Gentle Dappled Grey 5-yr-old Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding















Krystal rides Walker on 7/9/08 to count the cattle and make sure none are missing.



Click on arrow ABOVE to see Walker counting cattle!




"Walker" -- Dappled grey 15H 5-yr-old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding, probably gentle for anyone to ride and a great confidence builder.  He comes from great bloodlines -- his sire is Delight's Golden Ruler (Old Glory's Golden Boy) and his dam is a direct daughter of the 1985 WGC "Delight of Pride" and his dam is a direct daughter of Silver Design (Prides Generator and Mark of Carbon) out of a direct daughter of The Pushover/Triple Threat.  His gaits are very, very smooth -- a floating type rack, as well as a good head shaking walk when he's good and warmed up, with an easy canter on the trails.  He is gaiting naturally smooth barefoot, with healthy, hard hooves which have been put to good use on the dusty trails of Texas as well as the mountain trails in Colorado and Utah.  Walker neck reins and moves off of leg pressure, backs smoothly, loads, clips, bathes -- a very good horse for a family situation.  Video soon.   $3950


Click on arrow ABOVE to see Walker's nice, smooth racking gait and classy presence.



Althea rides Walker in Lake Sam Rayburn on 6/10/08.





Oh, isn't she cute? 




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