Black Tennessee Walking Horse Filly

Born 2/08/09


Beautiful baby doll head


Big wide chest, nice big rump, four black hooves, healthy, glossy, nice Tennessee Walking Horse filly started the right way with natural horsemanship training. Ties, leads, handles feet, bathes, clips, loads/unloads, round pen training. Sired by golden palomino stallion and out of buckskin mare, awesome smooth all-natural parents.  $2000


















I came from a Quarter Horse background, so I dearly LOVE to see a Tennessee Walking Horse with substance, and this filly, at 9 months of age, is showing a bigger chest and hindquarters than some adult Tennessee Walking horses!  This is what we should be breeding for.
















Sometimes it's just hard to pick the best picture, so I just post them all!


Darn the shadows!













With parents like this, there's no doubt that she'd be top quality!

LEFT:  Gracie's dam "Judge's Criminal Mischief" and RIGHT:  Gracie's sire "I'm Your Gold Huckleberry".  (Click on their respective pictures to see more info on them.)


These pictures taken on 11/4/09.



Sire:  Im Your Gold Huckleberry 

Royal Ivory 

Favorites Bold Gold E 

Pride's Favorite 

Rum Creek Pride E. 

Christmas Gold E. 

Bud England 

Mack-K Last Treet 

Golden Opportunity 


Buddy Lee 

Pearl Fitts 

Dean's Star Light 

Golden Mack H. 

Couch's Maggie 

Dam:  Judge's Criminal Mischief 

Tennessees Golden Boy 

Royals Own Gold 

Tennessee Goldust 

Drifter's Royal Lady 

Golden Oggie 

Shadows Spotted Alen 

Ryder's Golden Girl 

Judge's Go Lady 

The Call Judge 

Ebony's Sunny boy 

Sun's Ramblin Rose J. 

Lucky Memory 

Shaker's Memory 

Handshaker Go Lady 




Newborn Gracie










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