"Steel Magnolia"

Beautiful Unusual Dappled Grey/White Tobiano Spotted

5-yr-old Tennessee Walking Horse Mare with Silver Mane and White Tail

(Registered SSHBEA only)

Doing it all BAREFOOT!













Steel Magnolia staked out on a picket line at left, and stands tied to eat her grain at right, on a recent camping trip on 11/15/08.














LEFT:  Going up, up, up (followed by Bailey and Tex); RIGHT:  Going down, down, down, slowly and surely (and barefoot!), Pippin rides Steel Magnolia on the trails in the Angelina Forest on 11/15/08, led by Huey on Rosie, and Jim on Star.












We have to cross lots of creeks, and we always hydrate along the way.


Bailey (the Border Collie/Golden Retriever cross) follows Steel Magnolia and Pippin closely!











Lots of hurricane debris left over from Hurricane Ike, and this is just a baby obstacle, one of the smaller ones we had to negotiate.  GREAT training for the trail horses!














Pippin and Steel Magnolia look like an expert team on a competitive ride as they negotiate more hurricane debris in the creek.



Click on arrow ABOVE to see this beautiful mare's smoooooooth gait!









"Steel Magnolia" -- Born 7-20-2003 by "Pumpin' Iron",  (a direct son of Iron Works (Ebony Masterpiece and Delight Bumin' Around and out of a Hytone's Delight mare), and her dam is a direct daughter of the beautiful Eb's Super Mac.  This mare is 5-1/2 years old with a beautiful unusual color and pattern to her -- she is grey and white spotted with dapples in the grey area, a long silver mane and a long white tail, set off by four white stockings.  She is probably gentle for anyone to ride, a confidence builder, and she's built stocky with a nice wide chest and big hindquarters.  This pretty Spotted Saddle Horse mare is registered SSHBEA only, and she stands about 15H with a 4-beat gait that is as smooth as glass.  $3500


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