs bother him.  He is led occasionally from the back of a 4-wheeler, and he's used to the tractor with the front end loader working around him.  Currently, he is wearing lite shoes and has good, healthy black feet.   $5500





Royal has an incredibly sweet face which matches his personality, but this picture doesn't reflect his true beauty.







Lisa riding Royal in the Angelina Forest (in the middle of the group) on 4/23/07.






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