Jet Black Tennessee Walking Horse Stud Colt with Four Long White Stockings

Possibly homozygous for tobiano gene

Getting up from a nap in a field of buttercups on 4/18/07.


















LEFT:  Jet black at 3 days of age; RIGHT:  A bit sunbleached at two months of age (taken 4/18/07) -- Sawyer and Huckleberry.



"Sawyer" -- Born 2/26/07 -- Beautiful jet black Tennessee Walking Horse stud colt with four long white stockings, big white star between his eyes, and a white strip in his tail.  It is possible that he could be homozygous for the tobiano gene, but whether his destiny is a stallion or a pleasure gelding, he is one sweet guy.  He is very, very calm and gentle, and will be tall.  I have his full brother, 3 years old now, that I am starting under saddle, and he is already over 15.2H with another year or two to grow.  Sawyer's dam is a bay tobiano mare and his sire is the champagne Go Boy's Champagne Pride, pictured above.  His full brother's gaits are smooth and fluid, like a dream, and he has a natural, easy canter.  Come see the whole family!   $2000


Ooh, I'm flashy!!  Yep, I'm gaiting naturally from birth!


Look at my cute little whiskers -- this picture was taken before I was halter broke, and I am contemplating running away from the 4-wheeler, but not sure which direction to head!


    Paint the Town (bay tobiano) 
    Paint's Moon Man (black tobiano)   
      Insignas Sweetheart 
  Go Boy's Gold Insignia (homozygous champagne tobi)     
      Mack K's Lucky 
    Emily's Rose (white)   
      Princess Lady B 
Sire:Go Boy's Champagne Pride (classic champagne tobi)       
      Pride of Midnight HF 
    Pride's Solid Gold W   
      Go Boy's Dolly II (by Merry Go Boy) 
  Prides Fancy Nancy     
      Johnny Cash 
    Johnny's Lady B   
      Art-Jen Lady B 

      Sealys LGS 
    Cherokee's Pride (bay tobiano)   
      Handshaker's Babe 
  Pride's Split Decision (bay tobiano)     
      Threat's Black Power (by Triple Threat) 
      Sam's Song 
Dam:Miss Indiana (bay tobiano)     
      Raider's Grit & Steel 
    The Pride of the South   
      Dream A While 
  Pride's Racking Girl     
      Shadow's Reflection 
    Reflection's Ripple   
      Mountain Nellie Sue 



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