Gorgeous Amber Champagne 2-yr-old 14.2H Stocky Extremely Gentle, Sweet-Natured, Quiet and Calm

Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion

How often do you have the chance to buy a colt whose parents (both of them!) are proven under saddle?


These boys are all brothers, and Chisum is the amber champagne in the back (far right).


Running with his buddies (other colts his age, broodmares, foals, and cattle) on 8/23/11.



"Chisum" -- Rare Amber Champagne with four long white stockings, gorgeous long thick mane and tail (courtesy BOTH his parents!), wide forehead (indicating intelligence), sleepy, sweet dreamy eyes . . . champagnes have a sheen sprinkled all over their bodies that looks like glitter in the sun. Chisum is going to be a knockout with his extremely thick long mane and tail which should be to his knees by the time he's 5 years old! Chisum has a very sweet, calm personality like his brother "Takoda" and "Lash Larue" and his sister "Jolie" -- we've raised so many colts by his sire and all have been extremely mellow and quiet, beginner type horses. He's had the best upbringing that a colt can have, is wonderfully respectful and has a solid round pen foundation, and he is being started under saddle now, since he's a little over two years old. Stay tuned for pictures and videos of him on our camping trips. You can buy him now and leave him in training with us and he would be ready to go for most anyone to ride by the first of February, 2013 $4500


Amazing how light affects coloring . . . the picture in the left was taken in full sunlight a few moments before the picture on the left, in the shade.



We lead the horses from one pasture to another via 4-wheeler or UTV.


Just showing his intelligent face. Nice, gentle, calm boy. These pictures were taken on 8/15/11.



At liberty, running and playing with his friend "Kiss" on 8/5/11.





 Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Chisum's first training session in the round pen.


"Chisum" -- Beautiful stocky sweet, gentle, quiet, mellow amber champagne Tennessee Walking Horse yearling colt, already trained to lead, follow a 4-wheeler, load/unload in/out of a trailer, stand tied, work on lunge line, round pen, drive, bathe, clip, excellent with his hooves! This colt could be someone's dream stallion, but he would make a wonderful pleasure gelding as well. We have raised many of his brothers and sisters and his sire consistenly passes down his mellow, sweet disposition. You can see his dam here: and his sire here:

Chisum's gait will be a wonderful four-beat smooth-as-silk pleasure. This colt has had the best of care and it's nice to start with a horse that you know has never been abused or allowed to be spoiled. Registered TWHBEA, pedigree below.


"Yes, sir!"



Champagne horses seem to have glitter sprinkled across their coats -- this is Chisum's gorgeous little crease down his back.








We took a couple of geldings to the vet to get vaccinations, and hauled Chisum along just for the ride. We like to give them all the experience we can, even before it's time for the saddle!







His tail will be beautiful, flowing like a flag in the wind when he's mature!










Above: Chisum's sire "Go Boy's Champagne Pride" (click on either of his pictures to go to his page to see more on him).

















Above: Chisum's dam "Mats Travlin Gypsy" (click on either of her pictures to go to her page to see more on her).





  | 882036   YL-TO |
  |--- EMILY'S ROSE |--- MACK K'S LUCKY 697404   BA
  GO BOY'S CHAMPAGNE PRIDE 786200   WH ---|--- PRINCESS LADY B. 665841   WH
  975137   CP
  | | |--- PRIDE'S SOLID GOLD W. |--- PRIDE OF MIDNIGHT H.F. 661459   BL
  | |--- PRIDES FANCY NANCY ---| 803604   SO ---|--- GO BOY'S DOLLY II 690680   CH
  | 876857   BL |
  |--- JOHNNY'S LADY B. |--- JOHNNY CASH 690085   BL
  GUNSMOKES MASTER THREAT 755283   BL ---|--- ART-JEN LADY B. 662535   BA
  21003120 AM
  | |--- PRIDE'S BOSS MAN BH |--- PRIDE OF MIDNIGHT H.F. 661459   BL
  | |--- SOUTHERN DIPLOMAT ---| 750056   CH ---|--- SPIRIT'S BOSS LADY 675301   BA
  | | 935404   BA |
  | | |--- DUDE'S DIXIE MOON |--- EBONY'S DUDE C. 715870   BL
  MATS TRAVLIN GYPSY 836441   BL ---|--- THE COUNTESS W. 711953   GR
  20014082   BA
  |--- ULTRA GLORY SHAKER ---| 876009   GR ---|--- ELDORADO'S KATY 744797   BL
  935036   GR |
  860915   GR ---|--- MARCIA'S GLORY B 775019   GR
  *-World Grand Champion


"Danny" -- Chisum's half brother who we raised, trained and is so incredibly sweet and gentle.


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