Beautiful 11-yr-old 15H Chestnut/Blonde Tennessee Walking Horse Mare

Smooth as BUTTER, and doing it all BAREFOOT!

Congratulations to Ron in Louisiana for buying this really well-trained, fine jewel of a mare!














Ron rides Ginger after the Mardi Gras parade on 2/21/09.


















Kay Lee from Missouri rides Ginger on the beach at Lake Sam Rayburn on 2/14/09.

Click on arrow ABOVE to see Ginger on the beach on 2/14/09.
















The ladies from Missouri!  Kay Lee rides Ginger and her friend, Judy rides Jinglebob (also for sale) at the Angelina Forest on Valentine's Day, 2009.
















Becky rides Ginger through the neighborhood on 1/30/09.



Just a beautiful mare.















Huey rides Ginger on 1/17/09 in the pasture.

















Ginger will be camping in the Angelina Forest on Saturday, January 24th if you'd like to come meet her!

Click on arrow ABOVE to see Ginger at her easy, slow gait.


Click on arrow ABOVE to see Ginger's fast canter.



"Ginger" -- Well, these pictures don't really do her justice -- this is a beautiful sharp and classy mare with big blaze down her face and contrasting blonde/mixed mane and tail.  She is BAREFOOT, walking on four solid hard healthy hooves and really doesn't need shoes for most riding situations.  Ginger has been trail ridden, used in parades and shown in pleasure classes, never abused, never padded and always had the best of care her entire life.  She was bred, born and raised in Texas with the same family, and the only reason she is for sale is that her young owners are leaving for college.  Ginger basically raised her 'girls', and is now looking for a new good home.


13-yr-old Casey riding Ginger in 2003 at a local horse show.


I brought Ginger's beautiful sire to Houston several years ago and while here, he sired some beautiful, intelligent and willing foals.  He was a direct son of Pride's Boss Man BH (Pride of Midnight) and his dam was an Ebony Masterpiece granddaughter.  Ginger's dam goes back to Battle Colors and Prides Fashion, and all that Pride blood is what makes her so refined and beautiful.

Her gait is automatic -- anyone who can sit in the saddle can experience the glide ride on her.  There are no tricks, no aids needed, no shoeing, no special hoof instructions -- just all natural soft, whisper gait (you can hardly feel her feet touch the ground).  She is extremely fun to ride because she's all forward motion -- this is not a mellow or lazy horse.  This Tennessee Walking Horse mare has a very willing spirit and is accustomed to lots of brushing, loving and going.  $3950

These pictures were taken on January 7, 2009 along side a busy major highway with logging trucks and ambulances going by.  Literally, Ginger and her sister, Gypsy, have not been ridden in a year, just turned out to pasture, and her owner (astride her) threw both of them in the trailer, hauled them over, threw a saddle on and took off down the highway.  See below for video:

Click on arrow ABOVE to see Ginger 4-beatin' down the highway on 1/7/09!




















That's Ginger on the left (and her half sister, Gypsy, on the right).  Don't they have beautiful, thick, long tails?


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