Gorgeous Blue Roan 7-1/2 Year Old 15.2H Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding -- Trail Horse Extraordinaire

Extremely Gentle Horse with Excellent Training

and PERFECT Rocking Chair Canter!




 Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see part one of our Oh Be Joyful ride on  7/15/12.



Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see part two of our Oh Be Joyful ride on  7/15/12.




Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Liz taking lessons on Lucas in Colorado on 7/10/12. 





Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Lucas and Kahlua rocking and rollin' in a field full of Texas bluebonnets!





Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Lucas on the trail on 3/24/12 and to see Becky's first time to ride him! 




Cody takes his first ride on Lucas on 3/13/12 and takes lessons on cantering on the correct leads. 




On the trails at Angelina Forest and Lake Sam Rayburn, weekend of 3/16/12. 



"Lucas" -- Exceptionally classy 15.1H seasoned, well-trained 8-yr-old blue roan Tennessee Walking Horse gelding with incredibly smooth four-beat gaits and a canter to die for. No kidding -- this is one FINISHED horse. We prefer not to sell this horse to any timid riders or young children -- we'd have no trouble putting our grandson on this horse, but wouldn't put our timid granddaughter on him. No buck, no rear, a GOOD horse, and a true horseman's horse, but too sensitive and too many 'bells and whistles' for timid riders. This good gelding is a joy to ride, will go anywhere you ask him, step over logs, walk through boggy mud, cross streams, climb mountains, descend carefully, ties out, picket lines overnight, no trouble in the pasture with other horses, loads/unloads, squeezes into tight places on the trailer, stalls in the day time, runs free at night. Lucas has a true four beat gait and a true slooooowwww rocking chair canter, effortlessly, and on the correct lead most of the time (all of the time when he's on a regular riding schedule). Lucas is a grandson of the World Grand Champion "Pusher" and great grandson of the World Grand Champion "Triple Threat" on top, and out of a Sun's Delight D/Sir Winston mare. He can go barefoot or shod -- rider's choice. We ride him in a snaffle with shanks and he arches his neck naturally. This is not a horse for everybody, but the true horseman will have a hard time finding one this well trained and this well gaited, and this GOOD! $7000


Huey rides Lucas on our camping trip in Brenham, weekend of 2/23/12.

Huey rides Lucas in and on the beach at Lake Sam Rayburn on our camping trip the week of 1/28/12.



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