Gorgeous 15.1-1/2H 8-yr-old Golden PalominoTennessee Walking Horse Gelding






Liz ponies an 8-month-old stud colt "Ringo" on 5/2/15.





Kathryn rides Sundance on 5/23/15.





Kathryn gives her two little brothers a 'ride' on Sundance, after her workout with him.




Cheyenne rides Sundance on the trails dring our April, 2015 camping trip in the Angelina Forest.






Sundance in May, 2013 before he pulled his mane out in the fences in West Texas. It's growing back thick and beautiful.



Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Sundance at liberty, and having his first ponying lesson (5/2/15) 




"Sundance" -- Beautiful stocky 8-yr-old golden palomino from the John A's Chance bloodline on top, and Prides Generator/Sun's Delight D on the bottom. He will turn 8 years old on 6/21/15. Sundance is a really nice registered Tennessee Walking Horse palomino gelding that has a great head shaking running walk and a sweet canter, but a fabulous racking gait with quite a bit of speed. We clocked him at 14 mph the other day and that is with him being 'rusty' and not ridden for awhile. He could be considered a finished trail horse because he will go anywhere and across any obstacle that you point him at. He is a sensitive horse, meaning that he steps off immediately when you tell him to, stops immediately, etc. No buck or rear, but my experience with beginner and timid riders has been that they want sluggish type mellow horses, so even though we could put a beginner on this horse under our supervision, I would prefer that he go to a home with at least an advanced beginner and up. Fun fun, lots of trail miles, will go anywhere you ask. Sure footed and smooth. $8500



Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Sundance on our April, 2015 camping trip at Lake Rayburn. 





Ruth rides Sundance through the carwash obstacle at camp in April, 2015.





Kathryn rides Sundance at the singlefoot during our camping trip in Brenham, Texas the week of 4/18/15.




Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see our fun times on the ranch in Brenham, Texas in April, 2015.




Kathrun cruises by the cattle in Brenham, Texas.





Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see our beautiful creek ride (and ride through the cattle) during our camping trip in Brenham, Texas in April, 2015. 



I am riding Sundance through the field of bluebonnets in Brenham, Texas on our April camping trip.





Three generations! Grandson Cody on Remington, Grandpa Huey on Sister Sarah, and son Jason on Sundance on our Lake Rayburn camping trip in April, 2015.





Carolyn rides Sundance in our arena.





Sundance and Cisco hanging out in the front yard, grazing.










Taking a stroll in English attire in January, 2015.

















Sundance waits his turn at the UTV while Bud rides Big Jake.



Click on embedded arrow to see our trail ride in the big group on Saturday in March, 2013. 


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