"Tonka Toy"

Is he a big puppy dog or a small Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding?

If you look in the dictionary under "Pocket Pest", you'll see this picture:

"Tonka Toy" -- I love this name for this cute little 14.2h horse which is only 2-1/2 years old but extremely gentle and sweet.  Probably anyone would  feel safe on him, and we are definitely giving him an education as he starts to go on our camping trips with us.  He would be a great horse for a confident rider who wants to bring him along -- no buck or rear, he knows how to go forward, he turns (direct rein), he steps over logs, he crosses creeks, he even pushes cattle for us, but at his age, of course I deem him 'green'.  If his color, sweet, calm personality and size are something that you have been looking for, you should come meet him and ride him before you pass him by because of his age.  We'd be happy to put him on our 6-month training program if you want, and at the end of that, he'd be just about as seasoned as any 6 or 7-yr-old horse that you could find.  I hate to admit this, but he's so personable and friendly that it borders on annoying, and I have another little nickname for him -- "Lil Hemorrhoid", because he will actually leave the pasture and the other horses to come see what you're doing, follow you around and pester you.  But his registered name is my favorite:  "Love Motion #9".  (Now I'll bet you'll have that song in your head all day long, won't you?)  His pedigree is nothing but royalty -- Motown Magic/Pride's Gold Coin on top, and Gen's Armed & Dangerous/Gen's Major General on bottom.    $2500


Click on embedded arrow ABOVE to see Tonka's sweet little ways.


Standing tied at the hitching post on 9/15/09.

Bud rides Tonka Toy in the pasture on 9/14/09.








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